Muslims in America Chant: Jews Back in the Ovens, NUKE Israel


About the author: Tom Trento is one of the leading academic activists in the United States. A highly skilled debater and dynamic public speaker, Tom frequently goes toe to toe with Muslim Brotherhood representatives exposing their radical agenda to the public and elected officials. Mr. Trento with earned degrees in L ... [read 's FULL BIO]

What the mainstream media is NOT showing you and telling you about the blatant anti semitism and Jew hatred by American muslims and muslims around the world.

The hate filled protests by muslims on public streets in America.

If Christians were chanting “death to muslims and nuke Islamic nations, there would be saturated coverage by every major news outlet in the world, anxious to share this hate based religion.

Do you think American cities would hand out demonstration permits to Christians if they were inciting violence?
Why are these people allowed to openly call for the death and destruction of Jews and Israel?

Thanks to the National Center for Security Policy and The United West, you can see here what the national and international media refuses to show you.

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    Wake Up America!!! Standing with Israel keeps America safe from Islam!!!

    • Deela

      What’s that supposed to mean

      • Chris Smith

        What is NUKE ISRAEL and JEWS BACK IN THE OVEN supposed to mean?

        • dave

          It means you are an idiot!

          • robbyru

            i think you misread … it was huge sarcasm to Deela…

          • Deela

            Then you’re a bigger idiot. Never voted for Obama, stupid shuck.

          • robbyru

            I wish you would re-read my comments or re-educate yourself as I was NOT directing it to you but “dave.” If you cared to look at my profile, I am pro-israel. Insults get you nowhere.

          • Deela

            Yes, because I surely wasn’t insulted. Bite me while you’re busy “re-educating” yourself. No reply was necessary in the first place. Sometimes people put things in the wrong box. You walk 10 feet above water? Signed, a proud Conservative with Jewish ancestry.

          • fedupwithmentalcases

            lol u took the words out of my mouth…there is no hope for oweboma voters , they are incapable of reason and comprehension

          • Deela

            It means your and idiot.

          • Deela

            It means you are an idiot.

          • Deela

            Dave, you’re the idiot. I’m conservative and Jew ancestry. Check my posts before you jump to conclusions and start insulting immediately, other people. CHEERS to you, too!

          • Markdpez

            Dave’s not here…

        • Philip Kirschner

          Calling for another shoa?

        • Joe Miller

          Dude, Think back to what Hitler was doing to the Jews, hence the phrase ” back in the oven” as far as ” nuke Israel”, that’s self explanatory.

          And NO, I do NOT support anyone who feels this way toward Israel.

        • GrizzMann

          The peace and love of the Islamic populace have for Jews. Much like the KKK does.

      • fbpdplt

        screw all the stinking Diaper heads and anyone that stands with these dirtbag mooooslims…Islam is a pigshit cult!!1

        • machodog


      • SAM

        Hey stupido…It means that when one has to side with the savage or civilized man…one ought always choose the latter. The ARAB world regards & looks down upon the so-called Palestinian as being a cockroach. He Is at the bottom of the barrel among the 22 ARAB nations. They do not respect them. Believe this ‘coz It’s accurate Information. The oil ARABS don’t want to take them from GAZA nor do the ARABS who DON’T have oil.

        • Deela

          Hey stupido back at you. Re-read my post, idiot. I have no use for the palestinians.

          • SAM

            DEELA honey…I can’t FIND that post. It’s GONE but I’ll take your word for It anyway. —CHEERS.

          • Deela

            Oh, Sam, sweetie pie, because you jump the gun with insults. That’s what happens when people get crazy with wanting to shout out insults rather than just shut up.

          • SAM

            DEELA…I like your name & I have only one question.

          • Deela

            I vacuumed my living room today. There’s your answer. Bye!

          • SAM

            I hope not too many nasty little critters ended up sucked.

        • Markdpez

          Very true, but they are more than giddy to use them daily as a tool/club to pummel their advicaries. Bottom line. Judaism and Christanity are the ancient religions and their birthplace must forever by defended from the 7th century retrobates.

          • SAM

            Right on MARK. R u the maker of the PEZ dispenser?

          • Markdpez

            I wish.

      • Shirley Nanos

        What it really means Deela is that the barbarians in America will soon be unleashed on our country. And you will become another woman who has no rights and will belong to the barbarians. Think you will like that?

        • Deela

          RE-read my post, Shirley. My reply was to the WRONG ORIGINAL POST. Holy sheet, you guys are bigger idiots than you accuse others. Signed a DIE-HARD CONSERVATIVE.

    • Birddrivers

      Wake up Americans, there will be a war, NY or DC be nuked with a dirty bomb or what. Buy a good, Note GOOD gun, join a shooting club and learn to shoot.. Not one Muslim radical preacher has ever said America has a right to live, even if they are getting welfare, food, stamps, housing. They hate us. Some day you will need your gun. Screw Bloomberg, he only wants to disarm you so he can control you.

      • fedupwithmentalcases

        and the nukes u speak of is running across oweboma’s open souther border as we speak and im sure there are many of them along with every other weapon of mass destruction imaginable oweboma knows it and encourages it and thats why he continues to allow hundreds of thousands of illegals to invade the usa, the country oweboma despises

        • Markdpez

          Marxists. If a crisis isn’t forthwith, just create one. It’s for the children, don’t you know.

      • machodog

        And “New York and DC would be nuked” would be bad how?? If the entire eastern seaboard sunk into the ocean, this country would be way better off.

      • Vernon Cunningham

        Good advice Birddrivers. many won’t see the potential for a disaster here. I have prepared as have many of my friends. at least the people in the midwest are prepared to some extent.

    • Cucksmasher_14

      Are you some kind of clueless cuck? Or a member of the Satanic tribe itself?

    • jody garrett

      We apparently have WAY too many nut jobs living here that appear to be very loose cannons… What they think about Israel is of NO consequence. Someone needs to tell the idiots. Burning flags with blood on them? These wackos are OUT OF CONTROL.

  • Guest

    Yes, you 7 million Israeli men, women and children surrounded by the poor 325 MILLION Islamists of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sinai, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya, (and within by Gaza, West Bank & Golan Heights). Quit picking on the Islamic hordes just because they all threaten to annihilate you and drive you into the sea! Just because you keep lobbing bombs indiscriminately into populated areas, while using women and children for human shields yourself. How oppressive you are!

    • alex live

      moron just shut your hole.

      • Made_in_the_USA

        I think his comments were intended to be very sarcastic.

    • dave

      Islam will be defeated!!!!

      • Vernon Cunningham

        must be.

    • fedupwithmentalcases

      i think u mean just because they” keep lobbing bombs and using women and children as shields because jews dont do that in fact the only people of earth who would even think of such an inhuman barbarac evil sick satanic thing to do to humans are muslims

    • Markdpez

      Isreal exists on approx 1% of the entire Middle East but these jokers keep promising that if they just give up a little more of that 1% there will be peace. Ahahahahahahahaha…gagag.hahahaha!!!

  • Cajun812

    Yes, you 7 million Israeli men, women and children surrounded by the poor 325 MILLION Islamists of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sinai, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya, (and within by Gaza, West Bank & Golan Heights). Quit picking on the Islamic hordes just because they all threaten to annihilate you and drive you into the sea! Just because they keep lobbing bombs indiscriminately into populated areas, while using women and children for human shields yourself. How oppressive you are!

    • bayman61

      You and guest, what’s your point?

      • PoQNDI


      • fbpdplt

        eat pig dirt mooslim ! Stinking diaper head . Islam was spawned by a retarded sow!!!….Some scumbag called moooohamad

        • Miki Bacsi

          I think he was just the archetype of polititans. First he was a gigolo, then a prophet, after that a desert thief, pedophile, general and prophet again. Not much worse than those with whom we have to put up these days.


  • Concerned Citizen

    Mr. Hussein has already prepared the big picture of Moslem America my friends, we may going to fight each other some day in the future…

    • Vernon Cunningham

      many will fight together. preparedness is a must for our kids sake. train them like the jews train their young. surprising how a little faith can keep a nation together.

    • Taking care of business!

      Yes, and we’ll take it to Barry’s doorstep!

  • FactsRule

    Thank you so much for this, Jan & Tom. As you two are aware, palwatch.org memritv.org & thereligionofpeace.com provide enough material for every person in the world to choose good over evil.

    • Vance Freeman

      They are ALL evil when they kill innocent people. No excuses!!!

  • yennikcm

    the Koranderthals, want more

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Don’t be fooled. the Muzzies want you next!

  • bdcorvette

    Muslims want to meet Allah. We need to arrange the meeting.

    • Old American

      I agree!

  • Sagebrush6

    That would put the media behind the muslins, right ? Now we know where the media stands.

  • astrojohn

    FWIW, AT&T Uverse now sports Al-Jazeera TV (which I’ve blocked) but refuses to put on TheBlaze. Why, AT&T???

    • Old American

      They may have a bunch of them working for AT&T, or maybe the muslims own a large percent of AT&T.

  • Kathy Allen

    i have more respect for the KKK and Black panthers than these horrid people!!!

  • foxxybey

    Hey Islamist, come try to put this Jew in a oven and I’ll introduce to your little god allah personally, any takers?

  • SuperDave2

    This is why Islam & the Muslim, every one of them that is polluting our Country needs to go. Either back to the sh*iholes they came from, or just pushed out to sea. Nothing good ever came from having Islam as a neighbor.
    Everyone, arm up & stock lots of ammo. It’s coming soon!

    • Old American

      I bet the sharks would enjoy them.

      • SuperDave2

        Maybe, But they’re too nasty for me!! :>)

    • gts58

      But Obama claims the “call to prayer is the most beautiful sound on Earth” in his book “Dreams of My Father” – Obama also states “if given a choice between Islam and Christianity, I choose Islam.” All of this is in his book yet this brainless, unqualified and incompetent interloper won two elections! I am still trying to figure out how that happened!

      • Joe Miller

        it was all paid for by the socialists in America and abroad.

  • PatHenry

    Wish some good Jew had done a driveby a few less haters would have been nice!!

  • bayman61

    One day, Islam will cease to exist.

  • Ralph Trout

    Good hunting BEBE….defend yourselves and what a pleasure it is to hear and see a REAL LEADER for a change.

    • victoryman


    • gts58

      We sure don’t have any leadership in America!

  • USAPatriotSC

    I think it may be time to make a sheet of glass out of the Middle East and see if the terrorists like a little nuclear heat. Israel is probably going to be forced to defend themselves with nukes. I hope they wait until barry goes over there for a bash the US speech, that would be poetic justice.

    • Old American

      I like your way of thinking, that would truly be a blessing!

    • victoryman

      What a great way to “Level the playing field.” Excellent.

    • ike036

      Excellent idea!!! Nuke the ragheads till they glow!!!

  • hank

    Look stop the BS. Get rid of ALL muslims in our Country, NOW Burn all mosques to the groung !

    • Old American

      I could sleep a lot better after that happened.

  • wafa

    You just talking like Israel peaple are angels and we are evil you are so blinds to see the truth and yes we want to go to our god cause we know that we are going to heaven you see Muslims as terrorist but think about a little who kil children and women who broke there houses and you will find the truth you must do your personal research and do not depend on the media o you think that we hate you do you think that we are agree with terrorism of course no why cause we know who believe you are sooo wrong and your words are soo touched and hurt

    • Mariner Rick

      You made your own bed.

    • Eagle2758

      Who threw the first punch maggot. Keep screwing with Israel and watch that big Unscheduled Sunrise. You turds keep asking for it. Better watch what you ask for.

    • David Webb

      We are not so stupid to believe that it’s Israel killing women and children. You pos muslims set up your rocket launchers in hospitals,schools and residential areas in the hopes that women and children are killed so you can used their deaths as propaganda. You don’t have any problem at all about their deaths , in fact you encourage it, you set it up and you promote it. Not even animals do that making you the lowest life form on earth.

      • oildance

        Muslims are possessed by Satan. Pure and simple.

    • fbpdplt

      You stinking diaper heads are the spawn of pig dirt!! Islam is some stupid evil cult practiced by idiotic satan woshippers!!! Mohammad was the son of a sow who murdered and butchered innocent people….The prophet was a snake who crawled on the ground and is full of venom! Islam is a poison on the world

    • fbpdplt

      We would throw mooooslims in the oven , but the stink would be unbearable

      • DeathMerchant

        Grease fires are very dangerous.

    • DeathMerchant

      The majority of muslims are un-educated, unsanitary and worthless people who contribute nothing to the world other than the consumption of resources. That’s why they are so easily swayed by the snake oil salesmen clerics who take advantage of their plight just like the democrats use minority people. It’s an age old ploy and is why people who seize power do not want the populace to be educated beyond the basic skills.

      • gts58

        Keeping the Muslim population uneducated and ignorant is done with purpose and intent as they are more easily controlled by the Emirs, Oman’s and Mullah’s! Plus, they are more easily indoctrinated with hatred and other anti-civilized behavior as a result of ignorance. There is no sign of them (Muslims) ever being transformed into civilized human beings as a whole!

        • Anonymous Guy

          Like the inner city black community…. But looks like they may be beginning to see the light.

    • Greg Liv

      Arabs “kil children and women” & “who broke there houses”.
      U will continue terror – u will eat what u cocked.

    • zappafan1A

      “These genocide fetishists think their Jew-hatred is pious and sanctioned by Allah.”

      And they are correct, but now you must understand who Allah is. He is none other than Hal’al – the named fallen angel found in Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 14:12. In Bibles, the name of the adversary had been concealed and most will identify the fallen angel as “Satan.” Satan is a title – not a name – and means “Adversary.” Other Bibles will use “Lucifer” which is Latin and means “light bearer.”

      When Muhammad convinced people he was a prophet, the name of the adversary had already been concealed. Therefore, it was easier for him to convince people that the moon deity “Allah” was our creator.

      So when anyone speaks of Allah their are directly referencing Hal’al – Satan. Now we need to educate ourselves regarding this, and also Muslims. Everyone is born into a belief system and it is a serious challenge to break away from it. Muslims like the ones in this article have completely embraced evil and probably will not change, but there are the silent Muslims who can be approached and brought into the light of Yahushua ha Messiah.

  • Chrisput

    Filthy Muslime Pigs should be exterminated.

    • Larry

      Dip each round in pigs blood before you get them in your sights.

      • Old American

        I like that…it is a great idea.

      • deadlybacon bullets taste good

        make bullets out of bacon… if you get hungry you can make a BLT.

      • ike036

        Shades of Blackjack!!

      • GrizzMann

        Lard makes a good barrel lubricant.

  • Those who bless us will be blessed, those who curse us will be cursed. Be careful what you wish for.

  • Eagle2758

    Time to get rid of these turds. Israel protects it’s people with rockets, while the muzzies protect their Kassam rockets with their people

  • Hankus

    Nothing good is going to happen with so much hatred. The videos of protesters show the hatred. I will never forget the news feed from the Palestinians after the 9-11 attacks in New York and Washington. The people interviewed were happy the terrorists were so successful. I was so taken aback by their happiness in seeing the carnage in America. From that day on I knew the situation was much larger than most Americans were aware. Today, almost 13 years later, the turmoil continues. After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, American locked up all the Japanese living on American soil. Much later it was considered the wrong thing to do but was it. Those tactics can be used again, against the new enemy, the ones who want to kill and hide behind their faith.

  • JBKonya104

    This is America! Muslims are not American’s and they can be deported if they threaten people. I would like to see all of them deported. Their ideology is not American and it isn’t Peaceful! The President is Captain of the Radical Community of Muslims. He is not American and hopefully, eventually, we can deport him too.

  • Shadow_58

    Every one of these Muslim Basta*ds needs to be rounded up and shipped back to the damn deserts they came from.

    • Old American

      I was thinking more of being chained by their ankles and dragged on a gravel road until there is nothing left.

      • Shadow_58

        That will work also.

  • streekyd

    Return of the apes, wait there is a movie out about muzzies!

  • b

    yes muslim brotherhood have infiltrated the white house and hillary scum bags lesbian lover huma alberdin is a muslimbrotherhood too. thats how they operate compromise some high level people with lesbian blackmail photos and whala you get what you want AMERIKA. sharia law on a prayer rug 5 times a day… now back to nlf soccer and american idiot ldol

  • LiberalPurge

    Satans army of Islam making it’s last big push………………..

    • gts58

      good analogy!

  • Meowhiss

    From the religion of peace… I don’t believe it. NONE of the networks have the balls to show this so what does that say about them??? Wise up and realized that our media and government are enemies of the Republic.

  • PVC1234

    Sub human SAVAGES!!

  • Bruce Allan

    Who ever thought that MuNazism would be the new protected speech?

  • 1NonPermissive

    Allah has PMS, the high blood pressure greaseballs have it also.

  • daveveselenak

    For the life of me I do not understand why anyone, especially political writers would use the term MAINSTREAM when referring to the media – quit it already, your doing them a favor because they are STATE-RUN, FIFTH COLUMN PROPAGANDISTS and that is how they should be refferred when mentioning them! The Muslims have been empowered because of our Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s policies towards his Muslim Brotherhood as the Middle East has caught fire since this demon from hell has used his torch of evil to ignite the caliphate! AMERIKANS had better get their heads out of their asses and recogonize this truth!

  • gts58

    Just more proof regarding the “Myth of Moderate Muslims” – the vast majority of these Islamic cultist believe in world domination and extermination of the Infidel especially Jews.
    Everywhere you have Muslim populations in the world today, you have mayhem from rape to murder! Muslims are purposefully and with intent kept ignorant – thus they are easier to control and manipulate. Just today, the kidnapped girls in Nigeria – there are report the savages (Muslims) are raping them 15 times a day. Why do we allow them in America? Furthermore, why are they allowed in any civilized country?

  • Vance Freeman

    I’m tired of all these bullshit religious wars. My family will be taught not to get involved in any of these. Let all the Muslims Christians and Jews kill each other and leave me out of it you fanatical brainwashed morons!!

  • dave

    “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed”

  • Waimanalodayz1

    A Wise Man once said Want World Peace Rid the World of muslims now.

  • rightthink

    Isn’t that hate speech? What you only prosecute hate speech when it is against a homo.

  • Liberty Max

    Tyrant Obama creates local and global CRISIS to grow his corrupt POWER

  • liberalsodomy


    Middle Easterns are anti-Semitic……….hilarious.

    Listen. Just because my children speak Japanese does not mean any of my ancestors were Samurais.

    jews are a sick joke

    • M.Magog

      They played the “victim” card too long. IT turns out it was not even part of the deck. IT was a card they slipped in the deck. It is a lie. It does’t matter, we have had it with them. They have been behind the open borders. They have controlled the media and brought all this on us. I have no sympathy for them anymore! I don’t believe there were gas chambers nor ovens, but they have been so despicable with their lies and their treachery that at this point I would not care if they were shoved into one. IT would serve them right! Live by the lie, prosper by the lie, DIE BY THE SAME LIE!!!!

      • laura r

        i dont know any jews who want open borders. they were the first people in the north east to do “white flight” in the 1950s & 1960s when the blacks moved into their neighborhoods.

  • Krejoe

    I stand with Israel,

  • Dee

    Get the muslims out of our country. We don’t cotton to their terrorist activities.

  • M.Magog

    There were no “ovens” the whole holocaust was a giant LIE!!!!! You know why they had to have ovens as part of that lie? There weren’t any bodies. When the soviets executed the Polish officers there were the bodies in the pits that were found by the Germans. There simply were no mass graves found of jewish victims of the holocaust, so they had to concoct the lie about burning the bodies. It takes an HOUR to cremate a body. IT takes A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT OF FUEL to cremate a body! The liars of the holocaust tell stories where bodies catch on fire and burn by themselves. That is a neat trick for something that is 60% water. THERE WERE NO MASS GRAVES FOUND!! NO BODIES!!! IT WAS A LIE. Check out the video “The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax”– you will not believe how foolish you were to believe such a flimsy lie!!!!

    • Anonymous Guy

      Put the pipe down. Get out into the sun. Then get a clue.

  • Glen Benjamin

    Islam is a disease, terrorism is its symptom. Muhammad was Satan’s prophet. He was a war criminal and pedophile.

  • Kj

    I say send all these disgusting people back to there respectful countries where they can continue to be total ,Asses

  • Anonymous Guy

    The death cult of peace at it again.

  • fedupwithmentalcases

    the media would never report it if jews were doing and saying what the muslims are because they are in bed with the muslim president oweboma, and like oweboma they despise jews and would like nothing better than to see them all pushed into the sea

  • John

    The muslims religion Islam, will not set them free, they are in bondage but can’t see it.

  • Shirley Nanos

    That is what I would like to know also. America before it became obamaland was friends with Israel. Stop the barbarians in America from inciting hate. Deport them.

  • daniel lee morgan

    This… coming from holocaust deniers. Their whole desire is to show to the world, just how morbidly hateful they are! America pay attention here!!! Sooner or later they will have to be dealt with, because they are no more than, festering cancer attacking our republic, this goes doubly for their cohorts in positions of power,who in their spite, for the Constitution, allow this to happen. Do you honestly believe that they would allow Christians to hold this kind demon-stration! They would have swat dhs atf aclu cair blm and the like, to take them, out in liberal heartbeat!! We need to do more than wake up, we need to do like the people, did in Bunkerville NV. or the people who are putting their foot down about dumping so called refugees in their communities!

  • Ted I Lewis

    Deela, standing with Israel helps keep the pigshit cult, islam, from spreading faster then it is! Is that too hard for your Jareer Abeed controlled mind to understand? Don’t you see? Islam, the cult of peace and love! And looks like you believe what they say! Wonder what you will say as you are gang raped for not being muslim! It’s ok! Just part of Islam’s PEACE AND LOVE!!!

  • deano24

    They already have infiltrated Dear Born,MI. We have to stop this multicultural ideology. It seems they already have taken over European Culture. It seems they already taken it over & nobody is going to stop them.

  • libertytribune

    It is called Free Speech, no matter if you dont like it or not they have a right to say it, just like Death to Whitey – Black Panthers, Death to Black – KKK. No different, but it is still protected speech people. I dont like it, but iam going to stand up for their right to protest, otherwise what is the point?

  • foxxybey

    If the immoral Islamist come to my place they will meet allah the same day, personally and they won’t like the meeting when they see he is no God.

  • reagangs

    These IDIOTS will never change …. they are still existing in their ancient lands. And they are trying to take over the world just like the commies.

  • MortarMan107

    My, my. The posters get into it and leave the subject unexplored. This is why I stay away from these sites for the most part lately. But ……

    Can anyone imagine what the flaming outcry would be like if thousands of Jews took to the streets and demanded that Saudi Arabia be destroyed and everyone in it killed or that Arab/Muslims be rounded up and shoved into ovens?

    Think about CNN, MSNBC, ABC and NBC featuring thousands of hours of coverage about rank hatred that Jews would be displaying in their demands for a Muslim Holocaust.

    Now ….. where is the red hot outrage about Islam demanding genocide? Waiting for the MSM coverage on THAT to begin ….. tick-tick-tick … tumbleweeds roll through … coyote howling from the ridge line …. tick-tock-tick-tock ………. ……….. still waiting ………..

    ……… still waiting …………………….. I think I’d be here waiting a lo-o-o-ong time for something to happen, waiting for our fair and balanced Main Stream Media to put aside their blatant bias and cowardice and DO THEIR JOB.

    • laura r

      if the media is controlled by jews why do they favor muslims?

  • ike036

    Having seen Buchenwald firsthand and knowing what transpired in that hellhole, it is impossible to overstate just how much loathing I have for protesters making those repugnant demands, chants and statements about Jews. So far as I’m concerned, islam is the most reprehensible backward control system the world has ever seen. It masquerades as a religion when, in reality, its practitioners would destroy civilization and plunge the world back into the dark ages. Name one, just one, positive thing islam has contributed to the betterment of the world. Not possible. Bring back the crusades! I support the Jewish nation, Israel, and its citizens wholeheartedly!

  • GrizzMann

    More expressions of peace and love from fellow Semites?

  • sbfla

    The religion of peace strikes again. These cult followers want us all dead and America needs to wake up and smell the coffee. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim if they mind screwed by the book of hate the Quran. They are all taught to decceive and lie to further the kingdom of allah.

  • Cucksmasher_14

    Don’t believe these lying, twisted-faced sheenies.
    The “go back to the ovens” troll is at least five years old. The jews keep digging it up and offering it as “proof” they are “victims of persecution” as the mass graves of the victims of their persecution continue to grow.

    • laura r

      how do you know this is 5 years old? also where is this happening?

  • Mike

    You need to learn who your real enemy is America. You live in a Jewish-controlled police-state. You wouldn’t have a problem with Islamic-terrorism, if you would stop supporting Zionist-terrorism against them. Saddam was no threat to America. That was an unprovoked, criminal invasion of a sovereign nation. Iraq never attacked the United States, but Israel has. You need to learn about the history of communism and who was behind it (hint, they weren’t Amish), and read up on the USS Liberty. Not on Jew-run wikipedia. Number of Jews gassed to death by Adolf Hitler: zero. Wake up America, you brain-washed morons.

  • empty pockets

    Imagine what a mess the world would be in if we didn’t have such a uniter, a person of such wisdom and foresight as [P] Resident.

    I threw up in my mouth a bit saying that. Had to rinse and NOT repeat. Resident Barry is a community agitator (that was Alinsky’s term before the progressives “rebranded” it). It’s not only all he’s ever done, it’s all he knows how to do. Any meddling he does in foreign policy is “agitating”. It’s his one “trick”…our one trick jackass. Those who put him in place and paid to hide all his records, who “made” him by getting him into the right schools, the right jobs, etc. didn’t need him to do more than his one trick.

    But even before him progressives here and around the world have been facilitating a Muslim Caliphate and Muslim Brotherhood insertion into our government and others. Barry’s only speeded it up as he’s speeded up the rest of the progressive/globalist agenda. That was his role. He’s a useful tool of theirs, just another “useful idiot” really, though admittedly with a lot more perks than most.

  • 1231726

    Radical Islamics are embolden beyond belief.

  • jody garrett

    OK. I’m flabbergasted right now. These meatheads need to be told they are living in the USA. Israel is OUR ALLY. This is totally unacceptable; they need to leave if they can’t accept the facts of USA life. If this isn’t HATE SPEACH I don’t know what is. MOB activity…. France has banned it; and I think rightly so. Did you SEE the looks in the eyes of some of these freaks. Crazy. This is NOT how we assimilate and roll in America.

  • jst sayin

    People do not realize the Muslim community has been silently growing across America Europe and the East! Millions and millions have come here illegally. Where is our immigration policy and laws?
    If the Muslims wanted peace then why do they not practice what they preach. This is history repeating itself but now there are nuclear weapons to consider that will be used once Iran acheives their goal of a nuclear weapons. We have time to change this direction but Europe and the US must unite to send these people back tot he countries they claim are their while they march in our streets condeming not only the jews but all of Christianity. WAke up America. They are here building and gaining more power by populating America to achieve their ultimate goal of overwelming our country by overpopulation just as South America, Mexico are. It is right in front of us all we have to do is open our eyes…………………”Just Sayin”

    • Sam Houston

      That is what you get with the false religion of islam. allah is Lucifer.

  • dragonladyalso

    exactly where and when was this?

  • Sam Houston

    I had a Palestinian neighbor. He said he wanted nothing to do with all that crap and Hamas over there and came to America to protect his family. My Jordanian neighbors don’t care for this either. It’s this younger generation of muslims in America who are shallow and have no connection to their culture. They have been shamed by the loud and vibrant leaders of islam in the West. They are listening to populist banter and, frankly, a good number of them attend these rallies because it is the “IN” thing much like American Liberal movement in the 1960’s.

  • Vernon Cunningham

    I ize we have “fedom of speech”, but this type of actn can lead us into a riotous situation and violence. What will we do when these people start killing jews and bombing their synagogs? How about when the jewish people retaliate? I won’t get caught in the middle. but will protect the jews.

  • James Maxwell

    I csn think of a nice place for a low yield nuke at a paticular time of year. Clean out a
    rats nest very nicely.

  • Taking care of business!

    One day these muslim thugs with do something like a shooting or beheading of one of us, then it’s going to be like stink on dodo. It’s just a matter of time. muslims, this ain’t Europe, we fight back!

  • Owen Neary

    I have unfailingly supported Israel`s right to defend itself until now!!
    My sympathies are now firmly with the Palestinian people whose schools and hospitals and homes are being bombed and shelled by Netanyahu and his thugs. They are no better than Assad the Syrian dictator who the world has allowed to carry on killing his own people for years.
    The Western powers were responsible for taking Palestine away from the Palestinian`s after WW2 and handing their land to Israel. These politicians must have been brain dead to imagine that there would never be a payback time.

  • brucethompson22

    Lets gust change three words in the title, Muslims to Christians, Jews to blacks and Israel to Africa, then sir back and watch the $hit hit the fan.

  • Kristine Mills

    If you look at the US versus ANY Islamic country…it is clear to see that Islamic countries are always fighting and living in horrid 3rd world conditions due to bombing and to control people. Muslim’s move out of their Arab nations to infiltrate democratic countries; where all people can live freely. It is clear Muslim, Islamic, Arabic people in general cannot stand democracy and look to destroy it everywhere. And if wjat O say was not true…then why do they not have peace in their own lands..even amongst their differing sects of Islam.

  • forereal

    The Israeli’s are the nastiest most hateful people I would be chanting right along with the Muslims. They will all rot in Hell when they die. They are scumbags. What is the worst is how America keeps funding them with our money so they can break the laws and kill innocent people. I am on the side of the Palestinians always have been and always will be. I wish America would stop giving the nasty evil Israeli’s our money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moishela


    Discussion with Moishela (with his family)

    A Handicapped child

    3 Cheshvan 5775 (Oct 26, ’14)

    FROM: http://www.dani18.com/uploads/MSL-C1.pdf

    Also a powerful Video from Moishela to the Jews

    “a wake-up call”


    “The Noose Is Getting Tighter”

    The world has absolutely gone mad, absolutely mad. Murder, accidents, weather related deaths, riots, plagues, Mamash a very scary world. Every day something new. Every day something more bloody. Every day more and more deaths. Every day we become more and more frightened.

    The noose is getting tighter and tighter around us, and the worst part about it is that no one seems to feel it except a very few. Very few people feel it at all. Either they don’t want to feel it so they ignore it, or they are really in some very strong daze or under some kind of drug that keeps them from seeing what is happening. It doesn’t even have to be medication, although I would imagine that in the western world at least 50% of the people are on some kind of psychiatric medication. They drug themselves on Gashmius on materialism so they won’t know, so they won’t feel, so they won’t be afraid. What is happening is frightening because the world is beginning to feel the effects of being ruled by a group of absolute maniacs, of people that are evil to their bone. They are planning crazy things and thinking they can get away with it, thinking that they can turn the world into their private domain, that they can take the Jewish people and turn them into Goyim. Their greatest goal that they want to achieve is they want to destroy, to kill nine-tenths of the world population. What can I tell you? We Yidden are being targeted. Our faith is being targeted, and we must, must come back to Hashem in order to stop it.

    I have dreams, I have such frightening dreams every night. I see cities being blown up. I see all kinds of terrible things happening. I see wild men killing and plundering. I see planes shooting and bombing. I see people dying of thirst and hunger, and I cry and I cry. I am so nervous and so afraid, not for myself – for my family and for Am Yisroel, how terrible, how terrible. I’m not even giving you the details of what I see but it’s very very frightening! I don’t know how to pass on to my fellow Jews through what I am writing, the difficult things we still have to face.

    How can I beg? How can I plead with Am Yisroel to open their eyes, to get rid of the Gashmius, to stop looking like street people, to start looking again like Jews, to start acting again like Jews? I’m talking to the Frum. What else can I say to you? What else can I do? If you read over everything I’ve said to this point, you should already be doing Teshuva in the strongest way, but I see in the streets that people are buying and buying things that are not necessary. I see that they are making fancy parties and fancy Chasunas and things that are not necessary. I see and I feel that children are growing up to love, to lust after Gashmius. I see how we are eating like gluttons, but have become very very weak in our Mitzvos and it makes me cry. Now we are facing the most horribly difficult time in history and we’re messing around with nonsense.

    What can I say? What can I do? I’m only a young person with an old head and an old heart, but I can tell you this: you better straighten up fast. You better get your act together because the suffering is going to be unbelievable if not, and if you take yourself in hand then you can save yourself so much suffering, so much misery. Do you understand? People, do you understand? You can save yourselves so much suffering, but if not it will be unimaginable suffering. I’m begging you. I’m begging you. Put your trust in Hashem not in people, not in science, not in chief rabbis, or in heads of state. Put your trust only in Hashem, only in Hashem, only in Hashem. We have to be like the Yidden that left Mitzrayim and spent forty years in the desert. We have to be like that. We have to have that kind of trust of Hashem without question, no matter what happens, no questions asked. We must know in our hearts and our souls that it’s all for our good, it’s to help us go higher, to help us reach the next stage of Creation which is Olam Habah of Moshiach Tzidkainu, and our journey upwards, to total salvation, to completely become one with Hashem. That’s what I have to say.

    I’m afraid that my words have become useless because people have become used to listening to them, even though they are harsh and they are strong and people see around them terrible things happening, but they are getting used to it. They want their Gashmius more than they want to listen. So I will say a few more sentences to make sure you understand. Please, please do Teshuva. Change your way of life. Become Tzniusdik, the men and the women. Trust Hashem in everything. Don’t go looking outside of your Daled Amos for the Yeshua. The Yeshua is only with Hashem, only with Hashem. In the near future we are going to witness very bloody happenings, very frightening and very bloody. Here in Eretz Yisroel there will be more riots and more trouble, but in Chutz La’aretz it will be really bad, really bad.

    Between now and Chanukah we are going to have a rush of incidents all over the world, that will put great fear into most of the population of the world. You won’t know where to look first, up, down, left, right. Everywhere there will be trouble big big trouble. Hashem is trying to show us that the inevitable must be and that means that we are coming very close to the Geula Sheleima, and the hardest part of this birth is now and therefore you can either have an easy birth or a very difficult one. It’s your choice.

  • WereNotAllDumbAndAsleep

    Pffft… Jews created the NAACP, the ADL, SPLC, they are over-represented in all levels of US Government, they are the majority of Presidential Advisors, they own the DNC, the GOP, the Zionist Christian movement, all of the Major Media Networks, they promote hatred of Blacks, hatred of Whites, hatred of Hispanics, but LOOOVE of Israel. They were behind the legalization of pornography. They were behind desegregation even though most of America preferred to keep to their own. Jews in America are like a plague. I have no love for the Muslims, but its easy to see why they hate jews. All one needs to do is research history. Jews are the DRIVING FORCE behind the destruction of Christianity, they are the money behind every evil corporation in America. People are waking up, you can keep peddling your lies on the MSM all you want, because in the end, just like in every other country occupied by jews, your going to get kicked out for your subversive activities. Good job crapping on the last friends you had.