My 9/11 Message to Barack Obama and Muslims in America

Jan Morgan

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My 9/11 message to Barack Obama and every muslim in America who refuses to acknowledge and condemn islamic terrorism:

A year ago, I created an international firestorm by listing 10 reasons I wanted my gun range to be a muslim free zone. (read it at this link)

As a firearms instructor and owner of an indoor shooting range, I refused to train or allow my facility to be used for training the next sharia-adherent islamic jihadist.
Had the flight instructors of the 9/11 hijackers been as discerning, 3000 Americans would be alive today.

Within a week of publishing my article, the counter terrorism unit of the FBI sent a supervisor and special agent to meet with me to explain that ISIS was in my state and I am now a target.

I came under attack by CAIR, the leading Islamic Terrorist front organization in America, along with 82 other islamic sympathizer organizations who aligned with a common determination to destroy me with the assistance of the DOJ.

Death threats and hate messages became a part of my daily life.


Today, firearms related businesses in SIX STATES have followed my lead.

There are 3 reasons I am still here in the fight today.

1) 3000 innocent Americans who died on this day, and all the others murdered by muslim terrorists in America since that day. I WILL NOT FORGET.

2) YOU, my fellow American Patriots – and the millions of other people around the world who had the guts to publicly stand with me against this evil force to firmly announce that political correctness will not trump public safety. THANK YOU.

3) MY ATTORNEYS, The nation’s leading anti-islamic jihadist, freedom fighters with American Freedom Law Center.
( Robert J. Muise, I love you!)
They stepped in at the beginning of my fight and said, “we want to represent you, pro-bono.”
Their legal shield has deflected many arrows while I continue the fight.

While Barak Obama says:
“I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam whenever they appear.”

Mr. President, the murders of over 270 million people by muslims blazing their bloody trail through history is NOT JUST A NEGATIVE STEREOTYPE.

Make no mistake, sharia-adherent Islamists are today waging a war against America and its Judeo-Christian principles.

This threat is real. And the American Freedom Law Center is confronting it like no other organization.

My fellow Americans, with your support and God’s blessing, we will ultimately succeed in this battle . . . because failure is not an option!

You want to help us fight? Here’s what YOU can do:

1) Please read (at this link) the powerful message about Islamic jihad from my attorneys (who also represent Pamela Geller and other freedom fighters pro-bono.

2) Click on the “donate” icon at the top of their blog and make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION for their pro-bono representation.

3) Like and share their facebook page (at this link)
May God bless you . . . and may God bless America!

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  • Roberta Porter

    God bless you Jan and all that stand tall and proud with you <3

  • LindaLea

    You are truly one courageous woman. Thank you.

  • Bd79

    Didn’t read most of your ignorant and pointless nonsense. But here is a kick. I’m a Muslim and I was at your gun range. And will be there again. You will never know. I’m white and a Muslim from Eastern Europe with no accent. You mad?

    • Jason Winchester

      Why would she be mad? You’re a coward hiding. You think you’re funny, but the joke is on you. You cower in fear. You can’t walk with your head held high and profess who you are. You are simply a coward….

      • Stan Jones

        You are the coward.

        • Jason Winchester

          That’s kind of a weak argument there Stan. You might want to elaborate. Otherwise you look like an idiot who blindly follows only because he can’t think on his own.

          • Stan Jones

            Jason , the only blind one here is you. It’s apparent from your lack of sensitivity toward someone you naturally assume must be a terrorist simply because he’s a Muslim American.

    • Mistergilgamesh

      Bd79 instead of focusing on American citizens who want to keep guns out of the hands of Islamic dumbasses, why don’t you take your pointless Islamic pride and do something positive with it? When has Islam sent real aid to nations in distress after earthquakes and Typhoons? When has Islam explored the depths of the oceans or the height of the heavens? What great literature or art has Islam produced that brings beauty and inspiration to the rest of the world? What new cures for terrible diseases has Islam produced…ever? NONE. ZILCH. NADA. ZERO !!!! For the most part, only Christian and the single Jewish nation has ever done that, except for the Chinese, who are definitely anti-Islam.

      Why has Islam been such a bunch of ignorant useless piss-ants for 1400 years?
      Oh, that’s right. Because it’s Islam. Institutionalized Ignorance in book form.

      And if Mohammed were alive today, he would have already been arrested and executed by the Great State of Texas.

  • Robert Moulds

    First off America is at war with terrorist not Islam secondly Islam is no better or worse than Christianity if it were not for certain religious leaders. Third I have no problem with hajabs halal or living and working with Muslims and against any discrimination. fourth the Muslim leaders are the problem with their fatwas hate and guns it no wonder 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity over Islam. After all who do you want to fallow a psycho wearing sandals camo gear and a turban ranting against America up in desert mountain and being bombed by said country as a result. Or a man with speakers a stage snappy suit shirt matching tie dress shoes telling you Jesus loves no threats no guns no hate in crowded city. I’d go with the man in the suit since the one in camo gear is doomed any way. Besides they are never gay flying pigs when you need them. As for 9/11 airport need working x ray machine better trained and payed guards all firefighters and police that were their are heroes.