Hot/Crazy Matrix

Looking for that perfect woman? This graph, based on years of research and experimentation is certain to help you make the right choice 🙂

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  • mistified

    This man has insight that is scary. Having said that my wife is one of only a handful of women who is a unicorn. I am a blessed man. Don’t get me wrong. All women are crazy. My wife is the least crazy woman I’ve ever met.

  • JT Hickman

    Love his handgun. That must be James Yeager’s Instructor Class at Tactical Response.

    • Brad

      It is. The video was edited to leave out Jame’s intro.

  • Funny, but cannot be true. My wife is a 7-hot and 2-crazy and we had a wonderful son 29 years ago. 😉

  • Brad

    Full video can be found on James Yeager’s YouTube page.

  • stevenmarkpilling

    This one’s going viral, Jan!

  • Rattlerjake

    Jan, which section do you fit into? I have a good guess I say right on the border of wife and unicorn), but having never actually met you there’s no telling what percent crazy you are. Will the new husband weigh in? /sarc

  • FactsRule

    LOL, Jan

  • allen

    video moved to here http://youtu.be/hKWmFWRVLlU

  • Robert S Moulds

    Jan why are showing this video after seeing it which may be seen as some sexist instead of well funny as it was intended to be. Anyway thanks to the video I’m now even more scared of dating women since they are not just crabby but insane. At least their is liberal chick, cross dressing with Karl Rove and scaring the hell out Wild Bill. Let him worry about the women stealing his chocolate pudding the staple food of all gay cowboys even conservative ones. Which begs one question how do big conservative breed little conservatives to take over the world with or with out chocolate pudding.

  • Robert Moulds

    Which all goes to show why for centuries they were arranged marriages and why antebellum balls are so much better than dating. A skill it seems only conservatives have mastered women are scary. Balls on the other hand have a romance lacking in dating. Besides who doesn’t want to wear a gown and get treated like a lady. In Brazil for example the great grand children of confederates who moved to Brazil after the American civil war have muti racial antebellum balls. Which is one of the reasons to wave Dixie like gone with the wind and the blue and grey oh Patrick he was handsome.