TX Hwy to be Named After American Sniper, Chris Kyle

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The Texas Senate passed House Bill 1187 designating a segment of U.S. Hwy 287 in Midlothian, as the Chris Kyle Memorial Highway.
The bill will now go to Governor Greg Abbott for signing and making the bill law.

Midlothian is 25 miles southwest of Dallas, Texas.

Chris Kyle, was a Navy SEAL and author of the New York Times bestseller American Sniper.

On February 2, 2013, Kyle was shot at point-blank range and killed at a Texas gun range. He and a friend where attempting to help a fellow veteran who was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. His friend, Chad Littlefield, was also shot and killed.

The veteran who shot them, Eddie Ray Routh, was found guilty of capital murder in February of this year.

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  • Debi

    I love this! Keeping his memory alive! Texas Proud!!!

  • Robert Moulds

    That’s in the spirit of memorial day to remember Chris Kyle who served his country in unpopular wars. Being a sniper is dangerous infiltrate enemy lines in war time protecting America’s overseas interest and given little thanks for it. In age of cruise missiles and drones the few who serve their nation’s interest should be thanked. True Iran North Korea or even China and Russia will ever invade the United States unless it is a unoccupied island so the American people don’t know about it. But terrorist are a threat selling their ideas over our free media and if killing them overseas saves lives without threatening our free media it is worth it.

  • cmblake6