Rick Perry Indictment Strips His Gun Rights

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This is a classic case for my position that gun control laws regarding non-violent felony crimes are over the top.

Even leading democrats agree that Texas Governor Rick Perry’s indictment is political theatrics. Because of the indictment, under state law, Perry, who is a firearms enthusiast, can’t conceal carry off his property or buy guns/ammunition.

Under federal law, he is prohibited from buying guns and ammunition while under indictment for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.

“What he has he can use, but he can no longer purchase new stuff because of this felony charge,” said Josh Felker, who runs Lone Star Handgun, a shooting range near San Antonio.
Perry has waived his right to appear at an arraignment scheduled in Austin on Friday, where his lawyers said they may seek to have the charges dismissed.

I hope this situation will open the Governor’s eyes about the need to address this issue for all people indicted or convicted of felony crimes that are non-violent offenses.
In addition, I am of the position that once a person has served his time in prison for his crime and is released, he should not be punished for the rest of his life by not allowing him the right to bear arms for self defense.
If law enforcement feels an offender who has served his time and is released, is too violent to be carrying a gun, then that offender does not need to be released from prison. People who want to kill will kill, regardless of the weapon. Felons who want to by a gun under the table will still get guns.
As always with gun control laws, the only people affected by them are the law abiding citizens who are not the ones the laws target.

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