American Muslims Call for Islamic Revolution in America

Jan Morgan

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In Chicago, during the annual national conference hosted by the Muslim Brotherhood group, Muslims for America, Muslims are strongly urged to join Black Lives Matter, and start a revolution.
Thats right. No beating around the bush..
The Muslims speaking in the video below during the conference, represent the largest Muslim organizations in America: CAIR, MAS, and ICNA.

See for yourself in the attached video, taken from the Chicago Conference, Muslim leaders make the following statements:
“Black Lives Matter… Basically you are the new black people of America, you are being denied rights, you are being denied the American Dream… If we don’t stand, you will see muslims murdered in the streets. We are the community that staged a revolution around the world.. why cant we do that in America?”
“We are the children of muhammad.. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD DO.. if we do it, allah has promised us the same victories as those who came before us.” –

Where is the FBI? When other American citizens use the word revolution, you can expect FBI agents on your doorsteps ready to interrogate, cuff you, and send you to the looney bin.
Oh.. thats right.. our FBI is tied up at the moment, busy tracking down Patriots who are standing up for the Constitution and Bill of Rights… protecting the Bureau of Land Management because America’s ranchers are our greatest security risk.

Today, once again Muslims murder innocent people in the name of Islam.

I said it on Fox News in September of last year, NO SYRIAN REFEGEES IN AMERICA.

ISIS has promised to seed those refugees with jihadists.
The Muslim Brotherhood motto:
“Allah is our objective, the Prophet is our leader, the Quran is our law, Jihad is our way, dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

The Quran (which I have read and studied for 12 years), contains over 109 verses dictating hate, murder, and terror against ALL HUMAN BEINGS WHO REFUSE TO SUBMIT OR CONVERT TO ISLAM.
(read those here: Islamic verses of violence )

This is why I was the first gun range in America to declare my range a “MUSLIM FREE ZONE”… (which went viral and generated an international frenzy of reaction.) Read my original article on that here: “Why I Want My Range to be a Muslim Free Zone”

This is why I am supporting Donald Trump for President… He is the only candidate who has been willing to spit in the face of political correctness and say he will ban muslims from coming in to America until we get a handle on this problem. He is the only candidate who stood up and said we absolutely must investigate the families of muslim terrorists in America, and we must look into what is being taught in Mosques in America.
Thank you Donald Trump!

This is a short video clip of my stand against Syrian refugees on Fox back in September…
Watch the full interview at this link: (JAN MORGAN ON SYRIAN REFUGEES, FOX BUSINESS)

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