Hidden Camera: Will Muslim Bakeries Bake a Gay Wedding Cake?

Jan Morgan

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Yes folks, he did this. He went there. You have this now.

What do you think happens when a gay, like SUPER gay, Crowder tries to get a super gay WEDDING CAKE baked at a Muslim bakery? I’m pretty sure you can guess, but you might as well WATCH this week’s adventure to Dearborn, Mich., to find out! (for those who do not know him… Crowder is not Gay so this was quite an acting job on his part. )

Okay… So.. GAY ACTIVISTS, where is all the outrage.. Where is the media? Where are all the lawsuits and death threats?

Will these Muslim owned bakeries who refused to make the cake be forced out of business?
Of course not,…. because with the left, this has NOTHING to do with discrimination and everything to do with the war on Christianity.

By the way.. I absolutely respect and support the right of each and every business owner whether they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, atheist, whatever, to refuse service…to anyone and everyone they feel they do not want to serve.. regardless of the reason.

This is how free market enterprise WORKS.
If you believe in freedom of association, then you have to believe in freedom of disassociation, or you do not truly believe in freedom at all.


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  • Jeff

    So you would stand for the right of a business to refuse service to a black couple because they’re black? I’m not sure where I stand on a business’s right to refuse service to gays but to say that people should be able to refuse service to anyone for any reason is a debatable statement to me.

    • Don

      That’s not a valid argument. He answers that question early in the video. Typical liberal tactic – subvert the topic by creating a totally irrelevant analogy. If you would not print vulgar profanity on a cake because it is against your religion, then why would you participate in a ritual that was against your religion?

      • Phil

        Explain why it’s not valid.

        • Joe

          Being black is not a choice or an action. Engaging in homosexual sex is a choice and an action. To refuse service to a homosexual just because they are a homosexual is wrong. Refusing to participate in something you disagree with is not wrong. You may disagree with that but you shouldn’t be able to force somebody to agree with you. I believe in a homosexual’s right to gay sex. I also respect a business’s right to refuse to engage in an act they are uncomfortable with. This man makes it very clear- A gay person walks in to buy a cake, no problem. But if you ask that business to write something that they are uncomfortable with they should have the right to refuse. Don’t they have rights as well?

          If I go into a gay bakery and they refuse to serve me because I wanted them to make a pro-heterosexual cake, you know what I would do? Threaten to sue? Cause an uproar and demand they be persecuted? No, I would politely leave and go to a bakery that would honor my request. Problem solved. This movement isn’t about fighting bigotry, it’s about forcing people to accept and believe what they believe. It’s about hating somebody that you disagree with. Can’t we all live with tolerance and peace toward one another? Or do we have to fight and get angry if somebody believes something different? Love turns the other cheek.

          • Stephen Fronda

            You ASSUME here that being gay is a choice. As a gay man, I am opening myself up to other veiws. I am.
            The problem is, most homosexuals honestly just want to live normal lives, like everyone else. We don’t want to hunt for a bakery that will serve us. We pay you for a cake, not your opinion.

            That being said. I do agree that you should be free to serve who you want. After all, if you’re so against something you clearly don’t understand… I don’t want you anywhere near my cake.

            I honestly think anyone disagreeing with homosexuality is misguided and kind of bigoted. But this is the US, you have the right to do so.

          • Alex

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    • Dawn

      This has absolutely nothing to do with refusing service to anyone “on the basis that they are gay”–that has been made abundantly clear over and over, including in this video. This has everything to do with the right to free exercise of religion, provided for in the U.S. Constitution–know what that is? That right would certainly not be violated when a business owner serves a black person, a gay person, or any other person. That right IS being violated and trampled when a business owner is forced to engage in or align with an activity that he or she believes is morally and biblically wrong, i.e., the murder of unborn babies, the abuse of women or children, or facilitating/promoting a same sex wedding ceremony. These are things that our culture now deems acceptable only because the loudest, most hateful and bigoted shouters have been abundantly served by the liberal media to shout down all opposition to and disagreement with their views. I just wonder if a gay owner of a T-shirt shop would be forced to print shirts stating “Homosexuality (along with adultery and fornication) is a sin against the Holy God who created you. Repent!” What do you think??

  • Robert Moulds

    The media should be just as outraged over Muslim bakery not baking a gay wedding cake as a Christian bakery not doing so. They don’t because they kowtow and toady up to the threat of jihad and as a liberal it is shameful. If the business is bias against gays spend your money else where after all it is their loss of a expanded market place. Further more the whole issue is just so trivial the only one who cares is Dan Savage who is transphobic easy because he is butch yeck.

  • ZomMike

    I would prefer there be no restriction on whom you could refuse service to. However there is a difference between not baking a style of cake based on your beliefs FOR ANYONE, and refusing services for certain people. For example, “I will not bake a cake with men kissing on it for you, nor would I for anyone else, because of my christian beliefs” vs. “I will cater weddings with my pizza, I just won’t cater your wedding because of my christian beliefs” (though pepperoni is also technically forbidden in the bible, but we’ll just go ahead and ignore that one, ham doesn’t make me feel icky).

  • Marco84

    Hiding hatred behind the veil is religion is still hatred, regardless of how you spin it. If you are going to make the choice that being gay is a choice, then you also need to concede that religion is a choice. So why does one trump the other? Just because one is listed in the constitution and one isn’t does not mean that there are civil rights issues here.

    I own a small business, and would never want to discriminate against my patrons, regardless of their lifestyle.

  • LatterDayEsther

    I agree that small business owned by individuals and family should have every right to choose whom they serve. If I owned a bakery you’d have to shoot me because I would NOT make a gay wedding cake. I believe the Bible on that issue. It’s the only thing the Muslims are getting right. Putting an openly gay person to death would shut them up pretty quickly.

  • Sean

    The reason for the lack of outrage is that this isn’t a popular story. That’s literally it. Stop making a bit deal out of it.