Poll Shows More Americans Want Gun Rights Protected


There has been a major shift in the mindset of Americans on gun rights!

Today, a majority of Americans say it is more important to protect the right of Americans to own guns than for the government to limit access to firearms!
That is according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted this month.

The center said that it was the first time in two decades of its surveys on attitudes about firearms that a majority of Americans had expressed more support for gun ownership rights than for gun control.

Fifty-two percent of respondents said it was more important to protect gun ownership rights, and 46 percent said the priority should be controlled access to firearms.

In a 2000 Pew survey, 29 percent chose gun rights over gun control, and in a 2013 survey conducted a month after the Newtown shooting, 45 percent favored gun rights.

The Pew poll on firearms, conducted in early December, also found that African-Americans have become increasingly likely to believe that firearm ownership does more to protect people than it does to threaten an individual’s safety, even as they continue to support gun control measures.

When asked in 2012, 29 percent of African-Americans said guns offered people protection rather than exposed them to greater danger, but in this year’s survey, the number of African-Americans who viewed firearms as offering more personal safety nearly doubled to 54 percent.

By contrast, the views of whites who believe guns are more likely to provide personal protection have changed more modestly — rising to 62 percent this year from 54 percent in 2012, the poll found.

Over all, 57 percent of Americans said gun ownership was more helpful in protecting people from becoming victims of crime, and 38 percent said it did more to endanger one’s safety.

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  • dontdoitagain

    Well, after watching all the rioting, looting, murdering and damage being done daily, who wouldn’t want a gun to protect themselves? I wonder who the 38% is that think owning a gun presents a danger to themselves? I think the lawlessness inspired by our government is more dangerous than having a means to protect ones self and others.

  • redhorse1969

    traitor’s become dictators with out the 2nd Amendment .

  • Robert Moulds

    Cleaver solution to the long drive to the shooting range handy to fire airguns. Only question is it safe and legal don’t tell Joe Biden about the dumb vigilante would blow his foot off with a double barrel shot. Well as a liberal I take a dim view of vigilantes I would prefer a bullpup due to ease of fire and portability. For example EM 2, WA 2000, AGW 2, Terver, AUG, FAMAS, Gorza and 12 gauge Keltec.