Concealed Carry Citizen Stops Mass Shooting

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Here’s one you won’t hear or see on any of the mainstream media, Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety or any other anti-gun outlet.
That’s because it is yet another example of how the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation don’t stop bad guys from getting guns and how good guys with guns use their guns to stop bad guys with guns and save lives.

First, lets look at the location of this story: Chicago, where the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation have historically prevented law abiding citizens from being able to carry a gun which ensures that only criminals and cops have handguns.
Yet, in spite of those gun control laws, Chicago has led the nation in gun related crimes.
It is not uncommon for there to be 50 shootings in a weekend in Chicago.
In fact, there were 60 shootings this past weekend….9 of those were fatalities.

Over the past year, however, Illinois Democrats have been forced by the courts to finally begin issuing concealed carry permits so that citizens can defend themselves, and the first permits were issued earlier this year.

A concealed carry citizen put his legally concealed handgun to good use Friday night after a thug opened fire on a group of people because they dared move his drink off of their car when they wanted to leave.

The Concealed Carry Citizen and three others were leaving a party Friday night in the 11700 block of South Union Avenue in West Pullman, Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Hain said in Cook County Bond Court.

One of the victims noticed a cup of liquor on top of her vehicle and asked attendees of a party next door who it belonged to, Hain said.

When she removed it, Denzel A. Mickiel approached her, shouting obscenities and threatening her and her friends, according to Hain and court records.

Mickiel, 22, went into the residence, returned with a gun and began firing at the group, she said.

As Mickiel fired shots at the victims’ vehicle, the concealed carry citizen retrieved his gun and took cover near the vehicle’s front fender, according to Hain. Two unidentified males also shot at the group, she said.

The law abiding citizen fired two shots and struck Mickiel twice, she said.

A woman who was part of the group of victims that was trying to leave was struck with two bullets fired by the group of attackers, but is in stable condition at an area hospital.

Mickiel, the thug that started the attack because he didn’t want his drink moved, is in critical condition, thanks to the excellent marksmanship of the serviceman, who hit Mickiel with both shots that he fired.

Mickiel’s fellow thugs that also fired at the victims trying to leave the party have yet to be named or arrested.

Thanks to the judicious marksmanship of the concealed carry citizen, lives were saved.
Can you imagine that how many lives might have been lost if the three attackers didn’t have anyone firing back at them, and they had the opportunity to close with and pump rounds at their intended victims without being contested?

So, once again,yet another case proves our position that:
1) even the most restrictive gun control laws in the country DON’T STOP BAD GUYS FRON GETTING GUNS AND…
2) a good guy with a gun stopped bad guys with a gun and SAVED LIVES.

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  • Roscoe

    Yahoo! actually had this story on their page this morning. I was shocked, shocked I say!!! They have been running anti-2nd Amendment type stories almost every day it seems. Funny thing, very few anti-liberty types were commenting…

    • ADRoberts

      Just like on these web sites, facts are hard to refute.

      • Ibcamn

        and the fact that we suss them out and pass along their names to other sites for people just to ignore them and move on to normal people in the conversation!,maybe all the liberal trolls are on break,or vacation!because they sure as hell didn’t get smart and quit!

        • ADRoberts

          They never quit. But they do back down and wait for a more opportune time. Just like muslims who have been defeated.

          • Ibcamn


    • Wilkins Micawber

      The objection will be that the person who stepped up to stop the attack is a serviceman, so ‘not a citizen’. Mother Jones has published arguments to that effect several times (the responder was an off duty officer, off duty security guard, member of the reserves etc.)

      Of course such specious arguments ignore that it’s CCW laws that enabled these citizens to respond in the first place. It should come as no surprise that those who have chosen a career putting their lives on the line for others will be highly represented among those who step up to stop an active shooter.

      Thank you all for your service, defence of the Constitution AND for looking out for innocents when government is unable to.

  • James Hokr

    Good News, Jan. I hope Bloomberg choked on his coffee when he read the story.

    • Jeff Brodhead

      …on his 32 oz pop!

      Wouldn’t THAT be a great adder to the Coroner’s report?

      • James Hokr

        I hope soda was flowing from both nostrils

    • Annymous Patriot

      Bloomberg KNOWS citizens with guns stop crimes, that’s why he needs to take them all away. Can’t have a population that is able and willing to take care of themselves. Need a population of weak, scared, dependent people to push socialism and oppression in the name of “safety”.

      He probably choked laughing at this story, knowing it would never see the light of media coverage.

      • Dominick Ahrens

        Supposedly Bloomberg has a NYC Carry license, unlike the peons and lackeys who aren’t as important as he is.

    • Ibcamn

      obama probably choked too,but not on coffee!

  • Larry Currid

    Probably won’t see this story on any MSM outlet. Score one for the good guys. Too bad the two slugs didn’t put a permanent end to the bad guy.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    YAY, Concealed Carry Citizen!

  • wyatt81

    The left doesn’t care about truth, logic, consequences, or anything else-just sticking to their ideology and emotional mantras no matter what. Dangerous and foolish people who want to make it dangerous for everyone else.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    He has my vote for marksman of the year.

    • wentworth

      Not so, a real marksman would have saved the taxpayers the cost of medical care.

      • newhon63

        Hahaha. Heat of the moment, I think. I bet this guy WAS trying to turn this guy off like a rabid dog. But hey, he got the attacker twice in center mass so it is almost as good and it may have done the job. We shall see. I will be waiting for coverage of this and I will be sending this story to Fox News. I am confident they will look into it and air it once they gather all the facts.

      • boccagalupe

        Now you’re preachin’ to the choir. Don’t know what type round he was using, but he needs to upgrade. If the thug lives the good guy may have to defend a lawsuit.

  • ghhshirley

    Please note that the good guy was a military service member with a concealed carry permit. No one is objecting to that.

    • daisykmt

      If Obama/Holder/Soros, et al, have their way, military vets will be deemed unfit to even own a gun. So it they’re the only ones right now who should be able to have guns, then in a matter of time, NO ONE would have one. No one except for the thugs, that is. Makes me think of a herd of sheep with wolves closing in.

      • ghhshirley

        Keep lying. You only make yourself look paranoid and foolish.

        • Larry

          idiot troll

        • Dominick Ahrens

          So the letters that were sent by the VA informing certain veterans that they could no longer exercise their 2A rights were as fake as the DHS presentation titled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” that listed vets as potential domestic terrorists, and as fake as the drills (Spartan Stadium) and scenarios presented by members of the armed forces identifying believers in the Constitution and the RKBA as “right wing extremists”?

    • SuperDave2

      Are you saying that I don’t have a right to protect the lives of my family, myself or anyone else? Do you have so little regard for life?

    • roadking2000

      You are either misinformed, delusional or just a plain old liar. You should research the facts before making ridiculous comments. There is plenty of information available at the NRA website concerning the NRA’s stance on this issue.

    • ARJAY

      2nd Amendment, ghhshirley, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. The 2nd Amendment gives us NO rights. The 2nd Amendment LIMITS THE GOVERNMENT in order to PROTECT our GOD GIVEN right to PROTECT ourselves and other innocents, by LETHAL methods, if necessary. Has nothing to do with “NRA/gun nuts”. An armed society is a polite society. After all, ghhshirley, do you know ANYBODY that would be stupid enough to try to shoot, (stab, beat with a baseball bat, etc.) someone, if EVERYONE around him were ARMED and ready to defend his victim(s)?!

      • LawMom3

        The Second Amendment has NEVER been interpreted to mean an unlimited right to carry firearms without restriction. That’s why the preceding clause is “well regulated militia”. Moreover, until the conservative justices on the Supreme Court decided for the first time in the history of 2nd Amendment jurisprudence to interpret the right as an individual one (DC v. Heller), thus being judicial activists and inventing a new law, there was no rule that all Americans enjoyed the inalienable, personal, individual right to own guns. However, even Justice Scalia, a gun enthusiast, stated in DC v. Heller that there can be restrictions on guns and that a universal background check would be perfectly constitutional and that other reasonable requirements can be put on gun owners without violating the 2nd Amendment.

        Therefore, ARJAY, your entire argument is utter nonsense.

        • ARJAY

          LawMom3, “Therefore, ARJAY, your entire argument is utter nonsense.”

          Infringed IS a restriction. Not infringed IS “not restricted”!
          What part of “Shall not be infringed ” do YOU not understand? How do you interpret “Shall not be infringed”? Pretty well stated by the founding fathers! Who or what was the “well regulated militia” that the founding fathers referred to? ALL able bodied men, individually who were marksmen in their own right. They were NOT an army, paid by the government.

          You say “The Second Amendment has NEVER been interpreted to mean an unlimited right to carry firearms without restriction”.

          When you have a Supreme Court INTERPRET what THEY THINK the founding fathers meant, you then run into issues that are ACTUALLY unconstitutional, that are ruled as constitutional. Go back to the ORIGINAL meanings of the words that were used by the founders, when the constitution was written.

          • LawMom3

            What do you think “Well Regulated” means, knucklehead? You have absolutely no understanding of legal thought or interpretation. The Supreme Court has ALWAYS found a right on the part of the state to regulate firearms. By your “reasoning” there would be a right of any person to own a nuclear device or tank or cannon.

          • Archie

            The founders built this country with the idea that ‘we the people’ are the government so who do you think they thought would be the regulators? This nation was not founded on any principle of government control but it was founded on the principle of FREEDOM for the people.
            the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed…….PERIOD.

          • zac

            Well regulated meant “In proper working order” You mooseknuckle crotch.

        • boccagalupe

          ARJAY Ithink that LawMom is an attorney that at one time studied “constitutional law” under the under that great constitutional lawyer and teacher barak obama. And we all know how full of …….the law (and stuff) he is. Ain’t he just full of it ??

          • LawMom3

            Oh, I see I’m dealing with a couple of geniuses from the Billy Bob School for Slack-Jawed Yokeling and Legal Stuff. Just go around repeating spurious talking points you don’t understand and even you can pretend you actually have a clue … except that for anyone who actually HAS been to law school and knows how to do legal research and analysis it’s quite clear you don’t have a clue.

            I’ll bet between the two of you, Boccagalupe and ARJAY, you couldn’t muster a 2.5 average in a remedial college English course, but you’ll pretend you’re more qualified to opine on the Constitution and its meaning than a man who only today was described by his former professor as an unbelievably brilliant student whose potential was without limit. He’s not surprised that his one time research assistant who spent three years developing an already fine intellect has risen to the heights he achieved. What have you got, a completion certificate for your GED?

          • Free Speech Supporter

            So lawmom,You are a superior thinker and everyone else is stupid. I get it, but I don’t think you do really. Well Regulated meant that each able bodied man in a community was required to have his own gun. powder, and lead. The gun, powder and lead is what they were referring to. That is right in the history books. Pick one up and read it you name calling smart ass. (Yes, I did just stoop to your level) Oh, and while you look down on me, I do only have a High School Education, but my feeling and opinions about my country are just as important as yours.

          • daisykmt

            I hold a Master’s degree, but as per your response to boccagalupe and ARJAY, I do not “spout off” at those who have lesser academic achievement, as it is ungracious and condescending. These people, as well as those who possess higher levels of academic achievement than I, have every right at expressing their opinion. We need to stick with discussion of facts instead of insulting. If you deem them as ignorant, it could be that someone with higher intellect than you or I might deem us ignorant, as well.

        • zac

          You can’t be that stupid. Here is the entire 2nd Amendment –

          “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

          Let’s examine this small group of words.

          “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state,” – This says that a militia in proper working order is needed for the security of a free country (“well-regulated” meant “in proper working order” in the vernacular of the time).

          Now, the next section –

          “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” – This is referring to “the people” IN CONTRAST to “a well regulated militia” because “the people” had just fought a war against a tyrannical state-sponsored “militia” that tried to outlaw gun ownership.

          There is nothing in those few words about hunting, or home defense, or any of that nonsense. It is warning that because we live in a world where a military force is necessary to protect freedom, the people’s collective and irrevocable right to arm themselves for protection against state-sponsored militias, cannot be infringed.

          • ARJAY

            Lawmom3 must be a liberal democrat, doesn’t let the facts confuse her. Resorts to name calling! LOL!

          • Dominick Ahrens

            Because nobody could be troubled to actually research the history of word usage…

    • newhon63

      I am not a fan of open carry anyway for the simple reason that it would be stupid to have your weapon visible. It takes away the element of surprise against a bad guy. If you are carrying your weapon in a holster on your hip, you will definitely be buying a bullet or the attacker will disarm you then shoot you.

      • MKE gal

        Show us the multitude of news reports of that happening.
        I’m aware of 1 shooting and 2 armed robberies of OC citizens.
        That compares to dozens, perhaps hundreds, of cases where criminals were prevented or deterred by someone simply being visibly armed.
        Most criminals aren’t dumb enough to attack a hard target.
        The one shooting I referenced, the feral teen came into the stop-n-rob with gun in hand to rob it, saw the OC customer at the counter, and murdered him.

        I OC so I don’t have to respond to an attack, I can deter it.
        If I need my pistol, I have faster access.
        It’s more comfortable to OC.
        It shows I’m a lawful citizen.
        It educates people who see me.

        • newhon63

          Well. It is a matter of preference as far as how to caryy, open or concealed, but you can’t honestly claim that you are deterring a criminal from committing a crime because your weapon is visible. Are you counting every single person who passes by you, looks at your gun at your waist and moves on or are you dividing that number of people that looked at your gun by some magical number to determine that you are deterring amyone at all because your firearm is visible?

          As far as you don’t have to respond to an attack you can deter. If something is going to go down with an armed attacker, he/she is going to look around for cops, then people they tgink may be resistance and guess what? No cops in here but there is that chick with the pistol on her hip over there, I identify her as a hard target. He is going to draw his gun and in not so kind of words say” had it over, babe.” Now unless you are going to claim you can draw faster than a speeding bullet or at least faster than someone that already has his gun on you, you are going to hand him the gun or die.

    • C Ken Davis Sr

      hey idiot….the second amendment says we all can carry. you don’t like it, leave the country you are not needed here. we have enough fools.

    • boccagalupe

      And that’s just as it should be shirley. The NRA does not say one need not be trained and proficient. Nuts like you want no one but military and law enforcement to carry. And we all know where the cops are when needed….in a donut shop having coffee.

    • MKE gal

      Show us news stories from the states with Constitutional Carry to show us how dangerous it is.

      Convince us that criminals follow laws, so we should allow those onerous laws you reference to stand. Because if it saves just one life, the infringement on the civil lilberties of millions of law-abiding Americans is worth it, right? (No.)

      In order to have a “universal” background check (which only applies to good citizens), we’d have to have “universal” registration, which is not only impossible but also illegal.

  • Nomen Nescio

    We should lobby for a regulation to score the shooting results of armed citizens, as you would with silhouette target at the range. Then the results could be posted online or in the papers with other notable statistics. That would be completely in line with the safety concept that encourages judicious aiming.

  • newhon63

    Bravo to this concealed weapon carrier. This also shows that having concealed weapons does not promote an OK Corral enviorment or a John Wayne mentality. I bet tye ones being shot at are very grateful to these people who were armed when they were needed.

  • LawMom3

    Oh gee, just how did the bad guys make it past the moat surrounding Chicago so they could get their guns?? Could they have gone into neighboring jurisdictions like Indiana which have incredibly lax gun laws?

    Couple of things you haven’t thought of, here:

    a) where did the thugs get their guns? In all likelihood they got them from a private seller or gun show or by using a straw man purchaser in another jurisdiction, OR they could have stolen the guns from some totally legitimate gun owner. In fact, THEY might be legitimate gun owners themselves. We don’t know who they are, so we cannot proceed on the assumption that they were criminals or were forbidden to own guns at all.

    b) the concealed carry permit holder was able to use his handgun effectively in his defense. He’s a serviceman and therefore trained to do what he did and to respond to danger the proper way. The thing to note, though, is that he was holding a perfectly legitimate CCP, which means that Chicago ISN’T the land of no guns. People who want to carry them and are willing to go through the process of obtaining a CCP are entitled to do so; therefore, the claim that Chicago is ultra restrictive just isn’t true.

    I’ll bet most of the people on this site are against uniform background checks. Why? Isn’t it necessary to have them so people like the perps can’t get their mitts on guns and start this kind of crap?

    • Doc

      The thugs buy their guns from dirty chicago cops.

  • bayman61

    Everybody should share this story on their Facebook page. Then tell your friends to share it on their Facebook page, etc. Let’s get this story spread all over the United States. The media will not do it, but we can.

    • MKE gal

      It’s in the Chicago Tribune.

      • fideux

        Dang, a already lined my birdcage!

  • bayman61

    I’ll bet that scum bag punk messed his panties when those other shots rang out. Ended his tough guy act real fast. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

  • rs1123

    Chicago has led the nation in violent gun crime not “despite” their restrictive gun laws but because of them. They have made certain the law abiding populace is almost 100% unarmed and a criminal can ply his trade at no risk. No wonder they have so much crime.

    IN NY after Bernie Goetz killed those three punks who accosted him, the crime rate dropped enormously because suddenly the crooks had to wonder, will there be another guy with a gun after all?

  • rs1123

    The thug “is in critical condition, thanks to…” Gotta love that.

  • HappyG

    Great stuff…but the gun grabbers end game isn’t non violence…it’s oppression of the unarmed masses…



  • Archie

    Good to know that someone will actually do something other then grab their phone and film the killings.

  • MKE gal

    This is in the Chicago Tribune, though they kept referring to the armed citizen as a “military member”, downplaying the fact that he’s a lawfully-armed citizen just like anyone else.

  • MKE gal

    I don’t know why my original post was deleted, but it’s in the Chicago Tribune.


  • ADRoberts

    I think I detected something. One good guy shows up with a gun. One bad guy goes down and two other bad guys FLEE.
    FACT: Bad guys run like rabbits when anyone else has a gun. LOL

  • Mrs. Patriot

    I hope everyone is paying attention to the fact that people are shot numerous times without being incapacitated or killed. Were they all using .22’s? Take a lesson, those who carry.

    • BigDogJunction

      I hope you were paying attention, to the fact the one guy who was probably the only one with actual training, took cover, fired two shows and connected with both shots, effectively neutralizing the attacker (who’s hanging onto what might be left of his life).

  • Victoria Bingham

    It is no surprise that false flag and other shootings take place ONLY in gun carry restricted areas. Even though this story sounds like the work of a random idiot, when the story goes viral in Chicago, watch how quickly shooting incidents in Chicago drop.
    One does have to commend the sincere concern of whoever voted to validate carry rights in this city.

  • fideux

    The story could have had a happier ending if the man with the concealed carry weapon had been even a better marksman. Sounds like Mickiel may survive to drink and “play” again.

    • BigDogJunction

      Not unless its from a wheelchair and feeding tube, or crapping into a bag.

      I doubt his best partying days are ahead of him.

  • Capt. Parker

    Just imagine how it would have been if the cops had arrived, fire 673 shots, missing the bad guys 673 times, wounding 14 innocents in nearby buildings, killing 4 and wounding 7 non-involved party goers.

  • Gary Hobbs

    The “brother” got a surprise, didn’t he. Maybe the animal will die.

  • jgh59

    Chicago is not in the top ten cities in the US for murders per capita, but don’t let that spoil your rant.

  • Ibcamn

    2 shots,2 hits!awesome job man!………….and all over a drink left outside!!just insane!!it just shows you that some people are raised to have no respect for other people and their property!what kind of parents did these a**holes have?