“Muslims at GITMO Can Rot in Hell”- Senator Tom Cotton

Jan Morgan

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Senator Tom Cotton served this country honorably. Unlike, President Obama, Senator Cotton knows what and who the enemy is. He’s faced them in combat.

In this clip, Senator Cotton, is questioning Brian McKeon, Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, on Guantanamo Bay Prison.
His anger is clear, as is his ability to label this situation what it is, a political move at the expense of the safety and security of this country.

COTTON: “Islamic terrorists do not need an excuse to attack the United States. They do not attack us for what we do, they attack us for WHO WE ARE.”
It is not a security decision, it is a political decision based on a promise the President made during his campaign.

“In my opinion, the only problem with Guantanamo bay is that there are too many empty beds and cells there right now. We should be sending more terrorists there for further interrogation to keep this country safe.”
As far as I’m concerned every last one of them can rot in hell , but as long as they are not doing that, they can rot in Guantanamo bay.


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  • charlie


  • ADRoberts

    One more good guy. At least on this topic.
    The only way to stop Obama from sending these terrorists back to fight us again is to STOP OBAMA. IMPEACH.

  • Barto

    Hero versus Nero, I’ll take the hero everytime.

  • Wildwestwishes

    Love, love, love you Senator Cotton!!! Wish all of those who represented “We The People” thought as you do!!! Huge High Five !!! Thank you!!!

  • JB Andrews

    Smart straight tough talk from a Senator !!!
    We need more like him !!
    IMPEACH, CONVICT,JAIL (add these three words to all of your e-mails)


    I believe thats how most AMERICANS feel about them. and when they die, pour pigs blood over em, just to give em a good send off.

    • reagangs

      The US of A Congress and Senate need more veterans with experience fighting an enemy like those from the “Greatest Generation”. We all have our own Great Generation that have fought the bad guys. It’s time to stand up and let the liberal, progressive, commie and radical jihadist IDIOTS know where they stand. We will no longer be “Mister/Miss nice guy”.

  • shannon853

    even hell would say “there goes the neighborhood!”

    • BoydSharp

      Even Satan has standards better than letting these cockroaches in.

  • dmbunce

    Finally, a congressman who says it like I want him to. Why can’t we elect more like him?

  • BoydSharp

    Okay Senator Cotton I think I am 100% clear on how you feel about this subject. Must be something about being used for target practice that clears the fog out of one’s brain. So let’s ramp up an army to fight ISIS, starting with the boys and girls in government. See if we can clear out some of their brain fog. Wonder if the first enemy combatant we ship to Gitmo should be the one hanging around the golf courses.

    • reagangs

      That, along with the 20 something million capable armed-to-the-teeth veteran Patriots ready to fight, again, and dispose of the rotten garbage that seeps out of the cesspool every now and then. The “fog of war” can be beaten. Just let the armed angry Vietnam vets lose and see the results. We won’t disappoint.

  • anon

    No matter what the media says, this REAL MAN tells truth. Wake up everyone..bozo is one of them.

  • reagangs

    Just like the commies we fought in South Vietnam and neighboring countries (and half of South and central America, Cuba, China, N Korea and the former USSR). These ba$tards always have been and will always be intent on conquering the Free World and enslaving every one but the commie elite. During the 1920s, they started infiltrating the Free Nations (during the 1930s the Nazis did the same thing) and by the mid 1940s had over 300 commie spies within our fed bureaucracy. Joseph McCarthy alerted the FBI and when FDR, Truman and Ike were alerted to it, they didn’t do anything about it. Evidently old J Stalin had them in his pockets. When JFK, a staunch anti communist, took over, they had him, along with several of his military staff, murdered. The NVA and VC we fought were just as brutal as the ISIS ba$tards. Murdering old men and women and children and those that opposed them. Conform or die. Beheadings, dismembering, hanging …. you name it ….. it was outright murder. ISIS ba$tards need to be treated just like they live … show them no mercy, take no prisoners. No prisoners means we can close Gitmo and maybe even nuke it. That way old Castro can’t use it for a prison. It’s all out war and we need to get ready. My veteran friends and I are armed to the teeth. Is it 1776, again???? Will there be another American Revolution or another “World War”???? Maybe. All the US of A and Her citizens can do is be ready. As my old Gunny would say as we went out on patrol: Lets Rock and Roll. US Navy veteran, 1966-1970; Hospitalman, FMF Corpsman “Doc”, Pharmacy Tech; the “Big E” (CVN-65), USS Repose (AH-16), USS Lexington (CVA/S/T-16); God Bless America, the most exceptional Nation on the face of the Earth, and don’t you forget it; Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi, Oooorah.

  • jong

    Nah. We need to use them. Give them a “rare earth” to track them it is highly unlikely the muslims will detect it. Then have a KH(key hole) Series or LaCrosse do the tracking and when he or she is with their friends launch a hellfire. When you care to send only the very very best.

  • Eric You

    well i think that we should kill all people who live in Iraq Babylonia and Iran Persia. no one from Greek or roman bloodlines would kill those who do not want to follow mystery Babylon which i think is a combination of all false world governments, religions, economies , or etc or the new world order.

  • Lysy2

    A-MAN BRO!!!!!!

  • Robert Moulds

    The western world is at war with terrorist not every Muslim in the world Tom Cotton needs to read the American constitution especially amendments 4,5 and 6. The United States was to a nation governed by the rule of law not where those in power can impose themselves willy nilly like Eric Holder or Joe Stalin.

  • Robert Moulds

    Too bad they did not make the captives at GITMO rebuild the world trade center wearing only pink hard hats work boots googles tool belts and pink jock straps while listing to loud village people music. They could release the terrorist after giving them sex changes and blond bimbo make overs. From evil terrorist to dumb blond in their failed states like Yemen the worst place to put a hot Paris Hilton blond. But the horrors they would face would make it cruel and unusual punishment. Especially since I was going to call each of them Ann Coulter the blond Valkyrie but with out spear and magic helmet feared and hated by Islam.