Rick Perry Proves He DOES NOT Understand the 2nd Amendment

Jan Morgan

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Rick Perry has decided (based on HIS personal convictions) that people do not deserve Constitutional Carry.

Governor Rick Perry has outed himself on Constitutional Carry and also proved his lack of understanding of the 2nd Amendment by promoting regulations and restrictions on citizens who want to own firearms.
His position is clear from the recent comments he made in the Texas Tribune..

[Perry] said he “prefers concealed handguns for “a more practical reason.”

“I don’t want the bad guys to know if I’m carrying,” he said. “I don’t want to be the first person shot if something’s going down.”
Fine.. thats HIS personal preference. In a free country, he is entitled to his opinion and his personal preference for carrying a firearm.. however… his feelings do not and should not trump our Constitutional rights.

Perry said he was “not necessarily all that fond of this open carry concept,” adding that those who carry guns ought to be “appropriately backgrounded, appropriately vetted, appropriately trained.”

So… according to Perry, we need to add some amendments to the 2nd Amendment: you have a right to carry IF YOU HAVE BEEN DEEMED APPROPRIATELY TRAINED, AND YOU HAVE A FLAWLESS BACKGROUND..
We have all seen what happens with that slippery slope in places like New York and California where people now have to PROVE they have a need for a firearm and even proof of death threats is not justification to be armed in New York.. (Just ask John Stossel who, was turned down repeatedly for a concealed weapon permit because the state said he did not justify a need even though he produced proof of death threats).

Perry went on to say this: “We license people to drive on our highways,” he said. “We give them that privilege. The same is true with our concealed handguns.”

Governor Perry clearly does not comprehend the 2nd Amendment. The right to bear arms is not a privilege given by the government. Our founding fathers made it clear that the right to defend life is a basic human need that people of this country are born with. The 2nd Amendment is not the a permission slip from the government giving citizens the right to bear arms..It is a statement TO THE GOVERNMENT that the citizens already have this right and YOU, GOVERNMENT, shall not infringe.

Governor Perry just lost my support for any office he ever attempts to hold.
I also believe he just lost support amongst the People of the Gun world for his presidential aspirations.

The good news for Texans is that permitted open carry stands an excellent chance of making it to Governor Abbott’s desk, who’s declared his intention to sign it.

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  • George Lafond

    I do agree with your comments on the view of Gov Perry but don’t throw him out yet. Right now in Arkansas we fill out all documents to purchase a gun an the ATF maintains a record of the purchase. One of the questions was am I mentally stable. In NJ I had to get my Dr to sign it. I feel as a citizen with out a felony I should be allowed to purchase anything I want without big brother knowing. But the 2nd Amendment is why our country does not get attacked. I continue to support you and your views. Politicians are just that political

    • Larry

      sorry George you are confused. As a FFL holder, the record you refer to is a 4473. The ATF does not get the form when you purchase a firearm, the dealer maintains that record. By law, the ATF may review the 4473s, but not remove them from the dealers place of business. I have read there have been instances of ATF agents attempting to copy and take photos, but is prohibited by their own regulations.

      • Rattlerjake

        It is still an infringement of the 2nd amendment, and unconstitutional, yet the requirement is forced upon us. It is the previous two generations (my parents’ and grandparents’) fault for not stopping government overreach, what is this generations’ reason to let it continue?

        What is interesting is that so many people didn’t understand that the Bushes were also from Texas (as well as one world order supporters), and one was a Governor, and they too refused to allow Texans the right to open carry. Texas has been unconstitutional under the second amendment since the 1800’s. Our country has been run by blatant communists, socialist, and RINOs since Woodrow Wilson, with very few exceptions.

      • Lawman45

        ATF regulations restricting thr conduct of their agents are treated by the Agency as mere suggestions. No agent has ever been disciplined for violating one.

  • Nancy Gettings Oliver

    Not being fond of open carry is NOT anti-gun…anti-2nd. I’m not fond of open either. It’s food for the anti gun freaking out when they see so many displayed. Cops don’t use urinals…they pee in stalls because it’s too easy for the bad guy to get their gun like Brown. Concealed lends to that surprise element…yeah…as a gal it’s more pains in the butt to pack.

    • parkerglp

      If it freaks them out, then obviously they are oblivious to the Constitution and Amendment 2A. People need to get used to seeing people carry period! I open carry everywhere, have even had quite a number of people stop me and tell me they are glad to see people exercising their rights! Not one person has freaked out seeing me carry. If cops approach me, I keep the little slip from the RMGO lawyer stating they have no right to ask my name or for an ID unless they have suspicion that I have or am about to commit a specific crime (no gut feelings ..must be specific!). If our cops had more balls and brains, when people do get upset, they need to tell them it is our right and we are doing NOTHING wrong! I am surprised at the number of police and deputies that do not know the law or choose to ignore it! I also have not had one business tell me I was not welcome to carry in their store!

      • DL Hancock

        They are ONLY doing, what they have been indoctrinated to do, rather then trained

    • Larry

      Nancy you think just the way the anti-gun want you to think. Give up just a little now then a little later and again and again until there is nothing left. Does that feel right?

    • Mrs. Patriot

      Good thing you didn’t live back in the pioneer days. And people (the anti-gun freaks) just need to learn to respect the views of others and get over their fear and stop being so controlling; and those who wish to open carry need to stop pandering to the fear. We’d all be stronger for it if everyone would grow up.

  • Gary Miller

    I don’t understand the permitted open carry thinking. I don’t want to have a permit. I don’t want big brother knowing I have a gun. I should not have to get a background check. While training is nice it should not be a requirement to carry a gun. I sure hope that Idaho passes constitution carry without any string attached.

    • hankthetank

      I feel the same as you,I don’t want the government to know anything,It’s none of their business! I fell we should have a weapon of our choice, with out the gov. knowing!!!

  • Dennis G

    First I have me suspicions about anyone who had Gov. Perry on their 2016 list, secondly, we all know political types put their finger in the air to see which way the wind blows and which way the vote comes from. The second amendment says “we have the right”, not the privilege like Perry states to bear arms

    • hankthetank

      I was looking at him, he did secure his border ! this is the first time in history, that we have patrol boats, armed on the Rio Grand !!!

    • DL Hancock

      Well, if this is him putting his finger in the wind, he may have just gotten it blown off. Not a very smart statement when it comes to the 2nd amendment. You either believe in it or you dont.
      Our govt has gotten to where you cannot trust anything they do. If you let them write laws that require a psych check, they will write the law in a way that will end up requiring everyone or 99% of (everyone) to get a psych check. That is WHY no one TRUST govt when it comes to Any type of regulation. Especially a demorat, they are tax and spend and regs happy. All to waste money

  • ckincaid_du

    I am very pro Second Amendment. My dad and uncle were police officers. Open carry does not bother me, nor does concealed carry. I do, however, believe that a gun class just to teach the basics of gun safety should be okay with everyone. Someone who has not grown up around guns, as I have, needs to learn proper safety. It’s not about restricting rights, it’s about everyone’s safety. I learned to drive a car before I just drove down the road. The government’s decision about who is sane is ridiculous, as many of them are off kilter themselves.

    • Dennis

      yep it’s called a hunter safety course ……. maybe a legal use information course…. like the one I got when I took the class for Utah Concealed carry

    • Mrs. Patriot

      A gun class is ok with me as long as it’s not REQUIRED for me to own (keep) and carry (bear) arms.

      No more compromising my rights because YOU are afraid.

      • hankthetank

        This is the way it should be, for people that want it,or don’t know about guns !!

        • ckincaid_du

          I have no problem with requiring someone to have a class to carry a gun. If you have never touched a gun, how are you going to know how to use it? You don’t simply strap on a gun, walk around and be ready to use it. You need to be taught common sense practices, and not everyone has been taught that “at home.”
          I’m not afraid, per se, I just was raised by a former police officer and military marksman who was also very conservative and had enough sense to teach me gun safety. My concern is for those who never had any teaching.

      • James T.

        Right on Mrs. Patriot
        No compromises, no exceptions just because another person doesn’t believe in it.
        Here’s an example similar to this. I worked with a woman that said; people don’t need one of those AR-15s and I asked her if her husband still hunts? (Her husband owns rifles and shotguns) And, she said no so, I said that since he doesn’t hunt anymore then, he doesn’t need his guns does he. She immediately and in a rather ticked off attitude said, there his guns and yes he does still need them. I replied right back with; so, who are you to say people don’t need an AR-15?
        I followed-up quickly with; So you see, it’s not about need, it’s about the right to have and own guns.
        The main reason she spouted-off was, it was right about the time of the Sandy Hook shootings and she fell for that Hoax, hook, line and sinker because, she gets all her news from the usual indoctrinations sources ie. T.V. and radio but mostly T.V.
        One last thing. This is for the people posting comments that think it best people get training before buying or carrying a gun.
        That might be a good idea in theory “BUT” it should NEVER be a requirement to buy, own or carry a gun. EVER! If the Government gets away with making a small requirement (so-called law) here and there, they will never stop until, no one can own a gun, except for them.

    • DL Hancock

      I agree to an extent b/c I’ve seen some real knuckleheads wanting to touch a gun and even some shooting them that almost killed thermselves. However, do you really want that regulated by the govt? Sadly, after this admin, I just DO NOT trust what Govt is supposed to do for the people anymore. When a govt puts returning vets, christians etc on their terror watch list over muslim extremist, BPP, KKK and others, we have a govt out of control. When we have a govt that thinks that Global Warming is more of a threat to society then ISIS/terrorism, we have a problem. When we have a govt that cannot even call an Islamic Radical Terrorist that, we have a problem. when we have a govt that calls a terrorist act, Work Place violence, we have a problem.
      Is that who you really want to tell you who can carry and who cannot?

  • daddyhawg

    So, which one of those pesky Amendments in the Bill of Rights covers the right to drive? Yes, I did use the term “right” instead of privilege for a reason. As Perry stated, driving is a privilege, gun ownership is a RIGHT!

  • a_browning

    That’s sad, he was an excellent governor for Texas for about 14 years and allowed Texas to be strong through the Obama Recession. The 2A is a make or break issue for me, and I’m afraid that his position is a deal breaker. I say that as a Texan for the last 13+ years.

    • hankthetank

      Maybe he just misspoke !

  • halfbreed

    We should sell our Constitution on eBay to the highest bidder, we don’t use it any more.

    • DL Hancock

      No, the People still use it, this admin and demonrats Do Not.


    Having the 2nd amendment, why do we needs states to pass a bill ALLOWING us to carry?

    • Mrs. Patriot

      We don’t.

      • TEXAN

        Why dont you go to N.Y. and try to get away with walking around with one strapped on….let me know how that works out for ya.

      • DL Hancock

        I think you meant, We should not.

  • Floyd R Turbo (American)

    You’re right Jan – but I still like Perry. Offhand I can’t think of any presidential contender who is stronger on 2nd amendment rights..

  • mrsgunnut10

    Governor Perry has the right to have a ” Personnel Opinion ” . That’s fine as long as it DOES NOT carry over into the Political Arena and against the Second Amendment. Being from Texas though, you would think he would keep his opinion to himself, IF HE WANTS THE PRO-GUN VOTE’s. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.


    TO EACH his own, but I personally will NOT open-carry so that I’ll be ‘advertising’ my weapon for some criminal to ambush me for my firearm! ~ NEVER FORGET that the CRIMINAL always has the advantage of the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE over their intended victims!

    • DL Hancock

      I would have no problem with it being the carriers choice.

  • Daniel

    ” Shall not be infringed ” to me means anyone, anywhere, at anytime does not need anyones permission, or approval, or a license, or a gun permit to exercise their 2nd Amendment Right according to our U. S. Constitution whether they are carrying concealed or open carry. Freedom can’t be compromised. Freedom is absolute. It is not only our duty to defend it, but it is a right. A mans rights rests in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. – Frederick Douglass 1857. A disarmed populace is a helpless populace. You can defeat evil with good, but no law, no order, no stroke of a pen, no gun control scheme can prevent evil. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun…

    • Mrs. Patriot

      No one ever mentions the other box: the pine box!

      • hankthetank

        For the criminal !!!

      • DL Hancock

        Its amazing how much someones attitude changes, when they know someone else is badder then you are and Everyone carrying or the thought of NOT knowing who is carrying will change Everyones attitude about raising hell. Why else do you think that these towns that have a requirement for all residents to own a firearm, have NO CRIME? No criminal knows who and who does not own a firearm and assumes that ALL do and they will get their azz blown away.

      • Larry

        I hope you mean the pine box is for the bad guy. If unarmed then the pine box would be for the good guy.

    • DL Hancock

      That is the way it was written and was supposed to interpretted. However, then comes along a liberal and some ignorant repubs that has a lack of comprehension skills, which most do or so it appears these days.

    • James T.

      I hear you Daniel.
      For those that don’t like guns and/or don’t own guns. The indoctrination/brainwashing that non gun owners have is, “all we need is a phone to dial 911”

  • Lightning

    Touchy business. The political landscape is what it its. No staunch outspoken advocate of “Constitutional Carry” is going to achieve high office. The same goes for many other hot button issues. Being 100% correct and outspoken about these issues will get you unelected, and insisting your representatives be 100% correct and outspoken can get you (and more importantly, me!) unrepresented. Single issue voters don’t need to back down or keep quiet, but they do need to accept less than that in their representatives. Non-2nd A. example: Personally I think the case is clear that even in the case of rape abortion is wrong – stuff, even rape, happens, and the sad fact is the baby is totally innocent. Try getting elected being outspoken about that.

    • Larry

      Your thoughts are exactly what the left want. If you can not believe in something what’s next? Blown to and fro. test the winds and say what they want to hear. What is wrong with this picture, we used to be able to have morals, I guess not now?

      • Lightning

        I’m merely pointing out that idealism is self-destructive when not tempered with realism. As to who’s doing “what the left wants,” conservatives forming circular firing squads and insisting on better than 95% purity in their leaders – that’s not me, it’s you.

        I see the Left-Right struggle as important enough to temper my pet beliefs when expressing them only hurts my argument and certainly when expressing them hurts strong conservative figures. Calling Rick Perry, a strong conservative leader who carries, out on the 2nd amendment because he hesitates to insist on unregulated open carry, which is a clear political loser, is not helpful to the struggle. One step at the time, and let’s not eat our own.

        That is, unless they’re “establishment Republicans,” in which case they’re only pretending to be “our own.” Bon appetit!

  • roman hands

    When the government fears you there is liberty when we fear the government there is tyranny. as a Texan I always voted for Perry. He will not get my vote for president unless he is the nominees. For you anit open carry people imagine if everyone open carried. You would not be afraid of a criminal stealing your weapon When there are 20 others around you also carrying. An armed society is a polite society.

  • jong

    And every place is a bit different. In South Africa before Madela and his ANC took over it was considered to be impolite ot carry a open weapon. But, also most a requirement to have one concealed. Now I know this is not South Africa. But, him having a person trained and vetted in this day and age makes good sense. Why?? Because it use to be society that would protect itself and if a member was not suited for what ever reason not to have one it would enforce that unspoken “rule” And it was not that long ago that fathers would teach all their children to respect firearms that they were not toys. That does not happen any where near where it should. Training yes registration of the weapon no

  • 1NedSprockethead1

    You know, I think they should even get rid of the stipulation that criminals can’t carry. They’re outnumbered, and even though they may not be smart they’re mostly smart enough to not start shooting where they are outgunned. Get rid of a few of them and it’s good all around.

  • Robert Huddleston

    Opposition to open carry does not make someone anti 2nd Amendment. I personally don’t like open carry, because as a LEO, most people see a someone wearing a gun it is associated as a Use of Force. And yes, presence is on the force continuum. On duty I see and have the need to carry openly; however, off duty is another matter. If I carried openly off duty I would not I lose the tactical advantage, but it would be create problems where there would be no need.

  • Charles

    Personally Im against open carry but i recognize a persons right to choose. Perry, who i dont like at all, should have expressed it that way. But still, his own comments doesnt make him anti-gun, he may indeed just be expressing his personal choice and it doesnt mean he would seek to remove the rights of anyone else. I think everyone is overreacting in the assumption that his own choice must necessarily apply to the whole country. He does need to clarify that point, though, and soon. Jan should send him a letter and ask directly.

  • Tom Thornburg

    Open carry would make for a more polite society…. maybe a more dangerous one too. Concealed Carry makes sure a criminal has to stop and look around before he moves. The CWP person isn’t going to arrest him …he’s going to shoot him ! That is a powerful deterrent.

    The first act of any enslavement of a free people is disarmament. You can invade an armed population, but you cannot enslave them without heavy losses. Obama admitted he wanted a Federal Police Force as large and well funded as the US Military. That is on the RECORD. This administration has recently ordered from Federal Munitions Company 7 billions rounds of assault rifle ammunition in hollow points. HP cannot be used by the US military….so it has to be going to Obama’s Federal Police Force.

    Who’s in Obama’s special Federal Police Force ? He suspended the deportation of all illegal aliens 18-35 over 2 years ago. There have been reports of training camps springing up all over the country. 10’s of thousands of the now obsolete belt fed M60 machine guns have been given to police departments all over the US. Last year 641 MRAP (mine and bullet resistant) vehicles where given out to police departments all across the US. Those are 50,000 lb. vehicles running down the streets…what happens when one hits your Toyota ? I know for a fact that small towns in rural USA are buying fully reconditioned military HumVees with the top mounted machine gun rig still in place …. for $1200 each. Pike and Montgomery Counties in Arkansas both got one, 1000’s more were sold elsewhere. My town has 900 people and got one of the HumVees, it just sits due to they can’t afford the gas mileage.

    These are $150,000+ vehicles paid for by the American people. They could easily bring $25-$40,000 at auction and the money returned to the US Treasury….it was the peoples money after all ?

    The Post Office, the Dept. of Agriculture, DHS, Dept. of Forestry …the list is endless and their all Ordering Pistol Ammunition The PO alone ordered 200,000 rounds of 40 cal, They said it was for “PRACTICE”…is your postman “practicing marksmanship”

    I’m not a crack pot, I’m a 67 yr old, highly decorated, disabled combat veteran. As such since retired I have devoted my time to looking into some of these wild claims….many of them are TRUE.

    This government is not to be trusted. What government secretly orders 7 billion rounds of assault rifle ammo that cannot be used by our military, only on US citizens. Why are our military combat vehicles being “given” to police departments ? Why did this administration give out 10’s of thousands of military belt fed Machine Guns to POLICE DEPARTMENTS ?

    Why has the government done everything possible to create a Race War when hostility between blacks and whites was never lower ?

    Why is this president so afraid of the American people that he repeatedly attempts to defy the 2nd amendment and take away our guns ?


  • Jim

    Why would he be thrown under the bus for just this one particular point of view? Not all the candidates perfectly meet our expectations. If we disagree with one thing on every candidate (throwing them out) who are we going to vote for?

  • Robert Moulds

    I thought it was for a well regulated militia not so the average person could carry them in shops like something out of a western. At this rate Jan Morgan and wild Bill should seek the republican nomination besides Jan is better looking than Hillary Clinton.