Limbaugh Was Right! Krauthammer, Will, Kristol Should Apologize


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He has made judges dependent on his will alone…He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance…For imposing taxes on us without our consent…For depriving us in many cases, of the benefit of trial by jury…For establishing an arbitrary government…For altering fundamentally the forms of our governments…He has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people…He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us.

Do these charges ring familiar? I listed them on my blog in the days following Independence Day and one of my readers confessed that he thought I was railing against Barack Obama until he realized that I was quoting our Declaration of Independence and the charges made of George III.

And this is exactly what Rush warned us about before the inauguration when he said “I hope he fails.” Rush, in the same way that Patton knew Rommel, knew what Obama would do because he had read his book. It wasn’t rocket science, Rush had done his homework. He had listened to Obama’s own words, studied his background, and broken the code.

Those in the “conservative intelligentsia” are in the awkward position of having to admit either that Rush was right or feign surprise at the new realization that the Emperor is buck naked and therefore incompetent.
No beltway nabob will ever admit that Rush was right – that the President is an Alinsky Marxist implementing a Cloward/Piven coup to transform Uncle Sam into a tranny with an “I ♥ Antonio Gramsci” tramp-stamp emblazoned above her hot pants.

The truth is that leading Republicans and “conservative” journalists know that this president is not incompetent. They even know “what” he’s doing and “why,” but they don’t have the guts to tell the truth.

Bill Kristol, George Will, and Charles Krauthammer would rather commit ritual Seppuku than admit that Limbaugh has been right from the start. And to tell the truth now is to admit their own incompetence. So the party line will be that the President is illustrative of the Peter Principle. He isn’t following a recipe that he once taught to ACORN operatives out of Rules for Radicals, he’s merely “Jimmy Carter’s second term.”

Even my guy, the great Ted Cruz, on the Kelly File the other night, called Barack Obama “An absentee President,” who is not focused on the people “who are paying the cost for his failed policies.”

Sorry Ted, but that’s hogwash and you know it.

Maybe Senator Cruz has determined that the truth won’t sell or that Democrats will use that kind of rhetoric to their advantage, but wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a voice or a pen that communicated with the same clarity that Thomas Jefferson did against George III?

Obama is purposely destroying the American way of life. He is not governing, he’s ruling by sabotage. He doesn’t respect the Constitution, he flanks it. He doesn’t revere our Institutions, he batters them. And just because he’s golfing, clubbing, and playing pool doesn’t mean that he’s failed and incompetent any more than Al Capone getting a manicure or a lap dance meant that he was distracted from ruthlessly ruling and expanding his influence.

“The whole aim of practical politics,” said H.L. Mencken, “is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” Obamacare was destined to fail from the start because it was meant to issue in “single payer.” Run guns to Mexican cartels to foment a backlash here against the 2nd Amendment. Create chaos at the border to get amnesty. Gin up Global Warming hysteria to take control of energy. The goal is to control every aspect of American life and they are well on their way without nearly a peep out of the opposition party or the lapdog press.

As a friend wrote to me this week,

“I don’t think Obama has ever really worked a day in his life. He’s the spoiled child of an unstable single mother who, along with his grandparents, pampered him. He is a white boy who made it through the ranks of the radicals because of his dark skin and Good-time Charlie attitude. He is where he is because the Alinsky radicals knew they had The Guy for the job even if it meant they would do all the work. So yes, his actions are deliberate even if he is just the pretty face whose rhetoric distracts the sheep while his more competent policy makers prepare the slaughter.”

Ezekiel, a prophet of Israel, once described a true leader as a “Watchman on the wall.” His description was of a sentry manning a post on a wall of a fortified city whose one job was to watch the horizon and if he saw trouble approaching, to blow his shofar. If he alerted the people and they didn’t respond, their blood was on their own hands, but if he didn’t blow the alarm then the people’s blood would be on his hands.

Back in 2009, while George Will was hosting Mr. Obama at an off the record soiree and handing out finger sandwiches to fellow “conservatives” – Peggy Noonan, Charles Krauthammer, Rich Lowry, Paul Gigot, David Brooks, Larry Kudlow and Michael Barone, Rush Limbaugh was blowing the shofar. When Limbaugh wished that this president failed, he meant that he hoped that he failed in carrying out his sabotage of the last bastion of freedom on planet earth.

Incompetence may only be negligence but sabotage is treasonous. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, and Sarah Palin are the lone voices of truth calling this what it truly is – a conscious, pre-meditated, well-organized coup. And they act as Maximus calling out the treachery of Commodus but in this case there isn’t even a single Senator with the brass to join them. I have long thought that there would be a group of generals and admirals who have been summarily purged from the Pentagon who would stand up for freedom. I was wrong.

Sharpen your pitchforks, it’s up to us.

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  • Jon

    Mr. Kirkwood, You might want to take a look at this. http://alifeofthoughts.com/new-declaration-of-independence

    • oldironsides

      Jon, I read your link but a greater man said it better a long time ago. Quote by Edmund Burke, Irish Statesman, Born January 12, 1729. … The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

      • mediaaccess

        And I’ve used that phrase often – now living in Socialist Europe (Hungary). And I’ll be able to see Russia from my window shortly too.

        • oldironsides

          For a few weeks in the Fall of 1956 a lot of people in Hungary decided to stand up and fight the evil of the Soviet Union. Maybe Europe has become more Socialist today but that short-lived revolution in 1956 did end in freedom eventually, even for a short time. Similar situation to Benjamin Franklin’s comment about giving us a Republic, “if you can keep it.” Yeah, we haven’t been able to, either.

          • mediaaccess

            It never ended in Freedom. It ended in soft tyranny. The same people who ran the old system ran the new one too. Hungarians celebrate their 1956 – loss as though it was a victory. They gained nothing. In Hungary they put in a puppet government. The Hungarians lost God years ago. They are not wise in dealing with political matters. It is still a communist country. Like the Americans who forgot about 9/11 – voting in a Marxist/Muslim is like voting in Hitler’s cousin during WWII. The situation in Europe is dire – the situation now. http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/hungarianrevolution.htm
            Have you ever heard of the Tower of Babel – first attempt at communism. Check out Beck’s take on it: http://www.mediaaccess.hu/index.php?module=staticpage&id=205&lang=2

          • oldironsides

            We share a common enemy and it isn’t the politicians who lie, cheat and steal and conspire to gain power and wealth at the expense of our freedom. Yes, the politicians do those things but the real enemy is the news media, the so-called journalists who play softball with the Marxists, communists, socialists and Muslim terrorists and the editors and publishers who support, endorse and cover up the messes. That is how we managed to twice elect an anti-American, Marxist Muslim leader. The news media went to bed with the Democrats and liberals. Besides the outright voter fraud, they managed to convince the public that voting against the Black candidate made them racists.

            I dream sometimes of the days after the 2nd American Revolution when we commence the Treason Trials and we once again build the gallows like they did in Nuremberg. It will be the reality TV show of all time. I hope we are more successful than you were.

  • oldironsides

    My generation grew up actually reading the Declaration of Independence, today’s generation is so ignorant they think Steven Spielberg shot and killed a Triceratops dinosaur because they saw a photo on the Internet. This article is right on target. We do have a Mad King George occupying The White House and we do need another Declaration of Independence to set the record straight. Too bad we don’t have any leadership with the courage to write one.

    I’m going to re-post this on my blog. My conscience tells me its the right thing to do.
    http://oldironsides-thesilentmajority.blogspot.com/ If Mr. Kirkwood objects I’ll remove it.

    • ADRoberts

      I just faced a host of people who were determined to defend the mormons, all the while proving that they had NO IDEA what the mormons actually are.
      1 Ignorance means you just don’t know. That is not bad as it can be corrected.
      2 Stupidity means you just don’t have the ability to know. That cannot be condemned as it is not something that can be changed.
      3. Intentionally choosing to be ignorant? You are just guilty.

      • oldironsides

        Simply stated, none is so blind as he who refuses to see; for whatever reason. Many are ignorant today because of a poor education, others because their eyes are blinded by greed – the gimme more free stuff crowd. I don’t want to comment on your opinion of Mormons, I keep thinking how Mitt Romney’s boy scout image gave us 4 more years of Obama.

      • Susan

        It is bad to be ignorant, non-the-less. People should always be trying to gain new Knowledge. There is no reason for ignorance, esp. when books are so easily obtained in today’s world and we have the internet.

        Public schools are designed by the minds of Ayers and Alinsky to not only destroy Wisdom in children (intentionally) and make them hate reading and math, but they are designed to destroy Virtue and sexualize children (and Virtue is essential for a Free Republic (Montesquieu).

        Sex Ed is a Lukacs invention to warp children and focus them on sex organs and remove morality, which will destroy virtue and Truth/God–true understanding of Natural Law Theory (which is embedded in our Constitution and underlies the philosophy of our Individual Natural Rights from God–only–not the State: Rights which are unalienable.

        Kids have no Knowledge about anything except they have the proper emotions elicited by “words” that the schools train the kids to have through operant conditioning. Republican=evil, bad. Christianity=backward, nerdy, bigoted, hateful, closed -minded when it was the Christians who created the USA and the Age of Reason, the university system and the greatest concept of government in the history of man and most free and flourishing cultures.

        We need our Natural Rights from God back and we don’t need permission from bureaucrats or politicians to exercise those Natural Rights. “When Law ceases to be Just, it ceases to be Law.”

        • ADRoberts

          I have said it before and it is still true. What we know or think we know, almost ALWAYS comes from someone else. Reading a book or researching on the internet can provide some excellent information. It also is a way to be terribly deceived and wind up being TOTALLY lost as to spiritual, health, finance, social relations, wisdom, nutrition, etc.
          Just about every aspect of life has people trying to provide beneficial information. And they also have deceivers who, probably truly believe the garbage they are putting out.
          My personal example is Suzanne Summers. Sorry, but when she says something, I have a TOTAL lack of confidence that she has discovered ANYTHING. And usually, she proves me correct.
          “If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” Probably misquoted, but the idea is there.
          ALL hope that we have is in JESUS CHRIST and through Him, access to the Father.
          May God help us all.

    • newhon63

      There is nothing wrong with the Declaration of Independence we have. The problem is we have people in govrnment who twist and distort it to fit what they want instead of taking it as written. This is because we have lawyers in government and very few statesmen.
      Just as there are not many true journalists, either they are in the tank for Obama or they are too afraid to ask the tough questions. They accept a list of acceptable questions they are allowed to ask in press conferences with Obama instead of hammering him with questions on the scandals that are on most of our minds. I say most because the rest are so in love with Obama, he could walk over and kick their Grandma in the face and they would come up with a reason why Obama had to do it.

      A good example is the recent and rare interview with Eric Holder, no questions were asked about his failure to appoint independant investigator into the IRS scandal, why a former Obama donor was appointed to do it. He allowed Holder to throw out there the race card once again to imply that people are critizing Obama and Holder’s actions because of their race not because they are stupid/incompetent/corrupt. If you are looking at the issues because you know they are scandals, you are racist.

      • oldironsides

        newhon63, just a comment on your first paragraph. The two most important documents in American history are The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. I think you have them confused. The Constitution is like the blueprints for a house – it is the framework for our form of government. The Declaration is like an eviction notice that was written to justify the reasons to throw out an undesirable tenant. The Declaration was only used once and would need to be rewritten to be used again. The Constitution lives on as long as our house still stands.

        • newhon63

          I know the difference. The Declaration of Independence is just that. It declares that we are an independance nation. That we are given our rights, not by some turd in the Oval office, no matter who he is, but by God. That being said, the wording in the Declaration we have right now is just as accurate today as the day it was written.
          Besides, who the hell are we going to trust to make a new Declaration of Independance for America? Obama? Holder? Lerner? McCain? Rubio? The Republicans, Democrats, Independants, Libertarians? Tea Party? All of these parties have a lot of different ideas on how such a document should be written but none can come together to get it done. They all want it donetheir way and not willing to listen to any other side.
          They can’t or won’t pass any kind of immigration reform. We need to secure the border before we can ever pass any kind of immigration reform. They can’t even agree that has to happen. Democrats will not agree with Republicans on anything and vice versa. Not because they think something is a bad idea but because they are on the opposite side.

          • newhon63

            But thanks for trying to explain something to me using kindergarten speak that does not need explaining and belittling an important document like it was nothing more than an eviction notice.

          • oldironsides

            I wasn’t trying to belittle you, I was paraphrasing the situation between then and now. The story of the original Declaration of Independence is interesting to read (look it up on Wikipedia) but trying to compare the events then with today is difficult. For instance, no one from the Colonial Congress delivered the document to King George III. It was British officials in North America who sent copies of the Declaration to Great Britain. Also, hundreds of copies of the Declaration were printed and distributed in America and reprinted in many newspapers. Looking at today, whether the original document as written was used or not, the big question is who would deliver it to the officials running our government? My practical guess would be it would have to be delivered by a battalion of Army troops who would storm the Capitol and The White House and stage a coup. You certainly couldn’t just buy ads in the newspapers and reprint it. As far as my kindergarten speak, yes, I think that evicting Obama from OUR White House is an appropriate comparison.

          • newhon63

            My point is that the purpose and declaration expressed in the document remain the same. Our government can’t find their tail with both hands AND a flashlight. They can’t be trusted to rewrite a fundamental document such as this without srcewing it up. Bottom line.

            I would love to see Obama arrested, cuffed and dragged by his feet out of the White House with his head bouncing off every step on the way down. But impeachment would be impossible since Harry Reid and Senate are in the tank for Obama, so even if they did pick up the ball to hold an impeachment trial, they would find there is no grounds for it even though his actions is destroying and weakening the nation at every turn, there is nothing illegal about what he has done, this piece of human trash dances just inside the legal lines. The only way to counter Obama at all is The House using the only power that can not be altered by the President, Senate or the judical branch. The power of the purse is The House’s greatest power

          • oldironsides

            Just on the subject of impeachment, while I didn’t come up with this – someone else did – I think it makes a lot of sense. Impeachment is not the right way to go. To impeach Obama is to certify that he is the president and putting him on trial in the Senate would legitimize every illegal act he did and signed into law. Obama must be arrested and tried for crimes of treason which should also include his fraudulent, forged documents and this would invalidate his years in The White House since he held office illegally. And, by the way, they don’t arrest and handcuff presidents prior to impeachment.

          • newhon63

            I know they do not cuff them when charged with impeachment. Cuffing is for us little people who do not mean anything. The ones that break the biggest laws in the land and do the most damage have their public image guarded like it is gold. It has been so long since the argument about his documents raged on that he had time and has the resources to have legitimate looking documents created. America is not the only nation that is able to put a seal on documents and if they can put a seal of their own nation on paper, then they can reproduce a US seal to look good too. Obama is a forgery, it is not a far stretch to forge some docs to make him legitimate.

            I have my ideas as to what Obama is and what his agenda is for America but no one would entertain them. Most of America is in denial as to his origins, the Liberals have made it such that we will never know one way or the other. If “The Boy that would be King” has nothing to hide, why did he spend so much money to keep his past secret?

          • newhon63

            Besides. Let’s play make believe for a moment. According to our Constitution, if a President is incapacitated or is otherwise unable to discharge his duties as the President because of other reasons, such as impeachment, does anyone really want “Crazy Uncle” Joe Biden to be in the Oval office, even if it is just for the remaining 2 years until the next presidential election? Talk about out of the pan and into the fire. Well really in this case it would be out of the fire and back into the fire. Obama and Biden are one in the same. Obama is full of himself and Biden is just plain full of it.

          • newhon63

            All they would have to do is defund all of these programs that are a drain to the nation and do more harm than good. They can vote on them in The House and the Senate would be irrelevant as to the decision made. The power of the purse sits with The House of Representatives and The House alone. Defunding can not be countered or an Executive Fiat make it null and void. So why doesn’t Boenhor and the House use it? One word. Politics. They are so afraid to stick their neck out and cure the woes of the nation caused by ObamaCare and other policy. For all they know Americans may very well be waiting for the House to do it and we would back them 100%. But they won’t because they do not want to use political currency. They would rather let Obama blame everything on them, not act on anything.

            Obama blames Congress. Last I knew, The Senate is Congress too.

          • gunny55

            I would hesitate to use Wikipedia as a source. Try the American history section at your local library.

    • Susan

      The so-called education system was derailed by Socialist John Dewey in 1930 on purpose, to create dummy brainwashed drones. The Supreme Court banned God in 63–virtually banning the transmission of Virtue and Wisdom and our Traditions (which ALWAYS have to be taught) to the next generation so they would have NO concept or understanding of anything worth while….just brains full of mush.

      I went back to college to get a degree in 2004 and I will tell you, the kids in my classes–most around 20—were the dumbest, most irrational people I had ever met with no virtue. (My kids went to private schools). Alan Bloom warned us of this in his book “Closing of the American Mind” –how the Marxist godless (non-Classical) curricula took all Wisdom and worthwhile literature out of the “education” system, so today’s kids had no possibility of “critical thinking” like my grandpa (common of people who hardly stepped into a classroom like Lincoln, and my grandpa got kicked out of school by age 12.

      • oldironsides

        Susan, among my modest collection of books is a complete set of McGuffey’s Eclectic Reader. Originally copyrighted in 1879, it was used extensively in grades referred then as Grammar thru High School for supplementary reading for several decades. I would challenge anyone to glance through book number six and tell me the difference with the level of studies in any college today. This was the kind of education our grandparents had and it didn’t produce any dummies like we have now. For anyone interested, you can still buy reprints on Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/McGuffeys-Eclectic-Readers-William-McGuffey/dp/0471294284/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1405782001&sr=8-5&keywords=mcguffey%27s+first+eclectic+reader

        • Susan

          I have a set of the McGuffey Readers also, which I picked up at a garage sale years ago in California : ) …It is the beginning of my understanding of how ignorant today’s children are–even one’s in Catholic schools (who watered down their Classical curricula decades ago by adopting the “Go Spot. Go” junk of public schools).

          The wisdom and brilliance (Bible quotes and John Milton, even) would literally be too taxing for most college students today. They wouldn’t even begin to be able to understand the profound meaning of anything, since their education was so stifled and censored and their minds were filled with lies and misinformation and devoid of the Wisdom of over two millenniums of geniuses.

          • oldironsides

            Couldn’t have said it better myself but then you sound like a well educated person and all I have is 60 years of life experience on top of a GED.

          • Susan

            I took a course on Machiavelli and what I learned was profound = that Knowledge is Power and to gain true knowledge you must read as much of the Great Books as you can (to build knowledge on the shoulders of giants) and work/interact in the real World ( collect true experience) and study history (and the Bible (so you truly understand Mankind). (So you won’t be dupes, because Power tends to always corrupt people.)

            I worked picking beans and berries and bought my own clothes as a child. My parents would be in prison for child abuse in today’s sick culture and with such sick understanding of “normal” child development.

            I read the Great Books. (I did graduate from college, but my knowledge comes from within—studying the words of Wisdom and experience/interaction with lots of people–large family.

            Pride makes it impossible for most people to “learn” truth because they think they know everything which is absurd. Socrates stated that Wisdom is knowing that you know nothing. (That was profound paradigm shift for me! (Bible says the same thing).

            I know I have much to learn always, and will never know everything. My wonder and thirst “to Know” has always been there…..just focused in areas of life where needed. When raising children, I read everything on child development and biographies (childhoods) of the greatest thinkers and compared them with my own experiences–what gave me Common Sense.

            What you learn is basically that without God, everything is permissible. (Which Dostoevsky and many geniuses told us over and over when the “Kill God” group appeared on the scene (Darwin/Hegel/ Marx/Wundt/ Fichte/Nietzsche).

            Our system of education destroys Common Sense–which is the Knowledge of real life experience. Since humans are very limited—reading the Wisdom of the Ages will add decades to Knowledge–you are building on their 40 years of experiences, and their collected Knowledge).

            What schools do now is intentionally remove children from the real world (the natural family)—put them in artificial systems with just their peers so immaturity is inculcated and habituated—for very effective brainwashing and to destroy Virtue formation—and then they fill their heads with mush and misinformation–like Heather has two Mommies—simply biological lies. (McGuffey filled the heads with Wisdom of the Ages and Wonder and curiosity for Beauty and Harmony—not the sewer sex and evil like today’s Postmodernist literature where children have wonder, innocence, and dignity destroyed. They are inculcated as seeing humans as “groups”–a collective–so that individuality is destroyed.

            The children will not be able to use any critical thinking skills when out in the Real world with misinformation and being removed from experience in the Real world, like Lincoln had–or a Mark Twain, who were only in “institutions” after the age of 7 and only for a few years or few months. Their minds were not put into a tiny box and controlled by “group think” (emotions) where they wouldn’t have time to read the Bible or Great Books or have time to work and interact with family members of all ages so they can understand human development.

            Experience is key to Wisdom but reading and reflection is essential to profound Wisdom. Schools destroy the ability to “reflect” which is essential for Knowledge–because there is constant distraction and ‘white noise’. TV/video games creates zombies–they never have time to “reflect” so they never develop the virtues, which are needed to “Know” which includes ‘boredom’ and quiet in childhood (to be creative).

            Children today are removed from the healthy family unit constantly stimulated (Limbic area only developed no critical thinking areas of the brain).

            So many children don’t even have a mother and father together anymore, which is the only way they can understand male/female interaction and develop a mature understanding of sexual identity (if family is healthy). (Lenin knew to destroy the family unit, you will collapse culture (civility) (create irrational people incapable of understanding profound ideas. (Lenin instituted no-fault divorce and forced all women into the workforce so infants wouldn’t be bonded into the family, nor understand basic truth or have loving role models, so they would be emotional cripples, loyal to and trained for State dependency. They would be incapable of autonomy like Pavlov’s dog).

            As Fichte stated, Free Will will be destroyed through public schooling and the adults will believe snow is black (exactly any irrational thing the State dictates–like men can marry men and it is “Good” and Natural. There will be no possibility for Reason and Logic with such a worldview.

            The schools are totally destroying Christian Ethics and flipping worldview back to the Neo-paganism era, before the Age of Reason and the Enlightenment, destroying the worldview which developed the US Constitution and the most Free cultures in the history of man. We are training our children to have minds of serfs and slaves, albeit “happy” slaves, as Bertrand Russell would say.

  • newhon63

    Rush Limbaugh. Hmmm…. This guy is only echoing mostly what we already know. Charles Krauthammer has only said things with truth and explained logically his opinions and also quotes his sources for facts. Limbaugh needs to go back to popping Oxycotjn. All he does is spew on his radio show things we have all already heard. Does he have anything to tell us new or ground-breaking that he found out from his sources? Does he even have any credible sources or do people listen to him like they do Howard Stern because they can’t find a good station? Neither one of these men are relevent.

  • I feel like I wrote this. You are 1000% correct in all you said….wowow.Someone fimally gets it. “Sorry Ted, but that’s hogwash and you know it”.

    I have been saying this forever. Our President knows what he is doing. Listen he told us all, I want to fundamentally change America”….What does that mean…well, u first have to destroy somthing to take it down….and sad to say,. the president,
    valerie jarrett and assistan Obam wil win, if we do not UNITE on both sides…We the people must unit….stop fighting with the other side. Get this and say it loud, BOTH sides are blood sucking users and we are paying the way for them…Stop the insanity…

  • Bob Merrihew

    No doubt, Obama is a radical that has been hamstrung by a GOP Congress, and for that, I’m thankful. Obamacare is a joke, but, at least, people with diabetes and cancer don’t have to divest everything and go on Medicaid to receive medical treatment. I have a heart for those that suffer. I hope the ACA gets a major reform and trust conservatives will come up with a plan.
    But, for the purpose of fairness, where was the calls for impeachment and arrest when GWB lied to the Nation about WMD’s, the Patriot Act, and no bid contracts for Haliburton? King Hal.

    • 121212121212

      Bob, you are an idiot,everyone including everyone in congress thought wmd exists, and low and behold it did, it was moved to syria you loon, the PA was also passed by congress and if you knew how to read you would know at the time haliburton was the only company that could do the job required in iraq you idiot.

      • Bob Merrihew

        Syria…….. isn’t Iraq, dumbass A no bid contract is illegal, dumbass. This is the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, dumbass.

        The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,[a]
        against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and
        no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or
        affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and
        the persons or things to be seized.[2]
        This states that the Patriot Act is unconstitutional, dumbass.

        Strengthen your argument (and your grammar, dumbass). Maybe, you should get your GED from one of those online high schools. By any chance was your mother and father brother and sister? dumbass

        Now, go worship at your shrine of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Rush Limbaugh, dumbass.

  • mediaaccess

    Good article.