NRA Hat Leads to Court Battle

I’m an NRA Certified Instructor. I wear my instructor hat (shown in this photo) often.
Its hard to believe that this simple cap could cause such an uproar in the voting booth but that is exactly what happened when a fellow NRA instructor in Georgia had on his cap when he went to vote.

The instructor, Bundy Cobb, an Army Veteran and owner of True Aim Defense in Douglasville, was forced to remove his NRA instructor hat while early-voting.

So, now, a fellow NRA instructor is going head to head with election officials who told him to remove the cap because, quote, “the NRA is known to have ties to the Republican party, therefore the cap makes a political statement.”

My message to the election commission: YES, It makes a statement alright…but that statement is not about REPUBLICANS..

It is a statement is about LIBERTY and the right to defend it against TYRANNY.
That statement is worth fighting for and I thank God the citizen in this case is not going to cower down, but instead, STAND UP AND FIGHT!
(ps) I think I will wear my NRA instructor cap the next time I go vote.

Cobb is suing the state as well as election officials in Douglas County for violating his civil rights.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 4.07.25 PMOn Oct. 24, Cobb, wearing his trusty “NRA Instructor” hat, went to vote in Douglasville.

After producing his ID, as required, a poll monitor told Cobb he had to take off the NRA hat in order to vote. When Cobb questioned the poll worker, he was told that wearing the hat constituted electioneering because “the NRA is perceived to be associated with Republicans.”

But Cobb says his hat has nothing to do with political affiliation. He wears it because he likes it and because it promotes his gun safety instruction business.

Now, Southeastern Legal Foundation, founded in 1976 and based in Atlanta, has come to his defense.

“The lawsuit filed today seeks declaratory and injunctive relief to redress and prevent the rights of Mr. Cobb and all registered voters in Douglas County against unconstitutional restrictions on free speech and free association under the U.S. Constitution,” said Shannon Goessling, Southeastern Legal Foundation’s executive director, in a statement released Tuesday.

“This should never happen again in Douglas County, in Georgia, or in any jurisdiction in the U.S.”

According to Southeastern Legal, if Cobb had refused to remove his hat while voting he could have been subject to a fine, arrest, and imprisonment.

“Bundy Cobb represents thousands of Georgians and millions of Americans who meet their civic obligations and exercise their rights with the firm conviction that the government should not infringe on the constitutional rights of citizens, period, full stop,” said Goessling.

“This case is not about the NRA, nor is it about whether people like the NRA,” said Goessling.

“Imagine if the same election officials had forbidden a t-shirt with a labor union logo — a union that had endorsed a Democratic candidate,” she added.

Laurie Fulton, the Douglas County elections supervisor, initially told reporters that Cobb was forced to remove the hat “in an overabundance of caution.”

“The courts have found that anything that suggests associated with the NRA in many people’s perceptions is associated with the Republican party,” Fulton told Fox Atlanta, however no cases have been cited to date regarding any court cases prohibiting voters from wearing NRA clothing at polling places.

Cobb’s lawsuit names the state, the Douglas County Board of Elections, Fulton and other county election officials as defendants.

He requests increased training for poll workers and asks the court to declare that by “enforcing a custom, policy or practice of banning all persons from wearing hats, clothing and other personal items referring to the NRA in all polling locations,” the defendants violated Cobb’s First and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

“We the people own America, not the government,” said Cobb. “The government works for us, not the other way around. Stop infringing on our rights, whether freedom of speech or the Second Amendment or any of our rights.”

Good for you Mr. Cobb! Good luck with your suit. Its people like you who take a stand against government bullying, who are truly making a difference.
As the NRA says, STAND UP AND FIGHT. 🙂
I think I will wear my NRA instructor hat the next time I vote. 🙂

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  • Willy

    God Bless the NRA and everything it stands for.
    I am a proud member.

    • Rattlerjake

      What is interesting is that these dumbazz libturds don’t realize that by claiming that anything relating to guns/NRA is a Republican thing means that they are admitting that they DO NOT SUPPORT THE SECOND AMENDMENT or the CONSTITUTION. NRA Life Member and Special Forces Veteran! De Oppresso Liber.

  • jd1958

    Life time card carrying member!!! Proud of it. USN/Ret.


    i bet that poll monitor WONT be there the next time he goes to vote.

  • junkmailbin


  • F R Burdett

    I was carrying my schedule/notebook with me when I went to vote. (I carry it almost EVERYWHERE)
    On the front of the notebook is a large USMC Decal, an “I VOTE” decal, and a “Georgia Gun Owners” decal.
    I was Thanked for my Service…then asked to cover up my GGO decal “because it is political”… I responded that I am a former Polling Manager, and have read ALL the rules…and I have. And that supporting and abiding by the Constitution of The United States is NOT “political” … and that there are NO issues being voted on that are in any way relevant to gun ownership — other than voting for Candidates who also support and abide by the Constitution. I pulled out my cell phone and gave the Poll worker the name and phone number of the County Commissioner’s personal phone number, if they would like to call…

  • Molon Labe 1976

    Time to rid the polls of these libturd idiots that don’t have a clue what constitutes campaigning at the voting sites! Endowment Life Member of the NRA and Navy Vietnam veteran!

  • Charlie

    Whom ever the poll worker is there is only one word to describe said worker— dolt .
    Have worn for decades NRA hats , jackets , shirts while voting always have been complemented on said attire . NRA and other gun right organizations such as National Association for Gun Rights fight to protect our second amendment right to bear arms. This right is the right that protects all other natural(God given ,not government given) rights. This right helps squelch tyranny. Without the second amendment all of the rest of our Bill of Natural (god given) Rights would be trampled upon by the socialist liberals.
    For the worker to state the NRA is associated with the Republican party is beyond ignorant it is stupid . Therefore the worker is nothing but a dolt that should of never be allowed to be a poll worker in our country.
    Yes am a Benefactor member of NRA and member of NAGR .

  • Judgment day is coming.

  • Billy Bob Johnson

    Because the NRA is a political lobby for the gun manufacturing industry, it is a political group and that sort of “advertising” thing is not allowed at polling places. If I wore a T-shirt or hat saying something against carrying guns, that would not be allowed either. Just stop trying to skirt the law and just obey it.

  • Ruth Thomas

    I’m an Election Judge in my county. We only need to watch for electioneering. If there was nothing on the ballot re: The NRA, it’s TOTALLY LEGAL TO WEAR THE CAP!

  • sjlarson

    I’ll wear my hat next time I vote!

  • Paul

    I wish the country I live in currently was so much like America. If I living in the USA instead I would join the NRA before any other organization. Agreed God Bless the NRA and The USA.

  • Tony Drolson

    those election officials are on a ego trip and stupid on top of it. they are not somebody i would want working for the government. the people should fire the whole bunch.

  • Capt. Parker

    In the State of Wyoming, it is perfectly legal, and lawful, to openly carry a loaded firearm when you vote – as long as it is not in a “federal slaughter zone” ….er, “gun free zone” like a “school”. You can’t drink while voting, but you can carry a gun …. to me, that really does make sense.

  • I’ll always be a member of the NRA!

  • mrsgunnut10

    I wear my NRA Cap where ever I go, day in,day out, to Resterant’s, Store’s, Bank’s, Gas Station’s, Wal-Mart, Sporting Good’s every where I go, and even to Vote, but , it is a Winter Cap and it covers my Bald Spot. I can hardly wait until Spring, then I can wear my NRA Life Member Spring Cap. STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR GUNs. You don’t even have to be a GUN CLUB Member to wear a GUN CAP, BUT , it would help the Gun Clubs STAND UP FOR YOU with your SUPPORT. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired AND a GOA MEMBER and an NRA LIFE MEMBER.

    • Dick

      I have been an NRA Life Member for over 50 years. On occasions I wear some of my NRA hats to various events. On the last election cycle I had my NRA hat on when I went to vote, but when I arrived at the precinct I was told by a democrat judge I could not come in or vote with my hat on. However, what he didn’t know was my wife was the Chief Judge at this precinct and overruled this ignorant election official.

  • jq2intx

    I too am an NRA instructor, think I will get one of the caps and wear it the next time I go to vote. Should not be a problem, at least not in Texas.

  • Robert Moulds

    I don’t see the NRA hat threatening.It’s not like Jan walked into a glass box office building with a M43 bull pup rifle or KEL TEC 12 gauge bull pup pump action shot gun.
    Or wore a silver halter top minidress with matching panties go go boots and 9mm pistol like Danger girl.Wild Bill on the other is scary terrorizing gods little creatures.