Lawmaker Proposes 2nd Amendment Education in Schools/2nd Amendment Awareness Day

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Finally, a legislator in this country understands that without the 2nd Amendment, there is no way to defend the remaining Bill of Rights!
Not only does he “get it”… He wants to make sure students in South Carolina’s public schools understand it as well!

Representative Alan Clemmons (R) is outraged over the absurd suspension of a student who turned in a fictional story about shooting a neighbor’s dinosaur. He is firing back at the absurd “zero-tolerance” policies of some left-wing school boards in the State by proposing a bill that would mandate teaching the history and importance of the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment Education Act of 2015 would give students the opportunity for reasonable expression of the second amendment at school without fear of punishment.

“If we let that go unchecked, the second amendment will cease being a freedom enjoyed under the United States Constitution,” Rep. Clemmons said.

Three weeks of a high school student’s coursework on the Constitution would be dedicated to learning about why the right to bear arms was included in the Bill of Rights.

The state superintendent of education would be responsible for developing the three-week high school curriculum using the National Rifle Association as a resource.

Clemmons is also proposing making December 15 “Second Amendment Awareness Day” for students at all grade levels. Students would be encouraged to submit essays and posters highlighting the second amendment to the General Assembly Sportsman’s Caucus to judge.

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  • David T .

    Awesome. Perhaps, the Second Amendment Education Act of 2015 should be a Mandate in every school in all 50 States! Then we should abolishing the Dept. of Education because, the American Public Schools are Not an indoctrination center for a New World Order. Plus, “We the People” should Not allow anyone in American schools that are not a United States Citizen, including Born of an Illegal Alien because, born of an Illegal Alien does NOT make one a Legal American Citizen, period.
    Read on to learn why;

    Then “We the People” need to abolish Islam from all of the United States of America.
    Legal Immigration to American must be of those fully intent on living and abiding by the rules of the United States of America Constitution and Bill of Rights and anyone, any group, race or religion that comes here with no intent of living and/or abiding by the rules of our Constitution or with the intent of forming or establishing their own rules or laws i.e. Sharia Law must Not be permitted to immigrate to the United States of America. Muslims/Islamist, have proved that they do not and will not conform to the rules of our Constitution.
    Can a Devout Muslim Be an American Patriot and Loyal Citizen?


    So, they should not be allowed to immigrate here and all that are here that do not conform and abide by the rules of our Constitution should be deported.

    I realize some might disagree with me on my opinion here but, so far, “We the People” still have That Right. If the day comes when we don’t have that right anymore then, that will likely be the end of the all our freedoms.
    We must fight to keep our Constitutional Rights or lose them forever.

    • Ludlow Porch

      ” I would rather die standing up, than to live on my knees in fear!”

    • Marc

      Hear, hear! I agree 101%. As a legal immigrant and naturalized US citizen, I had to jump thru many hoops (maybe because I’m former USAF and lean to the right) and did all legally. By God, if I could do it, they can too!

      And as far as the muzzys are concerned, send them ALL back to their native lands if they will not assimilate the American way. God Bless the USA!

    • armygreen

      All 50 states? It would be difficult to teach that course in the Peoples Republic of
      Maryland. Especially here in Montgomery County where the improper
      eating of a PopTart let alone the picture of a gun, can get children suspended.

    • Why allow them in to begin with? Muslims will lie just to enter America for the sole objective to take over our country. Personally, I don’t want them here. They are a cancer on our way of life.

    • Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to a German who wanted to become a American citizen telling him this exact same thing. That you should give up your idea of coming here to continue what you believe over there. That to become an American citizen you should abide by the American ideals.


    It should have been taught in schools decades ago.

  • Shorty Stuff

    Why is proposal even needed? Schools should be teaching students the entire Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments. The problem is that the liberals have taken over the educational system and are running it to further their agenda.

  • bruce

    Anybody old enough to remember civics class? Part of that class was Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    Perhaps those lessons should never have been messed with. Teach it all to everyone who is or wants to be a citizen of America, not just parts. I believe that the entire thing is a package deal and you can not piece meal it.

  • DJR

    I believe the majority of parents in this State would be appreciative of this
    effort being proposed. We are a very strong 2nd Amendment State, with a
    lot of hunters and a ton of guns! The lack of knowledge concerning our Bill of Rights
    and Constitutional rights must be taught and taught the right way – no
    lies about ‘stealing’ land from Indians or anything STUPID like that or
    lies about slavery, facts which are distorted by left wing liberal
    professors. What ever happened to CIVICS!! I think I might still have a Civics textbook from high school! Need to go dig it out…


    There should be a requirement that to get a diploma, you MUST attend and PASS (with at least a 90%) a CONSTITUTION class. It should be required in JUNIOR & HIGH schools!

  • Matt Seilig

    unfortunately…one of your kids is gonna get his eye shot out or maimed from a gun…and have them grow up hating your for forcing them to handle guns as a child for no logical or sane reason. I would love to pluck a sample of this demographics…lock them in a lab and probe parts of their brain to determine what drives these dunce and unhealthy thought processes.

    • Keith

      Who said anything about handling guns? No one.

  • This is one of the best ideas I have seen come from a politician in a very long time. Way to go Alan.

  • Zach w.

    teaching the 2nd amendment in school. Great idea!!! Finally somebody gets it. I 110% agree with it.

  • Guest
  • Howard J

    First of all, you ALL need to read what is currently being hidden within the pages of the Common Core Curriculum discussing the 2nd Amendment. Then! you can get mad and have ammo to fuel your fire at getting this changed, It is so not right that school boards and teachers restrict the use of these pubs to school only, and the student can not discuss, copy or remove the book so that the public can actually see what brain washing is being done to our children. Where the hell is the PTA and oversight of what is being used to teach what our children and grandchildren are being taught. It’s no wonder the youth of today have such a unconstitutional understanding of our country and an attitude of care less. Look at what just took place at the University of California at Irvine, yes I realize CA is still part of the U.S. but……………