Obama Calls For More Gun Control Laws

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Obama and his anti-gun supporters exploit the anniversary of the Navy yard shooting to call for more gun control restrictions..

Today was the anniversary of the Washington Navy Yard Shooting.
This crime was committed by a man who passed both state and federal background checks and a maintained security clearance.
In addition, in the commission of this crime, he used a weapon not affected by any proposed gun control legislation.

So, in spite of the fact that all the gun control laws failed to prevent this shooting, and more laws would fail to prevent this shooting (because murders/criminals don’t abide by the laws) President Obama used the anniversary of this incident to call for more gun control restrictions.

The President did not provide any specific proposals in his statement, however, the indication, implies a shift away from bans on “assault weapons” towards a concerted effort to impose “universal background checks” as a de facto gun registry for all future firearm sales.

Here was Obama’s statement:

One year ago, our dedicated military and civilian personnel at the Washington Navy Yard were targeted in an unspeakable act of violence that took the lives of 12 American patriots. As we remember men and women taken from us so senselessly, we keep close their family and friends, stand with the survivors who continue to heal and pay tribute to the first responders who acted with skill and bravery. At the same time, we continue to improve security at our country’s bases and installations to protect our military and civilian personnel who help keep us safe. One year ago, 12 Americans went to work to protect and strengthen the country they loved. Today, we must do the same – rejecting atrocities like these as the new normal and renewing our call for common-sense reforms that respect our traditions while reducing the gun violence that shatters too many American families every day.

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