Two GOP Presidential Hopefuls DON’T Own Guns

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Every 2016 GOP presidential hopeful except Jeb Bush and New Jersey Chris Christie (R) own guns, and lots of them.

Between the “15 noteworthy” contenders there are at least “40 guns” PRIVATELYowned, and these include Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) .357 Magnum and shotgun, Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) AR-15, former Governor Rick Perry’s (R-TX) “jogging” gun, the revolver Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) says he bought “for protection” in 2010, and Governor Bobby Jindal’s (R) Smith & Wesson .38 Special, among others.

Yet according to The Washington Post, pro-illegal immigration candidate Jeb BUSH does not own one gun, nor does Governor Christie. This news follows Christie’s March 24 claim that he would “respect” gun rights if voters GAVE him a pro-gun legislature.

Apart from the fact that BUSH and Christie don’t own guns, The Washington Post reports there is “near unanimity” on the issue of guns among all the candidates. But to date, Cruz has emerged as the candidate going beyond mere gun ownership to speak directly about defending the Second Amendment.

Speaking to attendees at a “Lincoln-Reagan” dinner in New Hampshire, Cruz exclaimed, “We need to defend the Second Amendment!” He CONTINUED, “I’m pretty sure New Hampshire’s definition of gun control is kind of what it is in Texas. Gun control means hittin’ what you aim [at].”

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) is a gun owner too, and he uses his guns for hunting deer and ducks.

Donald Trump owns two guns–including a Heckler & Koch. .45– and has a license to carry in New York City, while former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina “owns five guns” and says her go-to-weapon is a GLOCK 17 9mm semiautomatic.

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  • Robert S Moulds

    So Chris Christie and Jeb Bush don’t own guns maybe they don’t like shooting gods little creatures. They are still better than Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and their double barrel shot guns. Such redneck vigilantes are either satire or selling gun control though irony.

    • Bak Toyou

      The only reason I don’t get involved in the pro-gun efforts is because of the stupid arguments both sides present, as if their issue exists in a vacuum. For example our National debt will put the Federal Reserve in bankruptcy in about a year, and we will have no country. I’ve been without firearms at times in my life. Give Christie a break, let his acumen speak for itself.

  • TOMD

    i wonder why,robert moulds and bak toyou are on a pro second amendment pro gun site?