Strike 3 for Doc Carson

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

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UPDATE: This article was written and published 5 months ago. Just this week, Doctor Carson has made two very significant steps in the right direction that are significant enough to put him back on my “A” list of strong candidates.

He has reversed his position on a 2nd Amendment issue regarding AR 15s and explained his original statement as a mistake on his part.
He also made the statement that Islam is not consistent with American values and no muslim should ever be able to be President of the United States.. He then refused to back down from his position in spite of the backlash.

That kind of courage is admirable and makes his worthy of consideration again on my short list.

Dr. Ben Carson, on Fox News tonight said he and Al Sharpton have the same goal.

Carson on Fox: “Mr. Sharpton and I have the same goal: to build a brighter, stronger America that provides equal opportunities and access to the underserved and forgotten. ” (end quote)

Al Sharpton DOES NOT HAVE the goal to build a brighter, stronger America that provides equal opportunities and access to the underserved and forgotten..

Al Sharpton is about himself.. period..

He has exploited black people and race for the advancement of his own personal exposure at a great expense to our country and race relations.

Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Reverend Wright are 3 people NO ONE seeking the office of President, should have ANY association with in any fashion..

All three are enemies of our Constitutional Republic.
I can’t trust anyone who lacks the discernment to see this, know it, and stay away from it.

First strike was the 2nd Amendment blunder… then another major mistake a couple of weeks ago for the world to see..
Now… we have this.

Strike 3, Doc..
Next….. .

For all the Dr. Carson fans… (and I was one of his biggest in the beginning)… I still have a great deal of respect for what he has accomplished in his career.. I love the way he slammed Obama in the most classy way possible at the National Prayer Breakfast… however, liking someone, and respecting them for a multitude of reasons, does not mean this person is ready to be the leader of the free world. – JAN MORGAN

Here is how the Doctor explained his actions in an article he wrote on this issue in The National Review with my responses in bold italics..

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the National Action Network’s (NAN) 17th annual national convention in New York City. NAN is one of the leading civil-rights organizations in the United States. It was founded in 1991 by the Reverend Al Sharpton to “promote a modern civil rights agenda that includes the fight for one standard of justice, decency and equal opportunities for all people regardless of race, religion, nationality or gender.”

JAN MORGAN – (When you participate in an event organized by a racist thug, you validate him and give him credibility he does not deserve. Participating in this even is as repulsive to me as Obama meeting with and negotiating with Iran )

The convention proved to be a great stage for productive dialogue and conversation through various panels. Some of the topics discussed included housing, health care, law enforcement, corporate finance, and education.
JAN MORGAN- (What positive remark has Al Sharpton made about ANYONE in law enforcement over the past decade?)

I voiced my opinion on several of these issues, while also promoting the idea that the choices we make in this world have the most to do with our outcomes. Personal responsibility and self-determination — not the household into which you are born, the police force in your neighborhood, or the color of your skin — are the key contributing factors of your life.
JAN MORGAN- (of course Sharpton, the race baitor, police hater, will not be swayed on this issue)

Sharpton and I have the same goal: to build a brighter, stronger America that provides equal opportunities and access to the underserved and forgotten.
Only an idiot would truly believe that Al Sharpton has the goal to build a brighter, stronger America that provides equal opportunities and access to the underserved and forgotten..

JAN MORGAN –Al Sharpton is about himself.. period..

He has exploited black people and race for the advancement of his own personal exposure at a great expense to our country and race relations.

Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Reverend Wright are 3 peope NO ONE seeking the office of President, should have ANY association with in any fashion..


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  • Mfirebrand1

    I think it might be a smart move and Dr. Carson is sincere in his stated goals.

    • Wayne Haskett

      You are right mfirebrand1 some can’t see that far ahead.

      • 1grayrebel

        No. I think yall are wrong. I think he’s shot himself in the foot. He lost a lot of voters with his 2nd amendment error, then his 2nd blunder and now this stupid mistake. Sharp ton is a racist moron who cares for no one but himself. Carson doesn’t stand a chance now.

        • Reddwine

          1grayrebel. If youre calling it an error and hes lost the vote on this, you better pray you dont make any errors in life because you will not be forgiven. To err is human, to forgive is devine.

          • 1grayrebel

            Cmon! This wasn’t an error, he did this on purpose!

          • Reddwine

            Im only repeating what you just said.
            You called it “his 2nd amendment ERROR”. Cmon! read what you post. Of course he did this on purpose.

          • talon1812

            The truth is….all the elections are pre-determined. Presidents are all appointed, not elected. Anyone who believes otherwise is just deluding themself.
            Look up on YouTube
            12-year old proves all American presidents except one are all related to same English King.

          • truthseeker

            Actually ALL American presidents are related to the same English king. In fact, so are you. And me. And Obama. Everyone who has ever lived, including everyone alive today, is at least 13th or 14th cousin to everyone else. That is greater than the degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, but nevertheless it is true. We are all related to each other in the human family. (Well, maybe not James Carville. He is a species from another planet.)

          • Tim Prosser

            Reddwine, me making an “error” is much different, considering the amount of power and global influence that we invest the person that we elect for president! This nation cant afford to make another error in this election!

        • Focused

          This idiot here is why the Republican party is soooo dumb. Didn’t you learn anything from your last “two” losses! The black vote is why you lost. Carson will get black votes from Sharpton! Duh! I’m black and I can see that. No. I’m definitely not Republican (I have a conscious), nor am I Democtat (I have balls). I am Independent and can’t stand either party. Keep up the good work.

          • 1grayrebel

            You’re wrong! It wasn’t the black, because there’s not enough of you. It was the dumb White vote. Dont you know anything? I’m White and I can see that. I’m a Republican with balls and a conscious!

          • Reddwine

            LOL. It was the fruitcakes that stayed home that lost us the vote.
            Im too honest to be a Democrat and too smart to be a Republican.
            Im a Constitutional Conservative with a conscious, brass balls
            and I only want the truth.
            Peace! 😉

          • Aslan

            A beautiful southern bell you are. An a wise one too.

          • Aslan

            Same here I am now a registered non-partisan Conservative. I left the RINO party.

          • Ghanagirl2

            If you support Dr. Ben Carson; we are going to need votes in the primary election to get him to the general elections. IF only “for the moment” PLEASE consider changing your affliation to get this man in the White House. Thanks.

          • Aslan

            The whites didn’t want a Mormon, so they got a second term Muslim instead.

          • Ghanagirl2

            I am African American conservative and registered Republican. I agree – put “career” in front of the word politician and we have trouble with a capital “T”. Look up the history please of the two parties. BOTH, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Sr. were Republicans. We have been duped by the Dems. Check out AlfonzoNation (Alfonzo Rachael). He is HIGHLY informative and gives serious information in a humorous bent (i.e. easy to listen to and understand). I support Dr. Ben Carson, to get him to the general elction; we are going to need your vote in the primary as well. Thanks.

          • Laurie Lasseter Braun

            Im voting Dr. Ben!!!

          • NP JB

            Actually, you are all wrong. It was the Hispanic vote, both legal and illegal, the dead people vote, and the multi-voter. Just because you do not WANT to believe that doesn’t make it untrue.

        • Christine Jaeger-Reinhardt

          Read his speech to the NRA

    • Martin Fisher

      Dr. Carson is spot-on the best candidate of ANY party, and I’ll say so as an independent, libertarian leaning, pro-liberty Constitutionalist conservative.
      As to reason against both major political parties, it is “to smart to be a Democrat and to honest to be a Republican.”

  • Ben Carson’s a good one. But you’re right, Sharpton couldn’t care less about anyone but himself.

    • Sammy Corley

      Let him pay Al’s tax dept

    • Aslan

      Exactly. Fat boy is super slim now with an over sized head. That crack diet really works!!

  • Wayne Haskett

    Even Jesus supped with the tax man. I understand Ben carsons motives they wont call him an uncle tom. And they will listen to his message. He does not support al sharpton come on Jan your wiser than than that he’s the only one that can reach blacks and make them listen.

    • pearls

      Well, if Carson is not really sipporting Sharpton then he is being dishonest. Sharpton is not worthy of any support. He has certainly gained by Carson’s endorsement and posed photo shoot. Carson may lose because of it. I can’t abide pandering and dishonesty. We have had enough of it.

      • papagrune123

        NAN is AL ‘ s lying cheating business . The only way Carson could have not said something like that would have been not to go. Not defending him,but not being a career politician can bite himself in the butt . He did explanation his 2nd adminent comments if any one was listening . He will stick his foot again before it is all done.. No teleprompter , no one in his staff that thought to talk to him again out such a comment

        Ted Cruz he is not. Ted can talk the talk and no one I have seen can trip him up.. I say don’t give up on Carson yet. I don’t know who I will vote for, just who I won’t vote for now. I may have to do it like that. The Donald is sturing up the pot and that can be a good thing, but I think could be a RINO and just wants to divide the party up. I knew who I wanted last time and it was not what we ran.

        Just my 2 cents,you can keep the change

    • Al Baptist

      What do you mean he is the only one that can reach blackc and make them listen? Your statement is full of so many stereotypes, and negative connotation s towards blacks.

  • rwingo5

    Very disappointed with your article, Jan! You seem like an intelligent person but you’re sabotaging a very wise man who, if you LISTEN to what he has to say, is only trying to reach across the isle by having an intelligent conversation to bring black people together instead of dividing the country as this president & his cronies are deliberately doing. I hope people see the big picture, look past this article & support this sincere man who can truly save America. And for those of you skeptical about his 2nd Amendment stance…..go educate yourselves on this before posting false info.

  • Salsababe

    People please think! You don’t make friends with friends but with enemies! It’s the only way to get attention from the Leftists who support people like Sharpton, he had an audience he would never have w/o making nice – also shows he’s a gentleman & a class act.

  • upload

    Politics. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

  • Blake Edwards

    Wow Jan to have the same goal is not to have the same ideas to reach that goal. Voting for someone based on who they appear around might be acceptable at the teen choice awards but not for the leaders of our country. Listen to his ideas and actual words. This is nothing more than you confirming your hatred of Sharpton by throwing Carson under the bus with him. Your ignorance is showing, should probably try to cover that up.

  • Susan Dean

    So, how would you ever be able to trust him now? Yes, strike three, you’re out!! The “black thing” has become his downfall. Remember Colin Powell? He supported Obama because O is black. That pull is very strong to go with the persons who look like them. Sorry Mr. Carson, it is over for you.

    • Reddwine

      You’re kidding, right? The “black thing”? What does that mean?
      No…LOL it is not over for Dr. Carson. Its just begun. Have you ever heard the term “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?”
      Colin Powell is more Democrat than Republican, it didnt surprise me at all. Supporting the president like Collin did is not the same as a contender shaking hands with a black man. Look at all the people Obama shakes hands with. And bows to. Mr Carson is a class act and I see no problem whatsoever with what he did. At least he didnt kiss his..ring.

      • Ghanagirl2

        Better yet take a look at who Mr. Obama will NOT shake hands with. I am a Christian. I am an African American woman. I am registered Republican. God will judge nations by our treatment of Israel. Mr. Obama and this country will pay. People of color have been dealth a raw “affirmative action; social service; hand-out crap” deal. “When I know better, I do better”. Our country needs healing, unifying and God. I belive the good doctor can get us on the path to healing, unity and God. He gets my vote!!

        • k.b . mcdan

          I have felt Dr. Carson was the best candidate from the start. He fits the saying, “Walk softly, but carry a big stick”! He isn’t a grand stander, or
          out to show off! His training has been to study, listen and then attack!
          He is decisive and steady in his resolve. He understands what has to be done for our alli, Israel¡ He is extremely well read, unlike Obama, he knows the true history of America and it didn’t involve Muslims!
          Ben Carson can unite this country again! I watched his speech at NÀR. He was wonderful! If saying the obvious makes him a goner, then we need to rethink what kind of person we want to lead us! If the fact he said sub machine guns aren’t needed in large cities, how can anyone with a brain not understand why? Since it would be mass murder in a mega style!
          Don’t sell this man short by taking one sentence out of context!
          All Sharpton is one of the biggest losers in America, right up there with Obama! If you take the retoric that Sharpton uses, it is not out of reason
          for him to agree regarding the positive things Sharpton is pushing! As a matter of fact, it is a very smart move!

    • Aslan

      Colon Bowel. Skin color first, policies second.

  • MaryLynn

    I am a fan of both of you. How ’bout you make a run yourself Jan?

  • thatsweird

    Hmm it’s gone?

  • Reddwine

    Im very disappointed with your article, Jan. I think you’re sabotaging a very wise man. if you LISTEN to what he has to say, you will find he is only trying to reach across the isle by having an intelligent conversation to bring black people together instead of dividing the country. Hes a kind man in general and Im not surprised. We know how he feels about Al. Now we know how You feel.

    • Ghanagirl2

      Sabotage, I believe was an excellent, appropriate and right on choice of words!

  • Reddwine

    You say strike three but yet you dont mind having your picture taken with him? Thats confusing. And you dont mind posting that picture as you say hes not good enough to be your president? Whats THAT all about? You?

    • Ghanagirl2

      She posted the picture as a deflection – as to say “I USED TO SUPPORT HIM” – but in a previous comment I beleve she simply used this as an excuse (flimsy excuse) to disengage and write a negative piece to (once again) create division. I do not believe sincere heartfelt support would be “cut off at the neck” without at least outreach to Dr. Carson,since she obviously has a pipeline to him, for a fuller understanding. Heck, if she had googled it; Dr. carson has been very outspoken, real, transparent and honest about his approach and what he is doing. Outspoken, real, transparent and honest qualities we have NOT seen in the White House for some time. I am ready for REAL change. WIN Dr. Ben WIN!

  • Starr3214

    Carson validated him I’ll Sharpton in his own territory to bring all of the black people together but his methods will be different and he has written about it and stated it if you read and his earlier books

  • SeanInNYC

    It’d be a safe wager to say that Dr. Carson was speaking to everyone else in the room OTHER than Mr. Sharpton. He’s essentially doing missionary work, trekking into the den of the ideological heathens and speaking the gospel.

    The only way for black Americans to be “saved” is if someone does the work, as Dr. Carson is doing.

    • Aslan

      Carson more of a Christian than Al Notsosharp.

  • Aslan

    Jan is a babe too I might add.

  • Aslan

    We still need more GOP choices.

  • Robert Moulds

    Ben Carson should have avoided Al Sharpton who is self loathing otherwise why does he still have the conk hair do. Conk is were lye was used to burn curly hair straight use in the 1940s by black in a vain attempt to look white.

  • Robert S Moulds

    I’m sure Ben will join the ban the stars and bars battle jack band wagon after the church shooting. Ben will blame a flag and two patches not the drug addiction nor the miss use of the Glock pistol nor that he should have should have been reported by the police to prevent the terrible mass shooting. The union states had slavery 400,000 of them in Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri to the confederate 2,100,000. As for the patches Rhodesia had left the British commonwealth in order to avoid black majority rule November 11, 1965 though ironically had black majority rule in 1978. The Rhodesian Army was 70% during the bush war. The Killer a drug addled high school drop out never knew the Boer republics represented on the South Africa flag Orange Free state and the Transvaal.

  • cmblake6

    Okay, Surgeon General.

  • JDon357

    Does this mean I now favor Cruz over Carson? Yes.
    Does this mean I now favor any Social Democrat over Carson? No.
    If he gets the nomination – he still has my vote.
    But I think this was a bad move. I don’t think it was his third strike. I understood his comment about not needing semi-automatic rifles in places like Chicago. But, to even show up at Sharpton’s NAN gives it credibility it doesn’t deserve. So, this is strike one in my book. A terrible, strategic blunder. I’m sure Dr. Carson’s mother told him “If you lie down with dogs – you get fleas.”

  • Martin Fisher

    Jan Morgan, you are Clearly out to distort information, having no journalistic integrity at all.
    The second strike you claim is on the Second Amendment which Dr. Ben Carson staunchly defends to the uttermost. To find and continually aggravate a miniscule speaking error as a strike after a candidate so completely responds to and clarifies for the best possible pro-liberty position makes it obvious that you are willing to sink to gutter-sniping prevarication and chicanery in order to sharpen an attack.
    You do the very works of your father, the devil, the father of lies, for he was a liar from the beginning, and the works of race-baiting manipulation even as you point out the race-baiting manipulation of the Rev. Al Sharpton.
    Dr. Carson was right to go to this venue and speak as he did for he built bridges of community understanding on issues such as inequalities of opportunity and the problems of police excesses, which are real.

  • CrISIS

    Thankfully, your opinion means nothing. You are so close-minded! CARSON ’16!!!!

  • Haline Shelly Redden-Sullivan

    Well Carson, again you cut off your nose to spite your face.

  • Angie Hoeft

    Sometimes the media’s agendas don’t supply the whole content of speech in order to downgrade and sway people’s opinions. If the whole speech dialog is given there is a difference in what is the actual viewpoint they are trying to make.

  • Donna Gaylor

    I believe, everything Jan Morgan said about Al Sharpton is true, but I think it applies to her and her fellow reporters, also. They start reporting what they think we want to hear to keep everybody in a turmoil. I like to read the comments of what Americans are thinking. We must get a new government not a professional candidate. I think we are getting caught up in the Trump saga of Hollywood, We need to look past the hoopla and see the real man. Carson is a true, person if nothing else. If we go back and look at some of the great men in history and how they thought and dealt with people. This is what I see in Dr. Ben Carson, he is real and not Hollywood and not a professional candidate. I still think we have some good men running that can handle the problems we face today in America as a team.

  • Gerald Barnell Fowler

    Anyone dealing with Sharpton or Jesse Jackson is a idiot.

  • Kenyan Mocker

    Calling someone “a good person” may be seen as a bad move but it also puts pressure on that person. Do they now have to moderate how they act or admit they aren’t nice as was indicated?

  • Laurie Lasseter Braun

    This article is misleading as are most political articles. *******He went on to say that they have two different ideas of how to solve racial issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Left out ny the reporter of course) It reminds me of the prayer breakfast where he “bravely” let it be known that he disagreed with Obama right there under Obama’s nose. He was asked to speak here and did so (LAST APRIL) to let people know there is a better way. People please don’t believe political media. Dr. Carson has a great FB page and is answering two or three questions a day on it. Check it out. He has well thought out answers. He is great at articulating his thoughts. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. I choose Dr. Carson. I read his books and I find everything I can to do research. The debates are THURSDAY. Tune in! We need to stop this arguing under these articles that support the media. It’s what they want. Check out bencarson.com

  • Patrick Carlin

    I agree . . .surgeon general. He is not up to playing politics. . . .which is a good thing.

  • Nancy Kelly

    Sorry. But you’ve allowed this to be totally taken out of context. Carson went there amongst boos and hisses from Sharpton followers. He talked to them about his views on situations that they would handle one way and he would handle completely differently. They have the same goal as far as ending racial divide. (I mean, don’t we all want that?) But he won them over to his side. If you can drop Carson over three differeent instances when the left changes up the facts to turn voters against him (they do that in case you didn’t notice) then you weren’t much of a Carson fan in the first place. SMH

  • Jiminycricket

    You cannot change people by not speaking to them. By having dialogue with Sharpton, perhaps Carson will be able to provide insight for people on both sides of the aisle

  • Teresa Barnett

    Wow, talk about picking and choosing whatever piece of something being said. LOL! Jan Morgan I thought you were smarter than that. Let’s include the rest of the quote, mmmmkkkkk…..): ” However, we have a fundamental difference of opinion regarding the best way to achieve such an end,”

  • Tim Prosser

    Ol’ Al is just trying to keep his foot in the door of the white house and be able to influence the potus as he is doing now. Birds of a feather and all that… If people would have really looked close at orbamas associates, his racist past, and long term membership in a divisive and racist church, we might not be where we are now. He said all of the right things at the right time, when in reality he should never had been a contender for the highest office in the world!

  • John Simon

    I just think that anybody that butters up to a racist radical like Sharpton is someone I can’t invest in today, tomorrow or the future.

  • serious woman

    Guess we know where Carson stands. You are a disappointment and I do not want to hear any more how you pray….pray against legal citizens . What did Obama and Sharpton offer you.

  • disqus_FSfEXu6E9D

    To be able to convince an individual to change and accept your ideas, you first need to make him believe that you are interested in his idea….enough said

  • Enough Already

    I am shocked that someone with the experience that Jan Morgan has does not see this for what it really is…an effort to mend fences, heal divisions and build toward results that remove people from dependence on government. The ball is in Sharpton’s court now and how he reacts will the how sincere he is about building that bridge.

  • Dianne Marshall

    I agree with 1grayrebel, Carson shot himself in the foot and lost a lot of possible support with his real beliefs. It has taken him almost 6 months to figure out his beliefs as they have changed from day to day. It is really hard to believe that a lifetime of advocating for minorities can be changed in a few months. For even though he said he changed when he heard Reagan, he did not change any of his actions. In Baltimore they are now saying he isn’t the same Carson, he sold out. So it is easy to say what needs said to get elected, we saw that with Obama. It is hard to throw away your core values and beliefs, sooner or later they reappear.

  • DianeR

    But he still supports work permits for 20+ million illegal immigrants, which takes away millions of jobs from Americans. See http://helpingmisguidedvoters.com/invisible_elephants.html

  • DianeR

    And he has a really bad temper — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V17AAm72LGU

  • DianeR

    I don’t see my last message and video link , so here it is again — And, in his own words, he has a very bad temper — see youtube video ‘

    Ben Carson in His Own Words’