“No One Should Have a Gun”- DNC Platform Committee Mbr.

Jan Morgan

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Bonnie Schaefer, a member of the DNC Platform Committee, who write the platform on which democrats base their campaigns, was recorded from C-Span. She said:

“I really don’t personally think anyone should have a gun. That’s just my own philosophy.”

Schaefer’s comment comes on the heels of Hillary’s refusal to say the 2nd Amendment is a constitutional right.
Hillary Clinton also says she likes “the Australian method” of gun control for America, which means no guns.

Hillary Clinton says as President, she wants to repeal the exemption for gun manufacturers that prevents them from being sued over the actions of criminals with guns.

In other words, every thug who uses a gun in the commission of a crime will give the victims families permission to sue the manufacturer of the firearm he used in the crime.
That is as insane as sueing car manufacturers over the actions of drunks who get behind the wheel of a car and kills people.

This kind of talk from the democratic nominee and from the DNC platform committee should be huge red flags for democrats who own guns and all the republicans who are thinking of sitting out this voting cycle and not voting against Hillary.

Here is the video of Schaefer making her statement:

If you are a gun owner and vote for Hillary Clinton, or if you are a Republican/Conservative and sit home instead of voting Trump,

The next President will appoint 3 to 5 US Supreme Court Justices.

Hillary Clinton and the DNC want to allow liberals to sue gun manufacturers out of business, eliminate guns and erase the 2nd Amendment from the Bill of Rights.

If gun owning democrats don’t get off their couches and reel in their own party, and Republicans don’t STOP Clinton from becoming President, the consequeses will be irreversible.

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