NYC Creates ID card for 500K Illegal Aliens to Get Gov’t. Benefits

Jan Morgan

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law a measure that creates a municipal identification card that can now be used by illegal immigrants to access government services, rent an apartment and open a bank account.

“Today we’re living up to our highest ideals, and today we’re saying that no one should be left out,” said City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, calling the signing of the bill into law an “historic” moment, the New York Daily News reported. Ms. Mark-Viverito, along with fellow council members Carlos Menchaca and Daniel Dromm — all Democrats — said the new ID card gives the city’s estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants the opportunity to open bank accounts and rent housing, and even take advantage of certain government services.

Mr. de Blasio touted the ID card as a security measure for police and citizens.
“We want all New Yorkers to feel very comfortable working with the police,” he said, the New York Daily News reported. “We want them to be very able to identify themselves to police and do it in an atmosphere of safety. This is going to play a crucial role in deepening the relationship between police and community, including a lot of our immigrant communities.”

The card technically is for any city resident. But applicants aren’t going to be asked about their legal status, and council members and the mayor say it’s really aimed at helping the city’s most left-out citizens — the illegals.

“Even for those who already have ID, we’re going to make sure that this card brings a lot to the equation, a lot of benefits that will go with it,” Mr. de Blasio said, the New York Daily News reported. “But for those who don’t have ID, it’s going to be crucial.”
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  • Sam Houston

    That is illegal as per
    8 U.S. Code § 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

    • Pedro_Schwartz

      How much are you willing to bet that Attorney General Holder’s DOJ will be all over NYC to enforce U.S. Code § 1324?

      • Sam Houston

        Sorry, I don’t place loosing bets. ha ha

  • Sam Houston

    Compare New York to Texas. One is Liberal and the other Conservative. New York is being strangled to death by it’s own Liberal policies. Policies that base out of NYC. The entire State suffers at the hands of an illegal immigrant centric Liberal NYC. Love Texas or not but the entire State has a vibrant and bristling economy, even after coming through a 7 year drought. Texans have many more freedoms, have more jobs, pay far less in taxes and get more home for their money.

    • Robert Mackle

      Texas will be blue in 6-8 years

      • cojar

        Yes the whole plan of leftists is to turn red states blue.

      • Sam Houston

        You like jokes Son? Are you some sort of clown? What you are counting on in your Battleground Texas is the flood of illegals to support your initiatives. That plan has already met dismal failure. First, real Texan Hispanics don’t like being called a Mexican and find it very insulting to be misrepresented and stereotyped into that demographic and illegal alien crowd. They are Texans, not Mexicans. Second, maybe you notice the tip of the spear that Governor Perry just heralded with calling up the National Guard. That is only the beginning of Texas’ fight against the invaders. We are moving forward with ignoring the broken policies of Obama and the Federal Government and imposing Texas’ Sovereign Right to protect our Borders and our People. All illegals (amnesty or not) will be rounded up and deported. E-Verify will become mandatory in Texas and it will be a crime to employ illegal aliens. Oh, don’t cry yourself in a tizzy. You still have Liberals hanging out in Austin so you won’t be totally excluded.

  • mdlman1

    DeBlasio is a full blown Commie and Sandanista Pig. I live in NJ and have completely NYC and all of it’s businesses until he and his Leftist regime is removed from office. NYC will not be standing when this Pig is done…..!!!!

  • CaptPicard1701E

    I hope that when the illegals nuke NYC, none of the fallout blows towards Massachusetts where I live.

  • Rff141

    A tool for deportation – just like gun registration is for confiscation.

  • OhGreat

    This is absolutely disgusting! What the hell???? What ever happened to self-deportation? You are embracing and welcoming people who have entered the country illegally. This must be stopped.

    • este

      Good luck trying to stop it!

  • Art Hock

    Creating another third world flop house.

  • pysco

    “F” that !!! Take care of Americans…Don’t be using my taxes to pay for Illegal Criminal Aliens.

  • dmbunce

    Go ahead, give them a car! a house! free food! free rent! and most of all….the right to vote! You people are disgusting.

  • Nonameever

    Today NYC has joined forces with the DNC to demand the right to vote in US elections not be exclusive to US citizens, but open to all peoples of the world–absentee ballots are being prepared to be sent to Botswana, Nigeria, Red China, India, Pakistan and any nation’s citizens who might desire to cast a vote and influence the future of America. No longer is America for Americans, but now it must be subservient to the desires and beliefs of diverse nations.

  • Kent2012

    another excellent example of the communists and their air-head supporters moving forward with their efforts to turn the USA into another third world cesspool….who will the idiots in NYC vote for next, oh I know it will be kim jong un…..and they will expect great things from “dear leader’s son”

  • Doug

    I’m for it. Maybe the ones we have in FL will take off and go to NY.