Hillary Logic: Race Based Shooting “Not About Race”.. It’s About Guns

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The latest black on white hate crime committed by a racist democrat, is not about race.. it is about guns.
At least that’s what Hillary Clinton would have you believe and she wants you to know that as President, she will deal with these terrible, horrible guns once and for all.
(never mind the fact that the shooter sent a detailed letter to ABC News talking about how he had to kill white people and he constantly complained that white people said nasty racist things to him (which was never proven) and because of this, he was a powder keg about to explode)

Shortly after the deadly shooting of the two Virginia television journalists, Hillary rushed to her twitter account to tweet the following: “We cannot wait any longer” to address gun violence.

NOTE TO HILLARY: No laws will impact this murderer’s ability to have a gun without also infringing (to a greater extent) the law abiding citizens ability to protect themselves and their families from people like this murderer.

The two were killed Wednesday morning during a live broadcast at a shopping center. The gunman — Vester Lee Flanagan, a former employee of the TV station — used social media to show video of the shooting. Flanagan reportedly shot himself while being pursued by police on the highway and died Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday afternoon, Clinton continued her gun bashing to reporters during a campaign stop in Iowa. “We have got to do something about gun violence in America, and I will take it on,” Clinton said. “I feel just great heartache at what happened, and I want to reiterate how important [it is that] we not let another terrible instance go by without trying to do something more to prevent this incredible killing that is stalking our country.”

OOPS.. once again Hillary is caught telling lies.

Violent crime has plummeted, even as gun ownership is at an all-time high, both in terms of the number of guns in circulation, and in the total number of gun owners. Both of these numbers inch higher to create new records on a daily basis, and there are now well over 12 million Americans with concealed carry permits.

Clinton has made gun control a theme in her campaign.
She has repeatedly called on lawmakers to take on the gun lobby at events across the country.

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  • Robert Moulds

    It is because they are too many poorly enforced gun control laws that are too many mass shootings. Dylann Roof was able to buy a Glock 43 due FBI oversight not because of the NRA Vester Lee Flanagan killed his fellow workers because of a racial bias. While hating white people may not be racism because they are not marginalized minority and there fore is not the same as it is to black people. Killing them is just as wrong and he should be punished just as Dylann Roof.

  • Robert Moulds

    I heard Hillary Clinton likes Australia’s gun ban but instead of imposing herself on the American people she should move there. Maybe marry John Pilger and leave poor slick willy behind.