Anti-Gun Libs Call for the Execution of Open Carry Citizens

It seems Moms Demand Action supporters aren’t satisfied with just pressuring businesses to ban guns on their property.
Apparently they believe exercising your legal gun rights is worthy of a death sentence.

Now they are openly engaging in an activity called “SWATing”, which involves making false or grossly exaggerated calls to 911 about gun owners in public places. The caller’s goal is to make it appear that the gun owner is an eminent threat so that police believe they are responding to a violent crime in progress, possibly an active shooting scenario.

Because of a SWATting call, John Crawford was shot to death by Beavercreek, Ohio police for merely holding a BB gun in the store and talking on the phone. A second innocent shopper died of a heart attack in the panic after police killed Mr. Crawford.

The SWATing victims are almost always law abiding citizens caught off guard when police show up at the scene with guns drawn, prepared for a gun fight.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 7.34.12 PMThe man in this photo was legally shopping in Arizona. Moms Demand Action supporters, in their comments under the post, openly call for his execution, saying they wish someone had “SWATted” him to death if he wasn’t executed by one of them first.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 5.42.23 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 5.42.41 PM

This tactic and the resulting deaths prove two things:
1) these groups lie when they claim their anti-gun mission is about violence prevention. They clearly promote violence… against law abiding citizen gun owners
2) Their is no limit to the depths of moral depravity these people will ascend in order to win.

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  • silverdutchman

    I hate that we live a suit conscious society as it is now, but I wonder if these threats to society, Moms Demand Action supporters, faced multi million dollar lawsuits for filing a false police report resulting in the death of this man or defamation of character for others, if that might slow their sorry arse down a bit. We need some attorneys who would work for our cause and force these idiots to spend lots of money defending themselves in court. I know that is using some of their tactics, but sometimes you have to meet fire with fire.

    • NukeWaste

      Hmm, what would it cost to go to a cheap law school. Any computer literate nerd with a background in logic can destroy in court. That is all they really learn in Law School now. But there is a lot of crap also to keep honest people from representing themselves. So, how much would a bare bones school cost? I will look.

      • TexasOlTimer

        Going to law school isn’t a ‘bare bones’ thing unless you already have a Bachelor’s Degree. You can’t get into any without that. However, look into what’s needed to be a paralegal. Since they handle most routine matters in a law office, you can be taught there at a much reduced cost. But you need neither to file a suit. Anyone can do it… just look at the guys in prison with access to a law library and the many they file.

        • NukeWaste

          I already have a BS Physics and Masters(eq) in Science Ed. I should have developed into a true libturd, but I went to college for the degree, not the indoctrination, and I made sure that they knew it. I am thinking Real Law Degree because that way I can reduce my learning curve. I’d rather spend money, than time.

    • sierraecho2000

      The women that reported the man that was shot for holding a bb gun should face prison time. They are accessories to this mans death by falsely reporting him to police. These women promote violence and are dangerous. They are the ones to be feared. If they are proposing to shoot the people themselves it must mean that THEY HAVE GUNS and so should be considered a threat to the public.

      • Wayne Bennett

        Ditto on all counts. One thing bothers me though. The cops couldn’t tell it was a bb gun? Or was the man giving them problems? Cops don’t usually go around shooting people that don’t point guns at them.

        • USSA

          are you serious right now? visit youtube and join the rest of us in reality.

          • Wayne Bennett

            I said usually. I didn’t say it didn’t happen.

          • NukeWaste

            If you divide the cops who shot wrongly by the number who protected themselves or other people the resultant is very small, but, it is still a lot of bad shootings. Proper training would go along way but is costly. Why is there massive money for welfare but little for training our police?

          • Lowell


          • jq2intx

            9 innocent people shot in NYC when the cops opened fire on a killer. They are such bad shots that they hit 9 other people instead of the perp. Those are facts, not Statistics. Anyone can make Statistics say anything.

          • Lowell

            I was asking Wayne Bennet’s statistics for the claim he made. Your post should have been directed at him!!

        • NukeWaste

          Police shoot people by accident all the time. They then fake the crime. This is why we need cameras. Police training is about as good as VA treatment of Vets! Cops that I know had to pay for their own training and practice rounds. Yes, they are better cops. Yes, they really do care about their communities. All they got reimbursed was the tax deduction. Many police are scared of their fellow police. It can be suicidal to stay honest.

        • conservative

          They did this guy. A husband and wife swated him.

      • Lowell

        The man’s family should file a wrongful death suit.

      • Reynard Vulpes

        I agree, except that it was a man not a woman, and he has tried to recant his story. I’d say he’s in deep do do.

        Crawford’s family could sue him into poverty for life.

    • redhorse1969

      they are obamfied zombies and will the frist slattered when the SHTF

    • TiredVET1

      It would seem to me if you call in a report on someone and they are killed wrongly and it was a direct results of what the num nuts called in and reported to the police and that was false then why could not a prosecutor file either murder charges or at the lest file man slaughter charges against the person who called it in and anyone associated to them in perpetrating this action to happen. Any lawyers on this blog that can answer this?

  • Bongo

    The nice part about this is our Sheriffs office will show up, but not to bother the gun owner, but to educated the moron who called. Its now standard policy as open carry is legal in most of Nevada, and we are rural here but get our share of tourists from California. God help them if they pull that here, they might even end up getting arrested for a false police report. We take our rights very seriously in rural Nevada, and yes we hate Harry Reid.

    • TexasOlTimer

      We haven’t much of a problem here in Texas – at least the rural areas and small towns. Openly carrying long guns is legal but handguns must be concealed. For a long time, if a handgun were to accidently be seen, it was a violation but our legislature fixed that – so if yours is concealed but you move in such a way that your jacket allows it to be seen briefly, no problem.

      We do have a bit of a problem with cops in some areas that don’t understand carrying long guns is legal and they do hassle people from time to time. Hopefully, they’ll get educated by long-time Texans. Our biggest problem at the moment is cops that are so quick to shoot dogs that bark at them to protect their home (as dogs do), or even just move toward them (the dogs were being aggressive toward the officer and he had to protect himself).

  • Chuck Cleveland

    I love the woman bitching about how he has a gun in Kroger so she must assume he is a criminal so she would have to shoot him, with the gun she has IN KROGER!

    • Juan Motie

      If she actually had a gun, that moronic woman wouldn’t know which end is which, and she would end up shooting her own silly and infantile self!

  • Too bad, leftardites… This and any other “tactic” drummed up in your delusional and utterly demented minds that you believe will deter us responsible and law-abiding firearm owners from carrying will not stop myself and millions upon millions of others from exercising our rights to carry our arms and/or open carry here in the great state of Michigan as I do on a daily basis and throughout this nation of FREE individuals. My right to protect myself, my loved ones, and yes even complete strangers who have their heads so far up their fourth point of contact that it’s absolutely astounding that they have somehow found a way to breathe, let alone communicate (Also see: Spew hatred and utterly uninformed ignorance) trump your “feelings” about how, when, where, and why I exercise my Constitutionally protected and God given right as a sentient being to survive at all costs. Good day.

    • Wayne Bennett

      Beautifully eloquent my friend.

  • James Raymond Lane

    Where do they grow these people? Oh yeah, public school and state funded colleges. 🙁

    • NukeWaste

      Go to one and feel the pain. I was told by more than one libturd prof that I should have died instead of coming back to be a citizen. I always recorded every conversation that I had with a micro-recorder. It came in handy when retribution was necessary. I got pushed out of the system when I didn’t fit in at 17. When I went back, I went back willing to hunt bear. I avoided all social circumstances where I could be set up. I helped other, weaker people who were getting beat by the system. Some learned. Some didn’t and dropped out.

  • psiEnergos

    These same mentally challenged individuals seem to forget that just about every ‘mass shooting’ in the last few years that they pitifully use as justification for their latest bout of retarded morality has been perpetrated by other mentally challenged liberals. They do Moms a disservice with this name, they should change it to ‘Morally Deficient Ass{do I need to spell it out?}s’

    • Wayne Bennett

      Nice. And way more accurate.

    • TexasOlTimer

      The mentally challenged liberals only go after those ‘gun-free zones’ where no one can shoot back.

  • JenniferP

    Sure, that guy would protect your sorry butts, so he should die? What is wrong with these people? Oh yeah, they want full control, if he won’t comply he must DIE. As long as Kroger keeps allowing open carry, I will continue to shop there! Hooray.

    • Gimpy Joe

      They should not be caving in very soon. Kroger SELLS guns! I doubt “Moms Demand” knows this.

      • JenniferP

        Excellent. I did not know that! More money to Kroger next grocery trip.

      • NukeWaste

        I screwed up because I have been sick. I knew that I should have bought stock. Tell Moms for the Murder of Our Kids that Krogers stock is rising.

  • dan

    SWATing is a false alarm and a hate crime which endangers the public and should be prosecuted as such….they have a record of the call .

    • NukeWaste

      Under bozo’s laws it is a Terroristic Threat. A felony. Prosecute in civil court first. Use the money wisely. Then go for criminal court.

    • TexasOlTimer

      In Texas we’re only allowed conceal carry except for long guns. Personally, I’d rather carry concealed even if we could open carry. I kinda figure the bad guy is gonna go for the individual that might shoot at him first. If he doesn’t know I’ve got one, I’ve got a better chance of using mine. When the law allows both, it’s merely a matter of personal choice – neither is wrong.

      • Capt. Parker

        In my experience (at least twice that I am sure of) the “bad guy” will vacate the premises as soon as they become aware that someone is armed and ready.

  • So those that oppose legal gun owners, say they will shoot any gun owners. How can this be if they oppose carrying a gun. These same idiots also hate us that own a gun and carry concealed. So if I were to see one of these lunatics shooting at someone not violating the law, I guess I would have to do my best to stop the lunatic and maybe end up shooting them. Seems fair doesn’t it?

    • Wayne Bennett

      It is our responsibility to protect each other as well. Especially if under attack by an obamabot or the average libtard. Communists are the most dangerous a**wipes on the planet, just look at Isis, Hezbola, Mordor on the Potomac, etc.

  • Matooz

    Isn’t it interesting that the anti gun people wish for death upon those with whom they disagree. Who really are the evil persons?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Gee, these “Moms” appear to have a lot in common with blood-thirsty Jihadists; “Comply or die!”

    • TexasOlTimer

      Guess that’s why they go after those with guns rather than the Muslims and the way they treat women. It’s not fairness they’re after but blood! Comply or die is right!

  • Chris Fostel

    Never forget that these are the same people who will call for the death penalty if you oppose abortion-on-demand. Same Constitution very different reaction. Oh, and please don’t try to tell me that no children die during abortions …

  • machodog

    WOW!! there are a lot of people on that blog that shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun…PERIOD!! What absolute diarrhea of the mouth these people are spewing!! And they walk among us…and they VOTE!! So, their mindset is…”we should carry a gun to shoot the people who dare to carry a gun” ???????????????????????? They’re obama bottomfeeders.

  • Steve j

    The difference between a socialist and a communist.
    A socialist is a communist in a suit and tie.
    A communist is a socialist with a machine gun.

    This might sound a bit off topic, but it does illustrate the mindset of these leftists. And the above article is a perfect example.
    The statements made by these deranged “moms” displays the typical attitude of these self proclaimed “intellectual elite left”.
    And that is that disarmament is “fine for thee, but not for me”. They assume that they will be exempt from the policies they push and should be above the rabble they intend to disarm, and will gleefully enforce their socialist agenda at the point of a gun.
    Because, in their minds, forcing a totalitarian socialist state for the “good of all and fair income redistribution and economic equality” is a Much more noble cause than defending a moldy constitution or individual life or liberty.

    The hypocracy is astounding.
    These idiots pushing for gun control are the very ones openly stating the justification for gunning someone down that openly opposes their political orientation.

    • Roy Mallmann

      Have any of you ever noticed that none of this liberal crap happens in Texas? We follow the law and keep our word. We do not condone liars and our prisons are full to prove that. We feel very strongly about our right of self defense and will not put up with anyone telling us what we can eat, drink, or do in public. We want to be left alone to pursue life liberty and happiness. We are like what America was before Obama and his progressive cancer took over. Hundreds of thousands of people have concealed carry permits in Texas and that is why none of this childish crap occures down here. Convenience store owners shoot back down here and are not sitting ducks. Why do you people up north put up with these things?

  • TiredVET1

    Take the police to court as well as the person who made the 911 call there is enough evidence in the blog to show they are perpetrating this to have people killed and the family’s of the the ones shot to death need to sue them into oblivion that will stop it once they are broke and can’t hire a lawyer.

  • Joken Joe

    Maybe they need a taste of what their dishing out, sweat back it’s only fair.

  • Daniel

    Only a Criminal, Tyrant, or a Tyrannical Federal, State, County, or Local Government fears and is afraid of a lawful open carrying American Citizenry…

  • Daniel

    ” There’s a very unreasonable, ridiculously, crazy attack on the 2nd Amendment and the people who lawfully own and carry guns.” As indivdual lawful American Citizens we have the right to own and bear arms…

  • Daniel

    Guns are what Life, Liberty, and Freedom are derived from and held onto with; not the Ballot Box…

  • Daniel

    Anyone who wants Life, Liberty, and Freedom must have a gun to Protect it, Defend it, Achieve it, Preserve it, or Restore it…

  • Daniel

    Just try living free in America without your Guns and Ammo; I Dare you…You might as well be dead.

  • Thoughtcriminal

    A. Falsely calling 911 is a crime.
    B. Instructing people to falsely call 911 is a crime.
    C. Falsely calling 911 to instigate the police into killing someone is murder.
    D. Telling people to do this makes you an accessory to murder.
    E. Announcing that you’re going to do this is premeditation.

  • Nathan Addison

    Gotta love the ones that say they would have shot him themselves… With what? A Nerf gun? Doesn’t claiming they have their own gun open them up to the very death threats they are joining in on?

    Hypocrisy. It’s fantastic.

  • Thoughtcriminal

    A. Falsely calling 911 is a crime.
    B. Instructing people to falsely call 911 is a crime.
    C. Falsely calling 911 to instigate the police into killing someone is murder.
    D. Telling people to do this makes you an accessory to murder.
    E. Announcing that you’re going to do this is premeditation.

  • RSCamaro

    I was in my favorite local small sporting goods store today and found out that the owner is looking to get out of the N.Y. area due to the NON small business friendly attitude of the N.Y. legislature and tax dept. I talked with a lady that was absolutely scared to death that there were so many firearms on the wall. She pretty much was wondering why someone would want to own something like a gun. I asked her what anyone would want with buying 100’s of pairs of shoes. She laughed and replied that if you have a passion, she could understand that, but then continued on about how many people were shot each year. I asked her how many people she thought were killed each year by being beaten and kicked to death by a shoe lover or someone with a hammer? She didn’t realize that life is more dangerous with normal mundane objects than getting shot with a firearm. At least I gave her something to think about for a couple of minutes.

  • Moonangel4evr

    Yet he could be the one to save their child’s life had a bad guy with a gun put one up to their child’s head. Never think of that do they?

  • mrsgunnut10

    It would be nice to be around when one or several of these MDA Women just happened to get attacked by several deranged Males looking for some “Loving”. It would be even better if these ” women” had MDA Member stencilled on their foreheads are anywhere . That way I could just lean back and watch these misfits get what they want and deserve. I sure would not want to use my weapon to give them help if they do not want me to own my weapon. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • mrsgunnut10

    Well I guess if these Lunatics want to execute me, all they have to do is come here to the South East Missouri Boot Heel to try. Fair warning though, to this bunch of Idiots, I WILL SHOOT BACK and I am an Expert Rifleman, in accordance with the United States Army and Air Force. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • Doug

    If those of us that own guns were as dangerous as the anti-gunners claim, wouldn’t we have shot them all by now?
    We’re NOT dangerous, I had one lady in a Dick’s ask my why i was carrying, was I afraid of something? I told her “No, not afraid of anything, just like to level the playing field.
    That, and I could be considered a sheepdog.
    I, and people like me, will stand up and protect those in society that can’t defend themselves.

  • AmericanIcon

    And yet MoronsDemandXanax call US the violent ones…

  • metheoldsarge

    If any of these “Moms Demand Action” members get molested and raped by a gang of thugs, I wonder what tune they would be singing if a person with a gun was able to save them? Who am I kidding? I would bet they would show gratitude by demanding the gun owner be put in jail for taking the law in his/her own hands. To all you MDA people out there. If I happen to be close by when any of you are being raped, molested or being beaten by a gang of thugs, I promise to respect your convictions. I will call the Police and hope they get there in time. I also promise not to use my gun (if I happen to be carrying one at the time) to save you. In most cases, the police are only minutes away but that is little help when seconds count.

  • rlsumpjr

    People who knowingly make false claims, resulting in some one dying should be charged with first degree murder. If a death does not result the caller should be charged with attempted murder or at minimum imprisoned for false arrest/imprisonment.

  • Shadow_58

    They best get ready to call the police on me. I open carry all the time, I also know just about every COP on the force. Now, call the Police.

  • bully 10 inch

    They can take front line when Obama let’s the rest of his jihadest brothers in. I’ll toss em a phone.

  • Doc

    Find the liberal meeting places and have them swatted

  • Robert Moulds

    Real liberal are against capital punishment for shame Mom Demand action and Rosie O’Donald for saying I can own a semi automatic pistol but no one else can hypocrite.

  • Shadow_58

    I’m waiting for one of these “Brain Dead Bit*hes” to call the COPS on me. I know all the COPS in my small town and we shoot together on a regular basis. The bit*h that does call will be facing a Multi-Million Dollar lawsuit along with her Socialistic Friends.

  • jq2intx

    I want to why these people have not been arrested for filing a false report, and then in the case of the guy shot to death by the cops, tried for murder. Since they are complicit in the death of an innocent person.

  • Capt. Parker

    Just remember ….. under THE LAW, the Constitution and other Organic Laws of this Republic, you have an ABSOLUTE RIGHT to face your accuser – the “police”, if they are actually obeying THE LAW, must tell you who filed the complaint against you – even the call came in on ‘911’, caller ID tells the tale.

  • Capt. Parker

    The Second Amendment is not only a GUARANTEE from our “government” that they will NEVER INTERFERE with our RIGHT, granted by our Creator, to protect our own lives, but, since the ‘militia’ is “the whole of the people” … and since the ‘militia’ is necessary to a Free State ….. it is our DUTY to go armed, at all times, in defense of ourselves, our families, our society, and our Republic – against all enemies, foreign or DOMESTIC.
    By the way, “arms”, in 1775, were considered to be, “any MILITARY STYLE WEAPON that could be fielded by a crew of three men or fewer”.