Talking Drones and Guns During Anti-Gun Pope’s Visit…

Jan Morgan

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So.. they wanted me to talk about the FAA’s new “drone free zones” for the Pope’s visit ton Fox News.. I was thankful because the last thing I want to do is discuss a Pope that I do not respect.
In case you haven’t heard this Pope who says you cant be a Christian and own guns.

I guess he failed to read Luke 22:36-38 where Christ tells his followers to sell their cloak to buy a sword. The sword of biblical times is equivalent to the gun of today and the point Christ was making is that you should have a weapon to defend your life.

I also find it hypocrital of him to tell the rest of us who can’t afford armed body guards that we have to walk around disarmed defenseless victims waiting to happen…. and … that if we do purchase a gun for self defense that we aren’t Christians.

So… I get to talk about drones.. and of course, because some folks are shooting them down, I was asked if that was legal..
Well.. of course its not.. according to the FAA..
However.. what I said next about how people in the south are dealing with privacy invading drones with cameras hovering over their private property…changed the tone of the show..:)

I guess Fox folks in New York find our ‘southern way’ of dealing with things… a bit… entertaining. 🙂

Watch the video HERE AT THIS LINK!

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  • Jason Henderson

    The Vatican is also the largest shareholder of Pietro Beretta FA, the company that manufactures Beretta firearms, and the second-largest contract purchaser of SIG Sauer firearms in the world. Wow, hypocrite much, Your “Holiness”?

  • Robert Moulds

    The Pope is only a religious leader while he can talk politics in the end it is seperation of church and state so if you believe your Christian and want to own a gun. I believe the second amendment only supports a well regulated militia and women with guns scare me but then even with out guns they scare me. I support heavy military spending and think Ron Paul; is typical southern fried redneck moron like the average white southern. The Pope is to honored as the leader of the Christian world.