Walsh Replaces Piers Morgan as the New Anti-Gun Host of CNN

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You would think America’s response to Piers Morgan’s anti-gun rants would have taught CNN a valuable lesson.
Apparently not.
It appears the networks latest screw up is about to begin in the form of a show called “The Hunt” which promises to feature plenty of gun control propaganda, hosted by America’s Most Wanted” host, John Walsh.

Walsh recently, desperately tried to promote his show by laying out his gun control plan which includes the same strategy as Moms Demand Action and Everytown (Bloomberg’s anti-gun organizations)…. EMOTION BASED ARGUMENTS RATHER THAN FACTS AND LOGIC.

“I am the guy that has seen both sides of the issue. I own guns. I’m the father of a murdered child. I’ve done nothing but track violence in America since my son was murdered. We have a serious problem with guns in this country. And we refuse to address it. And the NRA solution to arm every grammar-school 80-year-old teacher with a gun is absolutely ludicrous,” said Walsh.
(For the record, his son wasn’t killed by a gun so it’s difficult to see the relevancy of bringing this up.)

His statement that the NRA wants to arm 80-year old grammar school teachers is a lie.

What the NRA wants to do is train and arm teachers so they can help protect children while they are at school.

Also, during the press conference about his new show, Walsh said, “I could name 15 first-world countries that check your mental state before you get a gun.”

Strange statement…
Of course he fails to mention whether or not those 15 countries have a Constitution and Bill of Rights that informs the governments that their citizens have a right to keep and bear arms.

Walsh also supports the idea of GPS tracking devices in every gun so they can be tracked if stolen.
Of course Walsh fails to mention the possibility that criminals can and will disable a gps tracking device in a gun..

uggghhhhh….. this is just one more reason NOT to tune in to CNN… EVER AGAIN

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  • astrojohn

    CNN was blocked for me when they tried to play both sides of the fence during the first gulf war…

  • CT Skier

    Sorry John Walsh – I like the 2A – Some of us want to be able to protect ourselves, and the ones we love –
    Shame on you.

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    Way ahead of you on not watching CNN. I guess it’s good that somebody keeps an eye on them, as long as it isn’t me that has to watch. I USED to like John Walsh, but that’s just been changed.

  • Joken Joe

    Another leftist, trying to look like a conservative. John Walsh, what a joke.says he’s about going after bad guys, when in fact he goes after law abiding citizens. Yup another fuzzy muzzy obummer the cowardly kitten supporter.

  • Marlin208

    This idiot Walsh was a real liberal years ago and always stuck up for the criminal instead of the victim until his son was murdered. Then magically he was transformed into and reasonable person.
    But I see he has slipped back to his old ways.
    When he is throwing around his facts he should also mention that in these countries that have banned guns home invasions have sky rocketed and people are now using knives to murder people instead of guns.
    So try again Walsh and tell ALL the facts this time.

    • HoG

      “Cherry picking” facts is a ☭ommie trait. Read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, the Demon☭RATS operations manual.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The fact is, as lawful gun sales have increased (and they have practically exploded
    in the past five years), crimes carried out with firearms have decreased.
    Statistics published by the Department of Justice, show that gun-related homicides fell 39% between 1993 and 2011, while non-fatal gun crimes fell even more: (69%). During the same period the population (not including illegals) increased by some fifty-two million
    So, in essence, we have more people, more guns, and less crime. (could there be a correlation?)
    If you take the murders in Detroit, Chicago, New York City, and Washington DC (the four cities with the strictest gun control) out of the statistics, the US murder rate would fall to near the bottom of that in the civilized world.

    • Joken Joe

      We hear you brother. The trick is getting the libs to understand it.

      • Capt. Parker

        Libs are mentally unable to comprehend.

        • HoG

          I think that the operative word here is not “unable” but is “unwilling”. Unwilling is much worse than unable.

    • HoG

      You’re “preaching to the choir”. The people who really need these stats and this information, don’t frequent any “conservative” sites. They are too busy drinking ☭omrade NØbama’s watered-down Kool-Aid.

      • 2War Abn Vet

        I sent basically what I wrote above to my local newspaper (The Fayetteville Observer) to be published as a letter to the editor. That was nearly a month ago, and it hasn’t shown up yet. But, several articles decrying “gun violence” have been published during the interim.
        How do you suggest the uninformed be turned around when even local media stifles the opposing view?

        • HoG

          Your “local” politicians and media outlets are probably supporting the leftist agenda. There is probably not much you can do about the media, short of boycotting their advertisers. The politicians, however, know that they must “please” their constituency. So then, you must identify a group of people, the larger the better, who agree with your views and bombard the politicians with your stance on the issues. If they hear from enough people to think that their “jobs” may be on the line, they will pay attention.

          Good luck!

  • Doc

    I watch CNN and MSLSD just for the laughs.

  • Capt. Parker

    I own quite a few guns and the only one that has ever “tried to hurt me” was my M-1 Garand ….. and that was because I had my thumb where it did not belong.

    • Joken Joe

      I to have a m1. Got to watch that bolt or garand thumb.

    • HoG

      You appear to have something in common with “Our Dear Leader” ☭omrade NØbama. But then his thumb hurts because it gets smashed every time he sits down. Having your thumb stuck up your a$$ all of the time is not a good leadership trait.

      My first, and only, experience with “M-1 thumb” was in 1959. Experience, and pain, are the best teachers.

  • HoG

    Walsh says “the NRA wants to arm 80-year old grammar school teachers”. Wow!How many 80 year old grammar school teachers are there in the entire United States? Maybe one?

  • brewby

    We need to check the mental competency of anyone who has access to CNN as an on-air personality.

  • Work2SnowSki

    Well, now I won’t even be able to watch America’s Most Wanted without the thought of this putz messing with gun rights issues. Think he might have armed security when he’s out in public?

  • ADRoberts

    Makes no difference who you are. Walsh shows himself to be against the Constitution and against rational, reasonable thinking when he takes ANY position that means control, registration, or confiscation.
    He is just another dupe, who will not realize what he has done until it is too late.

  • Ibcamn

    this guy isn’t the only person in this(or other[s])country with a murdered child in the family,but he sure makes a living off of acting like it!!this guy is a waste of skin liberal!!
    he makes his shows out to be sympothetic,but they are pathetic..CNN is doing to their channel what others do to theirs by airing COPS,the show that’s only purpose is to brainwash the general public into thinking everything the cops do on the show is legal!(if you watch any episode of that bias show,you will see the corruption these cops do to almost every single person on every single episode)!the show is also a propaganda piece of crap as no doubt this show will be too!if CNN has anything to do with it,it will be trashing/bashing conservatives and lawful gun owners and law abiding citizens!just like cops does,and several other cop shows on TV today!…god,enough already!