Senator Delivers Shocking Stats on America’s Invasion by Illegals

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More than 11 MILLION illegals now in the country according to official estimates.

Each week, more illegal immigrants enter Texas than people who are born in the state during the same time period.

On Monday’s The Laura Ingraham Show, Dan Patrick, the Texas state Senator who is the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, said two weeks ago, Border Patrol agents “apprehended almost 10,000 people crossing the border, in one week.”

“Every week, week after week, we’ve been averaging for the last year apprehending between six and ten thousand people a week,” Patrick said hours before Texas Gov. Rick Perry formally announced that he would be sending National Guard troops to the border. “If we apprehend eight or nine thousand a week, that’s more people than are born in Texas each week.”

Patrick also said law enforcement officials have told him that somewhere between one in five and one in ten illegal immigrants are actually apprehended.

“Now, we think we catch one out of every five. That means twenty five or thirty thousand are crossing the border, that we don’t catch,” he said. “Don’t focus on the numbers that are apprehended, that’s the ones we catch.”

Patrick said “we didn’t have this great wave of young people” before President Barack Obama unilaterally enacted his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) plan in 2012, which was when the number of illegal immigrants coming across the border spiked even as the murder rates in Central American nations declined.

Since October of last year, nearly 60,000 illegal immigrant children have been apprehended. Next year, federal officials, as Patrick said, expect that number to rise to at least 150,000. Patrick emphasized that those numbers are just those who are caught.
“You do the math,” he said, saying that there are way more than 11 million illegal immigrants who are supposedly in the country, according to official estimates.

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  • Individual Patriot

    I love what Rick Perry has done and am waiting on Martinez and Brewer to follow suit. However, I hate to tell him, I think it’s gonna take waaaay more than a thousand NG troops to make a real difference.

    I also believe they’re gonna have to actually physically stop these people from entering, by whatever force necessary, rather than arresting them and then trying to go through the process of deporting them.

    • agree..

    • PatrioticInfidelInPA

      Simple solution, move many of the alligators in FL and resettle them in the Rio Grande. As they start to multiply and grow, I don’t think many people will want to walk across the river. If they do, problem solved for feeding the gators. The gator solution is probably cheaper than the wall situation. May want to add some piranha also – for the ones who get past the gators.

    • CHinOhio

      Protecting the borders does NOT mean apprehending and hoping to deport. It means dropping them as they cross onto our turf.

  • turfbarn80

    The government has been fixed on the 11 million illegal alien statistic for at least 12 years. Despite the fact the border patrol says at least 800 per year pour in illegally, the official estimate NEVER changes.

    • Devasahayam

      And it probably exceeded that 12 years ago to boot.

    • chamuiel

      800 per year? huh? what?

    • Ranchman

      You forgot several zeros…right?

  • obxster

    Rick Perry knows exactly what it would take to secure the border. He is limited in what he can do but the NG is a start. If you saw the tour he took with Sean Hannity it was evident he was well versed on border security. Unlike most of the DC talking heads and establishment republicans. He is acting more presidential than the idiot who currently holds the position.

  • coastx

    Tau SIM Five point conquest agenda for America to-DAY:

    1 con (elected Obama)
    2 straw man humanitarianism (Obama changed the law)
    3 interposition agent provocateur (senate went along with this)
    4 MERC criminalization of the status quo, felon preeminence (US is currently here)
    5 rendition (NEEXXXTTTT)

    Stupid fk americans are arguing highlights while the Obama monarchy is taking BACK the colonies. America BOLDLY responds> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO in perpetuity.

  • HappyG

    30 million at least…maybe 11 million in Texas but the rest of the nation is infested too…

  • HappyG

    When those who write, and/or are charged with overseeing our laws, don’t have the self respect to demand that they are enforced, then they lack the moral capacity to lead. No new bill, enforce the lies you told us in 1986 for a decade and then we may discuss ‘reforms’…Our kids and Grand-kids deserve a sovereign nation to grow up in and those charged with keeping our nation sovereign, are refusing to perform their oath to do so…it really is that simple.

  • ltfbhh

    Under Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv](iii) any US citizen that knowingly assists an illegal alien, provides them with employment, food, water or shelter has committed a felony. City, county or State officials that declare their jurisdictions to be “Open Cities, Counties or States are subject to arrest; as are law enforcement agencies who chose not to enforce this law. Police officers who ignore officials who violate Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv](iii) are committing a Section 274 federal felony. Furthermore, according to Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952, if you live in a city, county or State that refuses to enforce the law for whatever reason, the officials making those rules are financially liable for any crime committed within their jurisdiction by an illegal alien.

    Obama and every other law-breaking government official should be arrested and charged with a felony!

    I read this on Facebook, but verified it myself from the Justice Department’s website!

  • Dennis Andersen

    Cockroaches !
    More like 20+ million, turn on the lights and they scatter.

  • Mutley46

    The only way I can see stopping this influx of illegals entering is simple. A fence stretching from the Pacific Ocean in California to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas with National Guardsmen and state militia patrolling in numbers to catch and send back those who try. Too bad there is not a place like Gitmo to send them too for holding but the cost factor for America would be too great. But we can stop them at the border if we use the money saved by limiting the President, his family and others to one 30-day vacation a year. If we do not stop this at the border than we may well be reverting back to those days of the Wild West when people will arm themselves and do just themselves. I hate the thoughts of this. This is America and my ancestors came here as legal immigrants. They took the courses and learned about their new country. They became legal citizens the way most people who came here did.

    Now the President decided that anyone who comes into this country (legally or illegally) are citizens the one difference is that those here illegally will be granted citizenship without going through classes while those here legally must. It is a slap in the face of every legal immigrant and every citizen of this country. Now the President declares these illegals as “undocumented immigrants” or something to that effect. That is BS. Illegal is illegal and if you break the law you are a criminal. Since when do we declare law breakers citizens?

  • Steve j

    I keep hearing 40 million is the actual estimate. Total.
    Some of these people have been here for 50 years.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    The “11 million” dates back to 1973 and that was the estimated number of aliens that had stayed in country after their VISAs expired.

    It has never been about the actual number of illegal border crossers, and that number has never fluctuated in 31 years.

    LaRaza estimates between 45 and 55 million spanish speaking illegals, and that does not count the numbers of non-spanish speakers.

    Toss in a few million mawzslum speakers that have come across the southern border pretending to be messycan, along with their weapons, RPGs and other explosives, we may have a problem…

    Too bad the democrats and RINOs (down to the last one) support all the illegal intrusions isn’t it?

    • lpcustom69

      I think those figures are more accurate. Pack them up, and ship them home.

  • dan from ohio

    cloward-piven at work,bring in millions of illegals,incite violence through terrorist groups like La Raza and watch the economy collapse so you can play innocent and call the UN for help,they are already at work on our southern border.They claim responsibilities over our objections,they will call in troops for help when pandemics break out

  • shannon853

    per immigration counters, there are more then 24 million.

  • Henry

    TAke this SCUM and push them back into the river or bus them direct to the Whitehouse. PERIOD , no if ands or buts !

    • rickube

      2 options,
      1) when a fence is built, be sure to plug it in and
      2) create a bill forcing every registered votong democrat to house at lease 2 Illegals, as they want to do so much for them.

  • firereader

    Put the parasite that crawls up the urinary tract, in the river

  • Marc

    Ya’ll need to relax. Can’t you see these poor kids suffer from arthritis. Look at their hands for crying out loud……………….for those of you from Rio Linda, that was sarcasm!

  • Ranchman

    If there can be anything good out of this massive number of illegals coming here, it’s that many Democrats are seeing the result of nObama’s BS and that maybe this was his intention all along, part of his “fundamental transformation.” Hopefully, their eyes are being opened to the truth. Other than that, all of us should be able to see, by pictures like the one in the article and many more like it, that a majority of these illegal invaders are super violent and have no intentions of assimilating here in the U.S. They are here for very nefarious reasons. What we’re ultimately going to have to do (the American people) is take up arms against these invaders in order to drive them from our lands. I would bet that many LEGAL immigrants would even join us. They won’t want to be seen as being on the side of these animals. However we deal with all this, though, it’s not going to be easy nor pretty. We’re just going to have to finally decide that enough’s enough and get it done by any means necessary.

    • Sharon Jeanguenat

      The Dem Rep from Texas knows it. In fact, Obama told him to shut up, after he had shared that 80% of those that are coming in right now are adult males, & NOT children.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Eleven million illegals by “official” estimates; huh. That means there are probably closer to twenty million.
    We’ve been hearing the eleven million estimate for five or six years now, while the illegals have continued to pour in.

  • AtomicRat

    Finish building the fence and ELECTRIFY the damn thing!! FRY a few, the others will think twice and go elsewhere!!

  • fbc28277

    They should be turned away. If they resist, shoot them.

  • Kent2012

    one method that would slow the illegal migration would be to tax any outgoing money transfers that are not conclusively proved to be business transactions…..established family connections with those folks that are here legally are exempted…the same with those folks that return to Mexico…you are here legally, no problem, can not show proof then the fine is $2500.00 or you are turned around at the border and handed over to La Immigra for processing….

  • Roy Mallmann

    I do not know where these liberal idiots are getting their zero illegal immigration in the last year prior to the children or that they do not commit crime. I suspect they make it up just like on blue state website, because it is easily disproved by facts. Come to Texas and see the carnage! See how many law enforcem,etnt people have been killed by illegals. Watch the crime news every single night. They cover-it up if they are illegal but it always comes out later. For God’s sake are these liberals living in an alternate universe? Come down and see where millions of illegals live and then tell us how little impact that they have.

  • CHinOhio

    One warning as they approach the border – turn around now, and one step on our soil and you will be exterminated. Then follow through. They know there is no level of seriousness to our “securing our borders”, so they may as well be laughing and flipping us off as they parade across.