Dr. Ben Carson: Ebola Patients Should NOT Be In The United States for Treatment

Jan Morgan

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(update) This article originally ran on August 6th… Doctor Ben Carson and I felt bringing those missionaries home for treatment rather than treating them in Africa, was a big mistake.
Now that one man has died and a TWO medical workers have contracted Ebola, it turns out that everything Doctor Carson and I said and stood by, is true.)
Here was the original article from August 6th.

Dr. Ben Carson on Fox News says that he would NOT have brought the two medical missionaries in Africa back to America for treatment.

His position is that viruses can undergo mutation and be transmittable in other ways..
He said the people who contracted this virus KNEW the risks when they agreed to the mission work they were involved in and also knew how to protect themselves yet they still contracted the virus.

He also said the virus can stay alive up to two days outside the body.
In addition he said that the health and well being of the population of the United States must be given first priority.

Dr. Carson says we should have treated the individuals there and only returned them back to the states when they were well.
Carson criticized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pointed out we could send a hospital equipped plane or set up a properly equipped hospital on location in Africa.

The former director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University and Hospital, explained a simple medical mistake could cause the disease to spread within the borders of the United States because the bodily fluids of an infected patients remain infected for many days.

When questioned whether the fear in the Untied States is a valid, Carson answered, “It is very real. It is a highly contagious disease and all it requires is some infractions in procedures and all of a sudden you have got more spread and that’s what I’m afraid of.”
Then there’s this:

Dr. Carson emphasized that bringing the virus here also introduces the risk of someone selling contaminated lab work from the patients for a large sum of money and releasing it to cause an outbreak in America.

There there is this..
Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 4.48.21 PM

Here are a few examples of the effects of ebola on patients.
Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 3.14.52 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 3.15.10 PM

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  • Kelly

    I agree with Dr. Carson our first priority is to the safety of the citizens of this country…Other countries have diseases not here…Bringing them here serves no obvious purpose…To study it…We can’t study it where it is already…???

    • Lynn Hawkins

      Obama took the order, signed by Bush during the SARS epidemic that said anyone suspected of having SARS could be isolated and changed the working so that it says anyone with a fever and upper respiratory problem can be isolated indefinitely – Ebola is NOT mentioned. So, it is now so vague that you could be put in mandatory isolation even for a simple cold if they want to isolate you. In other words, if you go to the doc for a cold, and you happen to support the 2nd amendment, or be against amnesty for illegal immigrants, or any other stand in opposition to this government, all they have to say is you are a potential medical risk and quarantee you – no trial, nothing. Of course, our government would NEVER do anything crooked like that, right? (sarcasm)

      • colsooonscoorner

        Oh didn’t you read the one where anyone with a respiratory condition will be hauled off for quarantine. Obumma just signed that into law. Article was slim on details.

        • wendy

          Of course the article was slim on details! The media worships The big O. And they thrive on stories that get everyone’s ire up.
          “Untold numbers of people with an unknown virus and quarantined for an indefinite period. (actually the flu, but type hasn’t been tested for yet, or results aren’t back yet).”

      • Kevin Sullivan

        Quarantine you not quarantee

    • colsooonscoorner

      You’re absolutely right. This is an obumma thing to despoil our once great nation. He doesn’t care about the US, in fact I’m sure he hates it. He’s been like a plague since he’s been in office. And now it looks like he’s brought one here to our shores.

  • Heidi Wolff

    From what I understand, the location that could have cared for them over there is not controlled by our CDC. So that would lock them out of the experiments and whatever else they want to do. Self interest trumping safety as I see it.

    • HappyG

      Can you say US military hospitals abroad?

  • Individual Patriot

    I also agree with Dr. Carson. We have the better chance to find a cure for this than many other countries but why bring it here to study it and work on it?
    They claim this virus is fairly difficult to transmit from one person to the other and only via bodily fluids.
    Well, I am no conspiracy theorist, frankly I despise them, but can anyone see a scenario like suicide bomber infected with some disease like this blowing themselves up and those with open wounds being infected by the splattered blood etc. (I apologize for being somewhat graphic)? Far fetched? I think not but I sure hope it is.

    • Edward Serio

      We also have a better chance of curing AIDS but so far none has been found.Sorry to say but they should of been left there instead of risking the spread.

      • Starcitygal

        AIDS patients should have been quarantined in the early eighties when numbers were few. Reagan really blew that one.

        • Terry

          AIDS’ spread predated the Reagan administration, nobody actually knows at what point in our history it came. Heck, it could have been brought here with the first slaves from Africa for all we know.

          AIDs only became a media sensation in the 80s, and even then most journalists spread false information about it, sometimes intentionally to suit their agendas, sometimes not.

          • Daniel W Floyd

            didn’t you see forest gump

          • CrazyHazyLadyLexx

            Yea.. there is a patent with the U.S patent office for an Aids cure.. and if Aids was around as early back as the arrival of the first African slaves (even though its well documented that Africans were here way before slavery) why was it not documented? why were there no articles or any research of any kind? Surely a disease as deadly as Aids in that day and time would have caused quite the scare!

          • Starcitygal

            Doesn’t change the premise of my statement. Aids cases were few in the 80’s and should have been handled the same way other infectious diseases were historically treated.

      • avery

        aids does have a cure though. it was created in the first place. there is a big history behind where aids come from, same with alzheimer’s.

    • HappyG

      Yep…and our government made sure they knew exactly where to go…

    • Micah

      It’s not far-fetched at all. It was irresponsible for the CDC to bring these patients here to treat them. In fact, it’s an outrage.

      • wendy

        And why isnt The Big O angry about THAT, then???

    • bellcat23

      You despise people for seeking the truth? Guess you swallowed the official story about 9-11 too. No offense but the label “conspiracy theorist” should not have the negative connotations that it seems to have for you. Patriots seek the truth in order to protect our country. And it is a fact that conspiracies happen often. We need to expose them when they are crimes against humanity.

  • Gunny2862

    I’m going to counterpoint with a scenario that used to be understood and a common American thought.

    These are American Citizens who found their way into trouble overseas – We, as Fellow Americans, should do the very best thing for them that we can.

    We have the technologies and protocols to handle these diseases.
    Yes, we could have gone overseas and given them the same treatments but in what kind of environment, as well as putting the highly trained Medical professionals who in this instance are probably some of our best researchers in high risk from their environment if they traveled to the hotspot where the patients were.

    If this were Tom Clancy’s Ebola virus and/or already a proven airborne threat, maybe I’d moderate my position. But as it sits I still believe that being an American should have a few benefits, one of them being that we take the very best possible care of our own, at home and especially overseas.

    I know that idea has been weakened and has fallen to the point where it’s nearly unrecognizable – Our Citizens now languish in Jails that even abut our countries borders, but there was a time where that American Passport was truly a “Free Pass” to go wherever you wanted on the Earth and World leaders simply didn’t feel it was worth it to mess with our Citizens.

    Additionally, this Doomsday scenario noted in the article the idea of selling infected blood from these two patients and starting a terrorist attack on us with it? Really? You can look at our Border situation and this is the vector you believe an attack is likely to come from? Too many other options, and those researchers would never permit the violation of protocol for that release to occur.

    Just my Humble Opinion.

    • Mary Curry

      The simple fact that this is becoming a political football sickens me. People need to ask themselves what they would want if it were their mother, father, child, or best friend. They are not experimenting on these people, although the medicine is still experimental. It was the last, best chance the two of them had to live. I find a man who, even if he did not swear any oath to practice medicine, cannot follow the simple edict of ABOVE ALL DO NO FURTHER HARM. And leaving them in Africa would have probably assured their deaths. I once thought this man might be a good president. But now I think I will look for someone with compassion.

      • HappyG

        US Military Hospitals are more than capable of handling those cases…without bringing it to our continental US…

        • Terry

          Why are you throwing military hospitals under the bus as if we were expendable?

          And what makes you think that the Emory doctors and staff are not related to Military protocols of quarantine.

          I have news for you: All CDC doctors working on this project are Military-authorized doctors with full-blown security clearances. The “Military” part of military medicine is its staff qualifications, not necessarily its facilities.

          What should have happened is that these people pay for their actions with their lives.

          It should not be the job of the US Military and Government (which is actually transporting, funding, and taking care of these people whether the media admits it or not) to support every self-righteous bleeding-heart American (literally) in the world who decides to jump off the cliff to prove something to their narcissist selves.

          I have no problem if they want to go to Africa and play with Ebola.

          I DO have a problem with them taking my money and risking other people’s lives now that they have a sudden “I’m a born-again American! Now, come save me!”

          • Mary Curry

            Would you rather have an epidemic hit our streets and have no one experienced to tell others how to treat it? This happened in 1917 with the Spanish Flu. In the end millions of Americans died because we had no experience treating masses of sick people. Everything in this country came to a screeching halt. People starved because food did not reach the cities. Millions more suffered the side effects, both physical and mental, for the rest of their lives. Children died because there was no one left to care for them.

      • Spiritof America

        I Will be voting for Carson . He has common sense and he is looking out for the total population in the U.S. CDC has lost smallpox and anthrax for thirty years . Do you think the “experts” are the ones I am going to trust ? As far as looking for a President, I require one with sense and one that sees the big picture.

        • Mary Curry

          I would rather have a president that has some experience in both the military and government. We have seen what a president with little experience at anything has done for the country. The good doctor has views I do not like on gun control. He might make a good Surgeon General, but lacks the experience to be president. There are many good men with experience who would qualify in my opinion.

        • Gina Gregory Oxendine

          I like Ben Carson but he does not believe in the second amendment as it is written. He thinks it’s ok to have a gun in rural areas. I believe I can have a gun, no matter where I live if I am a law abiding citizen.

      • Vonda Kaye

        God blessed you honey, by opening your eyes!! Thank Him always as you seek HIS guidance!!

        • Mary Curry

          Sorry, I am Wiccan. But I have no objection to who you pray to. Not my business.

      • wendy

        Mary Curry, Dr Carson IS a man with compassion. He also has common sense, unlike the the Big O, his staff, the CDC, and anyone else directly under his thumb. US Military hospitals and other facilities have a more direct knowledge/equipment/protocol. And they can handle it, in spite of Big O being “commander in chief” (taken with a grain of salt, in this case.
        I think I agree that the CDC is just being political about this maneuver of bringing the patients back to where we are NOT prepared.
        I’d much rather see Dr Carson as our leader than the other, ahem, choices for 2016.

        • Mary Curry

          I will back Allen West before Carson. He has the leadership experience and will be able to restore the reputation of the American Military. I would love to see the qualifications for President include mandatory Military experience and and Honorable discharge of his or her duties. I have no problem with a woman president if she can meet the same standards including military service

    • guest

      Really? So the Marine that is being detained in mexico isn’t as important as 2 highly contagious people who knew the risks of going over there not to mention one being a physician. Move them in with you at your home and take care of them.

      • Gunny2862

        Gee Guest, I’m the one who brought Andrew Tahmorisi into the discussion, as it bolsters my argument that we as Americans used to expect not only that our Govt would come to our defense, but that as Americans we expected it to take care of us in situations like either of the ones above.
        So, it appears you are completely missing the point. Try reading what’s written, before you reply to what people didn’t say.

    • John the libertarian

      Gunny: there is one additional problem so far that NO ONE has considered- PRECIDENT… even if this particular event turns out OK with no viral transmission, it may cause future carelessness in other similar incidents… in fact if there are enough such future incidents [bringing the patient back to the states], it becomes an almost mathematical CERTAINTY— I submit the recent possible exposure of anthrax at the same Atlanta CDC that approved this transfer, as well as the small pox discovery OUTSIDE of the controlled vault at another bio facility as prime examples… it has been estimated that as little as 8 copies of the virus would be enough to insure catching it— and given the near atomic level of the virus RNA, that 100,000 (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND) copies could fit on a period at the end of this sentence… despite the use of hazmat like protections for these health workers, and their INTIMATE KNOWLEDGE OF ITS TRANSMISSION, they still managed to contract it…could be another of the plethora of the lyin’ kings BUNGLED errors- though this time, the stakes are much MUCH higher…

      • Gunny2862

        Note: It came out today that the Government is looking now to evacuate all of the “uninfected” Americans from the area back to the U.S. Now this again may seem counter-intuitive but, I am against this unless: There is a full quarantine protocol observed for each and every person brought back as though they were know to be infected for the full incubation period plus a safety factor.

        I don’t think the two infected folks who were dealt with very very carefully are nearly as big a threat as these folks who if they are brought back, and they most certainly will be.
        There will be a tendency to want to treat these folks normally and with relaxed standards and possibly even release them into the population telling them to see their doctors or call if they experience any symptoms – by which time it will be too late.

    • graceymac

      Aren’t there many islands right off the coast that should have been used to put these sick people on? Why bring them right into a major city? We know what the government is up to. I believe, that the government is trying to get rid of the minority’s, homeless, welfare, senors collecting S.S for decades and other “useless” people.

      • Gunny2862

        First read my comment above to John and then come back to read the rest of this, thanks.
        1) For the first two already sick patients they traveled in and then were placed directly into a quarantine scenario. They are not wandering around and a high level of precautions are being used in dealing with them.
        2) For those Americans coming back from the are who are “uninfected”, I don’t disagree with your idea of segregating them (isolation, quarantine), but unless you are going to put them on an uninhabited island and throw camping gear at them I don’t really see the advantage to this over a properly managed high-risk quarantine facility at a hospital that knows what disease they’re dealing with. Plus, the island idea doesn’t provide protection against any one infected individual in the group from infecting the others, a decent quarantine facility will do that also.

    • souper

      If you were stationed in Thailand and caught a VD that wasn’t curable, or cured by the time you were to be sent home, what was that protocol? You know very well what it was and why it was. You wouldn’t leave Thailand for the sake and safety of the US population. It was a wise policy when I served my country and it would be wise policy now. If I recall VD’s are not airborne either, but maybe I got that wrong. They’re spread the same way as this stuff, through bodily fluids. These people are heath care workers who knew the risks and took supposed precautions and still contracted the virus. What the hell does that tell you? Anyone who believes this is a good idea is an idiot, no offence intended. It’s not a matter of AMERICAN privilege we’re talking about here, it’s American’s health and security. What part of the Dr.’s point do you not get? A “Free Pass” has nothing to do with bringing a plague into our nation.

      • Gunny2862

        Why are you bringing in the canard of an uncurable disease? Ebola resolves itself in one of two ways, either the patient dies or they recover.
        Sadly, the protocols we use here in the U.S. in medical facilities are generally orders of magnitude above what can be done overseas.

        Thus in terms of limiting the infection we have a few options. (I’m sure some folks could think of a few more)
        A) Whether infected or not, one can stay overseas until the contagion threat has ended. I think this is a poor choice as we’ll never really know that until the last infected person dies and the incubation period has passed and even then if returning from an infected area I’d like to see a quarantine for the length of the incubation period.
        B) If not infected, then they can return under quarantine protocols, and be held in a proper quarantine medical facility until the incubation period has passed (I’d add a couple of days 3-5?) before being able to rejoin the general public.
        C) If infected and in manageable numbers, go ahead and bring them home for treatment following all of the protocols used by the first two and only if they can be placed in a capable facility (realistically, there has to be a limited number of slots for this high level of quarantine and treatment).
        I happen to think this is a reasonable and measured answer to the problem.

        If you disagree, that’s fine, let’s talk. But unlike some on the thread I don’t feel the need to call any one stupid. (At least not yet.)

        But on that note, let’s go look at our border situation, literally anyone, from literally anywhere could be crossing that border with literally any disease and no medical screening, treatment, or quarantine at all and then running around mixing into the general population. And we’re getting wrapped around the axle on the very few who we are looking at reasoned and rational methods of bringing them home intentionally, and safely? Wow.

        • souper

          You are dead on about the border issue. I agree with you on that. What I’m saying is that we know these 2 are confirmed infected individuals. This is incurable, yes some survive it but of all cases known 60% have died from it. All cases means those that had it and those that currently have it. There is no doubt more of the current cases will end terminally. 60% death rate is for worse than what we see in any flu outbreaks that the media goes nuts about. We can quarantine them where they are, and we should. The border is a totally separate issue. The way both issues are being handled are bad for our country. As is always the case, human error will cause worse problems. From what I understand these two took all protective procedures and should not have contracted the virus. There was a breakdown somewhere, a mistake took place and they now have the virus. We don’t need to take that risk. A risk the will kill innocent people. Don’t knowingly, willfully, bring a deadly virus into our country. I agree with the brain surgeon (that means he’s a medical Dr. by the way).
          Dave Kerr

          • Torian Richardson

            You guys do realize we have had Ebola in this country in one form or another for a few decades now right? We have been studying this virus at the CDC for quite some time now. After reading many of the comments here, many of the “fears” are based on the same “media hype” style logic that you mentioned above. While everyone is going crazy about two people brought in under super secure conditions, they are not even concentrating on the real danger, someone bringing it over unintentionally by travel (personal). This is how viruses and pretty much every disease has spread through history.

    • Renee Talbot

      Well said Gunny! I agree 100%!

    • Saulo C Calderon

      Your humble opinion is the most rational and compassionate approach to this crisis.

      We still have a constitutional obligation to protect our citizens no matter where they find themselves to be.

      As already been proven… there are plenty other gateways open for the virus to make it here.

  • Stanley Andresen

    Kill them and burn their bodies!

    • Brad

      Umm yeah this isn’t a zombie virus lol.

  • guest

    The thought that ebola will only be transmitted by these individuals that are being transported here is unrealistic considering that we have open borders with all different diseases walking over. Ebola would’ve found its way over here regardless..and I believe THAT was the plan all along.

    • Wumingren

      Indeed, some have suggested that Obama is only seeking cover for his lousy immigration policies, so that if Ebola does emerge in the general population, he will say it was from the two missionaries — blame the missionaries, a two fer! — and not the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors who have been secretly scattered across the nation into the home of the useful idiots on the Left.

      • Torian Richardson

        Some of you have some really vivid imaginations.

        • Wumingren

          Indeed, it is a lack of imagination that keeps us from dealing effectively with the Islamo-terrorists who wish to annihilate all infidels on the Earth in their drive to establish a World Caliphate.

  • Linda Shepherd

    What has not been addresses as of yet is that if this virus is contracted via body fluids, as is HIV, then why, when working with the patients in Africa, were the medical staff dressed in clothing that looks like HazMat suits? And how then did they contract it? Obviously there was a break in protocol or the environment outside of the patients rooms was contaminated. None the less, they are reacting as though it could be contact, droplet and/or airborne, which would indicate they really do NOT know how it is transmitted. I have worked with Aids patients, TB patients and many other contagious diseases and we do not gown up as extensively as these staff do. It makes me suspicious and I do not want to introduce anything else here. As we know so little about it and have not sure-fire cure for it, then keep it where it is and deal with it there until we know much more about it. I do feel for the families of the doctor and nurse that contracted it, however it would have been better to continue to treat them where they were.

    • Mathematical certainty

      Linda, you asked the same question that I asked. How was the virus transmitted to those dressed in HAZ-Mat attire? It appears that transmission of the virus is still unknown. Imagine an out break Nation wide and no known cure, because there will be a screw-up down the line.

    • Irish

      Both of the American aid workers admitted they broke protocol with their PPE due to them becoming very overheated. I don’t know specifics, I don’t know what part was removed or for how long, etc

  • Melissa Ann Catherine Wilkerso

    I am glad we are still a country of compassionate people who are willing to help each other regardless of the personal risk. When the time comes if I need help, I will know that I can reach out to my fellow Americans and someone will be there to help me.

    • HappyG

      I’m guessing you have no kids or grand kids you care about…

    • Torian Richardson

      *End Sarcasm*

  • Sam

    First id like to say to everyone that bashing others is not the answer….knowing what to do and when to do it is always a good thing..this ebola is not an African problem or a American problem…ect. its a human problem perioid…it has jumped from animal to man and it is a contagious desease and yes every one does have good points for there not wanting it here but I would like to say at least we know where it is and what is being done to contain it…we all have watched outbreak the movie and that movie was not so far out there that it could not happen with this desease, as long as we have travel in and out of the U.S. and in and out of any country that has ebola then we stand a chance to contract it thru human error or thru some spreading it thru terror purposes..we have no clue what is being done to keep it out of our country or to control its contamination to everyone on this globe. I have read post on this and arguments and I see our fears and our concerns but see our past plaques and understand that knowledge is the key to finding the cure or keeping it contained at the very least. understanding and knowledge is what most doctors are studying and I personally am grateful to them for their courage and willingness to help others instead of nothing…at least we know it is here and whats being done to contain it while it is here…..thinking its just in other countrys and not wanting it here and that as long as its just in Africa that we are safe is like an astrich with its head in the sand. arguing over how its spread airborn or not is pointless. the fact is it can be transmitted from one to another makes the whole world acceptable….

    • HappyG

      You didn’t make a case why they weren’t treated in a military hospital in that region…

  • Faye Hall

    We can’t even control MRSA in the hospital or nursing homes. I agree with Dr. Carson even though if these were my family members, I’d prefer to have them back in the U.S.A. Faye Hall, RN

  • HappyG

    He’s right…there is no reason on earth why those two weren’t sent to a US military hospital abroad…but then the headlines wouldn’t have taken the invasion of our southern border off the top fold now, would it?

  • MikeO48

    The selfishness of the doctor and nurse infected with the ebola virus far outweighs the good they did treating patients in Africa. How dare they risk the health of us all!

    • Terry

      In their case, I actually have no problem with them abandoning their own country and going to get themselves killed. What is outrageous is that they self-righteously invoke the US Military’s aid and resources, after having gotten themselves into trouble (however the media wants to hide it, that’s not a civilian plane or civilian funds or research being used for this operation).

      There used to be a principle that whenever civilians absconded that they were responsible for their own welfares and not thereafter privileged to demand the protection of the United States, let alone its military.

      But these are decadent times in an America where John Walker Lindh or a Bowe Bergdahl gets favorable treatment, while honorable men are thrown out on the street.

  • lokiswife

    Thank you Dr. Carson for telling us the truth about Ebola! I believe you, I don’t believe anything the CDC or our government tells us about it.

  • carlton goodson

    What is the lair Obama covering up now by bring this to us to think about.

  • Ronald Linam

    He is all wrong. As a result of them being here we are able to develop a vaccine that may well be able to protect our citizens if there were be an Ebola outbreak here from other sources. He should instead be concerned about the 71 illegal aliens who have been intercepted in the past few months by the Border Patrol who have come directly here from the African countries with Ebola now. No one knows how many got through who were not intercepted. And I am not making that up. You can check the ICE records.

    • John Martin

      At best only 1 in 10 are apprehended of any demographic. Simple math tells us we are in for a hell of a ride in the very very near future. Border Patrol believe that some of these invading patients have been sent throughout the nation with no warning and no tracking whats so ever. We are going to pay the price for the past four oval office usurpers. The “Post Americans”. At the top there is no left or right, only different ideas to achieve the goal of ending this nation as founded. Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and now the Naked Marxist are far more alike then different in their common disregard of America and Americans. Read Agenda 21 and the real NAFTA and see this is all part of the plan.

  • mort_f

    When the Apollo astronauts went to the moon, where there was actually not even a valid suspicion of any life form on the moon, on their return they were placed in a specially constructed quarantine facility, on the very slim chance of a ‘moon’ disease. And yes, bacteria and viruses are ‘life forms’. Medicine is not an ‘exact’ science, it is the practice of medicine, with the hope that the doctor knows what he is doing, and the hope that he has a procedure to cure what ails you.

    But as Hillary might say, What difference does it make. Especially when you are allowing 1000’s of sick, diseased, and criminals to walk freely into our country, and then paying them to stay.

  • darnash

    This is something that the Obama administration somehow does not know or is not really concerned will spread in the United States or does not care. I am certain that Dr. Carson does know and has demonstrated, at least in this regard, that he would make a better President

  • Eduardo

    Can’t the average American citizen realize that this may be the WH strategy to start a panic of a medical emergency so they can declare Martial Law? President Obama signed a Presidential Order on March 6, 2014 having to do with Ukrainian assets and in between the lines, he wrote that due to national security he declares a “national emergency.” Another PO signed on March 16. 2012 called the National Defense Resources Preparedness give total control to executive agencies over the nation’s food supplies, water, transportation, communications, energy, and all other resources including construction. Get ready people and have your food stockpile ready. However, FEMA can come in your house and confiscate all your food and your legal firearms. Get ready to be hauled off to the FEMA camps (concentration camps).

  • Nanette Gray

    Has one oerson thought for one second, that this with all precaustions allows us to try different drugs on Ebola, or have an opportunity to test a possible vaccine? I find more worrisome of someone coming to our country with NO knowledge. at all. Just think, 2 to 21 days incubating period. A possible scenario, not knowing a person is infected and they then travel to let’s say England, then a week later travel here. With still no sign yet of the disease. I personally do not think all the fear here is really warranted.

  • Sharron

    This is no joke people. I have known about this virus for many years. Monkeys coming in to the zoos are put in buildings that are just for that and other viruses. This is very bad think who cleans the room. are the dishes burned? this can be the start of the end.

  • CJMcRat

    We know very little about this disease. The article states that Ebola will survive for days outside of the body in liquid form. Does that mean that waste flushed into the sewer system is or is not safe? In some sewer systems there are rats. Can Rats become carriers? Not all people who are infected with Ebola have symptoms. Do those people become carriers? How long will the virus live in a host? Once people can reasonably answer these questions then and only then can you tell me that letting these two into the country is a good idea.

  • Maria castro

    It was totally irresponsible for the regime to bring those patients. They chose, and I admire them for it, to go and help in those countries, they knew they will be exposed to different kind of sicknesses, they should have made a clause stating that if they got sick not to be returned to the USA to endanger the whole country.

  • wabby99

    It is part of the plan to spread disease and famine to reduce the population to 1 billion people. It is documented if people would wake up turn off the football game and read.

  • nancy bell

    Why were the people transferred to Georgia when the best hospitals are in Boston? The rich did not want them……

  • sweetqueen777

    Dr. Carson is completely correct. In Medicine,, you always err on the side of the patient in questions about how to treat. They were taken to Atlanta, Ga because that is where the CDC headquarters and labs are. Dr. Carson is also right that a minor mistake could cause the virus to not be contained. However, since symptoms don’t occur for anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks, someone could be exposed, and travel all over the world before it was known they were infected. This is how pandemics happen. I wish they had stayed in Africa. Those people knew the risks, they took precautions, and they still caught it. This could go very bad, very fast.

  • Igor

    Hey, getting Patient Zero to be weaponized – the story worked for Tom Clancy…

    Life can *easily* imitate art.

  • spokencitizen

    Damn this government

  • spokencitizen

    ebola with obamacare….is this a ploy to get more people to buy into obamacare and health insurance?

  • Margie Meigs

    As someone who survived a gastrointestinal hemorrhage of unknown origin in the 60s, a lethal strain of giardia in the 80s and have been combatting bouts of MRSA at the site of any open sore or wound, I was particularly dismayed to hear about the ebola patients. My last two surgeries necessitated by MRSA were done on my scalp. As those of us who have already come into contact with highly transmittable diseases (just because it is not airborne does not make it any less transmittable), I have had to adopt extreme hygiene habits both for myself and those around me. At present, I live near an open canal in which the mosquitoes have tested positive for West Nile Virus. Immigrants arrive daily with TB, chicken pox and a variety of other conditions. The best that can be done with an outbreak of a disease such as Ebola is to contain it. No one comes or goes until the threat of new outbreaks has passed. As a resident of the greater Los Angeles area with my medical history, I know that is only time until one of these illnesses finds its way into the general population and continues to mutate. I am not scared nor afraid, just realistic as this type of threat has always been with us. It is simply that most people are not as up and close and personal as I have been.

  • Gunny2862

    I’d like to say that none of my earlier comments ever had the idea of anybody flying back and imaging with others or even self quarantining like Dr. S of CBS. All of my comments were based on strict medically supervised hold & quarantine.

  • Micheline Drury

    They are using America for a dumping ground of the sick, dumb, terrorist,idiots but it is getting worse.Before you know it, this will be the end of a great Nation.This new Gov. we have is a farce, on top of it all.Ebola is a disgusting desease, we dont need that at all.God help us.

  • Demogorgon9

    America needs ebola in this country. It helps keep CDC, doctors, and hospitals in business.