HAMAS-Linked CAIR Versus Jan Morgan…With the DOJ, FBI, and Islamic Terrorists in the Middle

Jan Morgan

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CAIR, which has documented ties to Hamas, announced this week that their organization received a letter from the Department of Justice which stated the DOJ would be “monitoring” my gun range.
They were “pleased” about this development.

(If anyone should be “monitored” it’s the Hamas-linked CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial to date) (more on that story here)

See the CAIR announcement here

Newsflash to CAIR: Because of years of death threats against me by muslims, I have been under the watchful eyes of federal law enforcement authorities for a long time… LONG BEFORE I EVER OWNED A GUN RANGE.
Due to those threats, I live my daily life under a federal microscope. I have nothing to hide. I have no secrets from the federal government.
Agents with the counter-terrorism unit of the FBI call me on my cell phone about my public activities and islamic militants who might want to kill me.
So, do you really think the idea of “more monitoring” of my daily life is somehow a threat to me in any way?
I am certain feds are much more concerned about Muslims KILLING me than they are about me hurting the feelings of muslims.

Since CAIR failed to mention the “other side of this issue”, here is my response to their press release.

1) Agents with the Counter-Terrorism unit of the FBI met with me last year to alert me that ISIS is in Arkansas… The agency feared I was going to be a target of opportunity, and I was directed to take EVERY SECURITY PRE-CAUTION necessary to protect my life and the lives of all people in my presence at all times.

2) I, like the cartoonists who were murdered in France, have had my life threatened repeatedly for years by muslims because of the many fact based articles I have written and published about the violence associated with political Islam currently and throughout history.
It appears that journalists in America, like those in France, who print anything that sheds Islam in a less than favorable light, are now at risk of being targets of violent retaliation by these (peaceful Islamists in America) and need law enforcement protection.
(the only consolation for American journalists which the French journalists did not have, is our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I am ALWAYS heavily armed, well trained, and thank GOD for this basic human right and our Founding Fathers for the 2nd Amendment directive to the government that this right “shall not be infringed.”)

While CAIR’s central focus is on the “feelings” and “rights” of muslims, I am focused on and responsible for the safety and security of innocent people from all races and backgrounds who handle firearms in my facility.

Regarding that responsibility:
1) Upon the warning from the FBI that they expect me to be a target of militant muslims associated with ISIS,
2) Upon that agency’s advice to take all security pre-cautions necessary to protect my life and those in my presence,
3) and finally upon the directive of the ATF to all FFL holders to err on the side of caution and not engage in any firearm transactions with anyone we suspect might use that firearm in the commission of a crime,
I have always, and will continue to follow the advice of two agencies within the DOJ to protect and defend my own life, as well as the lives of innocent American citizens in my presence, from any and all threats of violence connected to, and or associated with any and all terrorist organizations.

To do anything less, in my current position, would be irresponsible, reckless, and life threatening.


Just fyi: CAIR today is licking their wounds after the highly publicized most recent legal pounding they took from my lawyers, American Freedom Law Center, in another highly publicized court battle between CAIR and innocent American citizens in Michigan who were being bullied by CAIR.(See more on that story here)

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  • acers2

    Ms. Morgan, you be safe. Watch your back and God’ speed in your daily life. Our prayers are with you.

  • James Raymond Lane

    Keep it up, Jan. I’m with you. Be safe. 🙂

  • Brookly Red

    the whole world is watching. Truth to power.

  • gardengranny

    Just fyi Jan, if you didn’t know MOST of American’s are thankful to you and believe the same way. Keep safe and God bless and keep you.

  • Mark Neubauer

    Thank you Miss Morgan,we are with you all the way

  • Bowserb

    CAIR, please go directly to Hell. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

  • Robert Moulds

    While as a liberal I don’t agree with Jan views I admire her for standing up to religious thuggery instead of kowtowing or toady up. I’m glad their is a strong woman resist the joy of screaming like a girl thought it is fun I really make a great B movie scream queen .