If Rewarding Illegal Invasion is Humanitarian and Christ-Like, I Must Be the Devil Incarnate

Jan Morgan

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Helping poor people in need is one thing…
Rewarding illegal alien invasion is another.

I have watched as Glenn Beck and other bleeding hearts talk about plans to reach out and come to the aid of the poor little illegal aliens crossing our borders by the thousands.
It’s his money.. he can spend it how he wants…. but once those kids take up entitlement residency here because bleeding hearts we were so nice to provide them with everything they could ever want and need, its MY MONEY that has to pay for their care.
Now it becomes my business and I don’t believe in rewarding ANY KIND OF ILLEGAL ACTIVITY, THE AGE OF THE OFFENDERS IS NOT RELEVANT.

As a Christian, I understand the responsibility to help those less fortunate, HOWEVER, there are millions of “less fortunate” children who are American born citizens that need help… There are millions of Veterans who have returned to our country with missing body parts, and their families who need our help.
Why choose criminals as beneficiaries of our charity when there are law abiding american born citizens suffering?
What about them?

I wonder if hundreds of illegals showed up at Beck’s ranch and decided to live there off of his land, and his dime, and showed up at his door with their hundreds of sick children, to be fed, and housed on his property, if he would continue to feel so generous.

By the way, many of these “so called” children crossing the border are 14 years old and older, tatted up with gang symbols, many of them MS13 gang symbols ( one of the worlds most dangerous gangs) and these kids bring with them all kinds of serious diseases that had all but been eradicated in America.
By the way… you want to see the what MS13 will bring to America.. Here’s what it looks like.
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Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 2.41.19 PM

In America, history has proven that rewarding bad behavior only increases that behavior and the numbers who engage in it..
Welfare is a perfect example…. paying women to have more babies without a husband…
The response: an epidemic of women without husbands breeding like rabbits.. More kids, more money.
Who’s paying for that?
I am.
Who is going to pay for all of these people coming over the border? I am… and I am mad as hell about it.

Every day I go to work and work my rear end off, weekends included so that half of everything I earn can pay to support people who will not work and do nothing but breed and draw pay checks.

Welfare was never meant to be a way of life..
Yet.. that is exactly what it has become, creating a vicious cycle of slavery to a government that rewards bad behavior.

My solution is to secure the borders. Deport those who are here illegally.. all of them.

For those “humanitarians” who say, but what about all of the violence and crime those poor children are trying to escape?

You want to know about a place of violence and crime that children need to escape?
Look no further than our own country.. places like Chicago.

82 shot, 16 dead just over the past weekend.

What about the poor children in that city?

Gang violence, poverty, horrendous living conditions…
You want to be a nice little Christian and help?
We’ve got it all right here in the good old USA in Chicago, Detroit, DC…
You want to be Christ-like and humanitarian by helping poor little innocent children escape poverty, violence and horrendous living conditions, GO HELP THOSE inner city, law abiding, american born KIDS.

Secure our borders.. deport illegals rather than reward criminal behavior.

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  • Denise Hunsaker-Bracy

    Pretty sure you are talking about worse case scenarios. Not all the people crossing are criminals and ridden with disease! Maybe the Indians should have kicked out your ancestors! Then where would you be? Jesus himself said Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them. How can we be one nation under God if we don’t offer a helping hand like Jesus told us to do to? Humanitarian work doesn’t stop at the borders “We the people” placed on the land. If you are truly a christian you would remember the ENTIRE WORLD is Gods and he doesn’t know what borders are and neither should we!

    • worshipbabe

      One problem with your thoughts is that these children (and adults) are not coming to Jesus. Yes, our country was based on Biblical values, but even the Bible says to obey the laws of the land, etc. God loves everyone, but He does not condone everything.

    • SuperDave2

      With your attitude, we will soon be “One Nation Gone Under”.

  • Azgunsel

    First, these people are not “Invited”. There is, D. H. Bracy, a legal Route for them to enter the USA, and it is not by crawling over our Border Fence, and demanding handouts. Second, if you want to welcome them, you personally go and sponsor their legal immigration, which is in accord with the Bible you tout as the source of your authority. A personal Stake in the process, if you will. Third, Jesus, did not invite the Children to invade a country, he said Come unto Me in a Spiritual Sense, seeking Eternal Life, not Materialistic Gain at someone else’s expense and sacrifice. Fourth, there is not another Country in the World, that calls itself a Country, that has “open Borders”, that is not a Country, it is Chaos where the Strong Survive unless they are more stupid than the treacherous, if you are Serious, D. H. Bracy, you will come forward, show us your Tax Returns State and Federal tor the last ten years, your entire monetary and property holdings, and liquidate them all to distribute to the Poor. Otherwise, you are just another Phony that has grandiose plans for everyone else, but have nothing personal at stake.

    • Denise Hunsaker-Bracy

      Do you have any idea how hard it is to sponsor and how difficult it is to get a green card? Besides, I am not saying break the law I am not saying open the borders. I am saying let us have more compassion for other humans. Lets figure out a way to help instead of hindering and being mean and blaming things that are not to blame or making up false predictions based on nothing.
      I don’t know what my tax returns will help do. But, we are a family of 5 living off of less then $40,000 a year. I have a full time college student in the house and I am a stay at home Mom. If there was ANYTHING I could do to help this situation move towards a more positive path I would. But, we are what arethey call the working poor. AND If you look at how tax dollars are distributed A person making $50.00 only pays less then $7.00 a year for welfare so it’s not like throwing on another $7.00 per family is really going to break the bank! I’d rather the $4000 a year that person pays that gets sent to cooperate America go towards programs to help these people. Or better yet. Here in Washington State in 2010 we spent almost $50,000 per inmate. People who have actually done things they can not be redeemed from are costing us tax payers $50,000 a year! That is per inmate and that is just Washington state. It varies from state to state. Lets reduce those costs and give a little extra to people who might actually come here and make a positive difference in America.


    A bill Was Passed In 2013 , To Deposit Into a Trust Fund , 6 . 5 Billion Dollars , To be Paid To Homeland Security , for a Planned Invasion of Illegal Aliens . The U.S. Government , Planned , Initiated , and Executed This Crises . Get This Out To Everybody . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hpaw2tQgllk&list=UUFjOi1ZpZVErr8EYxg8t1dQ

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Countries have fallen for many reasons, but never in recorded history has a nation “compassioned” itself out of existence.

    • Kent2012

      It looks as though every effort is now in play to cause that very thing to happen…orchestrated by kenyan boy, his supporters in the administration, and the democraps, oh and the rinos that would have us believe that is very important to keep them in office…..expand welfare, add new entitlements, send more money to the rags, pretend to be mad at pootey, divert everyones attention away from what the chinkees are doing this very moment, destroy the parts of the economy that are functioning, and legislate economic disasters….oh and listen to the crybabies talk about our responsibilities to “feed” everyone, but katy bar the door if you should want to move the military into some scum sucking pigs place of business and string him up….

  • mediaaccess

    I’ll visit more often! Good article.