An Impotent Protest- Parents of Sandy Hook Victims to Sue Bushmaster

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The parents of 10 children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School have filed or will soon file notices in probate court that they plan to make a wrongful death claims on behalf of their children.
This action is about as useful as attempting to administer medicine to a dead man. It is a useless waste of time and the people involved should be counter sued for filing a frivolous lawsuit.
It will go no where.. and will likely be tossed out by a judge.
If a judge allows criminal responsibility to be placed on an inanimate object, then everyone who has been killed by a drunk driver with a car will be able to sue the car manufacturer… everyone who has been killed in home invasions with baseball bats and hammers can sue the companies that made those them.
This is nothing more than an impotent protest and the lawyer bringing it should be disciplined for wasting the time of the court system to file it.

According to reports, several Sandy Hook families met over the weekend with lawyers from Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, a Bridgeport, Conn., law firm, to discuss a potential lawsuit against Bushmaster, the North Carolina-based manufacturer of the Bushmaster AR 15 that the killer used to kill 20 first-graders and six adults on Dec. 14, 2012.

The law firm would have to argue that Bushmaster (the manufacturer) is somehow directly responsible for the deaths of the children. This is a near impossibility in a rational world. Manufacturers sell to distributors. Distributors then sell to retailers. Retailers then sell to law-abiding customers, who must undergo a federal NICS background check.

At Sandy Hook, possession of the Bushmaster was ultimately obtained after all these legal transfers by the murder of the rightful owner, Nancy Lanza, the mass killer’s first victim.

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  • Wolfpaw

    If an SUV had run over their child, would they be suing Honda or Dodge?

    • brucethompson22

      Are they going to sue the car dealer that sold the car the nut job drove to the school? I’ve heard I guess as you have that, the shooting was a staged show. Have you heard anything more on that?

      • Doc

        Everything about Sandy Hook has been hearsay and innuendo. None of the evidence has ever been brought to light. The consensus is that it was a staged incident by the government and all those involved were actors. Some of these same actors were also seen in other mass shootings in other areas of the country. These mass shootings were staged to further the lefts agenda to push gun control to disarm the American population in order to further their agenda to install a marxist or socialist type of government where the people have no say over how their lives are ran.

        • Check out Wolfgang Halbig, he is a retired Florida State trooper who now is in charge of school safety for several thousand schools here in the USA. His story will astound you. I would tell you about it but it would take way to long. Just look him up and be ready to be stunned and amazed.

  • Rattlerjake

    If this suit is allowed to go forward, then Bushmaster needs to present evidence that Sandy Hook NEVER HAPPENED!!!! There is substantial evidence to prove that Sandy Hook is nothing but a hoax.

  • Doc

    You can not sue a company unless you can prove their product was defective and they knew about the defect. According to the “story” their product performed flawlessly.

  • guest

    “Parents of Sandy Hook Victims to Sue Bushmaster”
    From ALL the information found via the Internet, since no Children existed at Sandy Hook School, therefore it would also mean no Sandy Hook School Children were Killed.
    Wouldn’t this also mean that the “so-called” Parent’s aren’t really the parent’s but rather Crisis Actors. If this is true, wouldn’t it also mean that Crisis Actors are the ones supposedly going to Sue Bushmaster? If this wasn’t so ridicules, it would be laughable.
    This was a production designed (very poorly) to make money, lots of money (which it has and still is) and to use as a tool to go after the Second Amendment.
    Also, if these people go through with a lawsuit on Bushmaster, perhaps Bushmaster should counter Sue these people (Crisis Actors) and in doing so, reveal them for what they really are.

    Please consider watching these videos and if you do, with an open mind, perhaps you will discover that the world is not what the T.V. says it is.
    All The Above is In My Opinion.

    We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook


    Sandy Hook Hoax-Mattioli Spills the Beans

  • Lorraine E

    All evidence proves that Sandy Hook was a farce and never happened. It was a well choreographed act to be used as an another excuse to disarm innocent American people. The destruction of our Second Amendment and disarming Americans has been one of the highest priorities of this administration. Why? Just look at the history of countries which allowed their government to disarm their citizens. Listen to Caravan to Midnight to learn the truth. Sandy Hook Never Happened.

  • Lorraine E

    The Sandy Hook alleged shooting is a total fraud produced as an excuse to disarm law abiding Americans. The Sandy Hook shooting never happened. The school wasn’t even open when the shooting was supposed to have occurred. It was supposed to the site of a FEMA exercise and was expanded into a story so full of holes it has no credibility. The actors who claim to have lost their children in the Sandy Hook production are laughing all the way to the bank for their excellent performance in the phony scheme. Listen to Wolfgang Habig on December 10, 2014 Caravan to Midnight web site where many other experts also report “it never happened.” It was created as an excuse to confiscate guns from Americans who need them in order to Protect Themselves and their Families.