Obama To Make Smart Guns Push

Jan Morgan

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President Obama tomorrow is expected to push a new direction in gun control.
Industry and gun control sources say the President will formally release findings from the Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security Departments on the development of Smart Guns… guns that can be fired ONLY by their owner.

This is an initiative that the gun lobby and law enforcement rank and file is already mobilizing against.
Back in January, Obama ordered federal agencies to explore smart gun technology and report back, as part of his series of executive actions for “common sense” gun reforms.

As a firearms instructor and gun owner, I personally would never be interested in owning one of these guns. In a crisis, when my semi-auto has a mechanical malfunction, I know how to quickly clear it on the fly. Technology added to a firearm means added opportunities for malfunctions that I could not quickly deal with. I also do not want a computer chip in my firearm that would allow my gun to be remotely disabled or hacked. No thanks.

I am not against funding research for smart guns or putting them on shelves. But I adamantly oppose any law that would prohibit people from buying a gun that doesn’t have personalized technology. I am concerned the government will use this as an excuse to prohibit the manufacture of traditional handguns, raise the price of handguns that would be allowed to be sold and, presumably, to imbed into handguns a device that would allow guns to be disabled remotely.

I do see a market for these kinds of guns. Safety would and should be the only motive. People who are not really gun enthusiasts, who have small children and just want a firearm in the home for self defense, may feel more comfortable with that type of gun in their home.
Supporters of the smart gun concept admit the guns wouldn’t prevent most mass shootings, gun crimes or suicides which are currently the biggest driver of gun deaths. They argue, however that the smart guns could cut down on the roughly 500 deaths each year from accidental shootings, especially by kids.

Advocates also point to findings that most youth suicides are committed with a parents’ weapon, and instances where officers’ own guns are stolen in a scuffle and used to shoot them cause about 1 in 10 police deaths.

Critics are gearing up to fight back against the possibility that such guns could be required for government firearms purchases and police officers are among the biggest skeptics.

Cops worried about testing an unproven technology on the streets. Who could blame them?

In addition to the smart gun issue, Obama made is also pushing other areas of his gun control agenda.
He ordered the Social Security Administration to start writing regulations that could bar some beneficiaries from buying a gun if they’ve been deemed mentally incapacitated. It could face a legal challenge, depending on the final wording, and advocates who work closely with the White House anticipate those details could come out on Friday, too.

Obama also called for an upgrade to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, and that’s showing signs of progress. The FBI plans to debut the “New NICS,” late this summer.

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