Two Wheels Move the Soul…

Jan Morgan

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It’s been said that “four wheels move the body, but TWO wheels move the soul”…

As a seasoned journalist, I have seen the best and worst side of humanity. I’ve witnessed life events so intense that there was no way to escape becoming emotionally involved in the story, yet, nothing compares to the experience I had covering this year’s 2 Million Bikers to DC event.

I was warned when I chose to cover the DC Ride/Rally this year, that I was in for a life changing experience that would likely be difficult, if not impossible to describe with words. That warning came from my husband, a mechanical engineer/business owner who also happens to be a Biker and Veteran.

He was right.

beeI was approached months ago by Belinda Bee, (founder of 2 Million Bikers to DC), to be a speaker at the 2 Million Bikers to DC rally, a staged event to take place after the ride on September 11th.


I wanted to cover the story from THE INSIDE rather than as a spectator from the outside.
I had the opportunity to do this and what I learned about the heart and soul of these folks was was beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

From every direction of the country, they planned, organized, paid for costly repairs and maintenance to make sure their bikes were in mint condition for the long ride, set aside money for the cost of gas, food, and hotels… made personal sacrifices in order to pay for a trip many of them really could not afford.
By the thousands, they rode, through all kinds of weather conditions, for days and nights, converging on the nation’s capitol with a common purpose…. to take a stand that the politically correct cowards in our government would not…. to make a statement that news organizations were afraid to share…and remind the world that Americans, at least not THESE AMERICANS, will EVER forget the victims and first responders of 9/11.

This mission began when muslims sought a permit for a million muslim march on DC on 9/11, 2013.

While enraged Americans ranted about this gave injustice to 9/11 victims on social media, and politicians complained about the insensitivity of the muslims for planning a march on that date, no one had the courage or conviction to do anything about it.

No one…. EXCEPT the men and women who are often perceived by mainstream America as “the fringes of society” misfits, lowlifes, anti-establishment bikers.

Mainstream America is wrong. 2 Million Bikers to DC organized bikers from around the nation and the presence of those fine Americans alone stopped the Muslim march… in fact, the muslims apparently decided DC wasn’t large enough for both bikers and muslims so the muslims backed out.

bikerflagjanWhile there are certainly bad apples in every batch, I have found a majority of the men and women who ride bikes are Veterans who have honorably served our country… They are well educated, hard working, America loving Patriots who still believe in a nation that many Americans have given up on. During the rally, (until it was my turn to speak), I walked through the crowd, visiting one on one with the bikers… I took many pictures and listened to their concerns about our country and thoughts on solutions. The love these people have for America is intense and unwavering.
As a group, their backgrounds are diverse…ranging from ditch diggers to engineers, doctors, teachers, and lawyers.

Yet, in spite of their diverse backgrounds, there is a common denominator…. besides “the bike”..
It is an unspoken “brotherhood”… an understood statement that’s never really stated yet is an undercurrent I feel when in their presence.

photo-3 copy 8As Veterans, these people understand from experience, the meaning of sacrifice. They know what its like to live from one moment to the next on the edge of death, and they are fiercely defensive about the liberty they fought to preserve. Brothers then….. Brothers now…

Just before it was time to make the bike trip to DC, a last minute business related crisis forced a delay in our departure, so my husband had to stay behind to handle our business demands and I could not make the bike ride to DC with the group.

I had to quickly book and catch a flight to DC the night before the rally.
Upon arriving at the hotel, I saw a woman and several men standing outside the hotel, talking.
I instantly recognized them by their clothes… BIKERS!

I walked up to them…introduced myself and asked if they were here for the 2 Million Bikers to DC Ride/Rally.
They were the Ohio Patriot Bikers and yes, they were here for the 9/11 ride.
Since my husband could not make it in with the bike, they offered to let me ride in to DC on the back of one of their bikes…
I was so excited to once again have the chance to truly be a part of history, reporting from the inside rather than being a spectator reporting from the sidelines.

rich2The next morning, I visited with members of the Ohio Patriot Bikers, snapped a number of pics, then climbed on the back of a bike that belongs to Rich Martin.
Rich has a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon and a love for his country that is immeasurable…

942831_4830630974769_753581763_nThe moment I saw the patch at the top of his jacket, I knew he and I would be friends for life.. His patch is identical to the slide cover on my Glock .40 model 27 subcompact that I carry with me at all times..

I shot this video with Mike Blankenship, the State Captain of Ohio Patriot Bikers with my cell phone just before the ride..

While many people on the outside likely thought this ride was about bikers showing off their bikes, I can tell you from the inside, nothing was further from the truth.

To these fine Americans, I believe in their hearts, this ride was all about:

1) THE PURPOSE…(taking a stand against a muslim rights march on a day that should be reserved to honor the 9/11 victims.
2) THE STATEMENT…(we will stand up and fight back when our government fails us and others cower)
3) THE COMMITMENT… (brothers then… brothers now)

I am no spokesperson for all of the bikers.. I can’t say that what I stated represents the views of all of the bikers, but I know what I sensed and what many of them told me when I asked them WHY they were here… WHY there were so committed… and WHAT did they expect to accomplish with this ride through DC.

As we were rolling in to DC, Rich turned his head so I could hear him from the back of the bike and said, “Angel, THIS is what its all about.”

10704961_647010548730324_1941578166_nI gasped when I suddenly had a view of bikers rolling in from all directions… thousands upon thousands, as far as the eye could see… a sea of bikers… An unstoppable tidal wave of metal, fumes and leather in honor of ALL the people of every nationality who were butchered by Islamists on 9/11.

Not since the Revolutionary War have so many Patriots formed such a vast citizen army in defense of everything America holds dear and our governments despise…

Riding with and among some of America’s greatest, most passionate Patriots was the honor of a life time…. I will never forget… and yes, I am now committed to joining them every year in this statement to DC and the world….
“On this day, as long as we live and ride, we will return to DC to defend and protect the integrity of a day reserved to honor those Americans who lost their lives on 9/11.


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