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Often referred to as the 1st Lady of the 2nd Amendment, Jan is a Nationally Recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, State Police Certified Concealed Carry Instructor, founder of Armed American Woman, (a national firearms training program for women) and owner of The Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs. You can catch Jan weekly on Fox News/Fox Business Network as an analyst on Gun Rights issues. She has also appeared on CNN, The Blaze TV, American Family Radio Network, and hundreds of radio, television, and print media programs.
Her article, “Why I Want My Range to be a Muslim Free Zone” went viral and generated an international conversation on an issue that had been ignored due to political correctness.
Since her article, gun ranges and stores in six states have followed her lead.

She recently wrote the foreward for the hottest new gun rights book in America, Good Gun, Bad Guy by Dan Wos.

Morgan is a heavily sought after speaker and has served as the keynote speaker at Republican, Tea Party, and 2nd Amendment events in over 20 states. She was a leading voice at the 2A rally in New York where 9 thousand attendees rallied to stop the Safe Act from restricting the gun rights of New York citizens.

When the citizens of Illinois decided to fight to get their gun rights back, the Illinois Gun Owners Political Action Organization brought in Morgan to help with the fight. Her appearances, speeches and classes helped raise enough money to wage the legal battle to secure the rights of law abiding citizens in that state to get concealed carry permits to carry again for self defense.

The National Center for Crime Prevention invited Morgan to be a speaker in Washington DC at the National Convention of College Students for Conceal Carry on Campus. As a result of the efforts of that organization, college students with conceal carry permits now have the right to conceal carry on their college campuses in six states.

As a certified firearms instructor, Jan as trained over eight thousand people in 20 states. Her firearms training program has a 100% accident free gun safety record and proven record of success with students across the country.

Jan is also an Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, and has been a contributor on Patriot Update, The Daily Caller, and was selected as the Voice of the Conservative Vote by Texas GOP.

Jan is an Independent Constitutional Conservative.

Her Conservative voice has generated a following of over one million Tea Party Patriots, Libertarians, Republicans and Independents as friends/subscribers on her website and social media pages, “Jan Morgan” and “Jan Morgan Media,” which led to her being selected the first Facebook Conservative Rockstar by Red White and Blue News.

Jan works with The National Rifle Association, The Second Amendment Foundation, the National Association of Gun Rights, and Gun Owners of America to lobby against gun control efforts nationally.
photo-14Jan recently served as a keynote speaker alongside Dudley Brown of National Association for Gun Rights and Sheriff Mack and will be appearing with NRA Board Member Kenneth Blackwell and Matt Staver of The Liberty Council in Washington DC in October, as a keynote speaker on defending the 2nd Amendment.

She is honored to be selected as the first female keynote speaker in the history of the Citizens Defense League, (a gun rights organization in Arizona) for their annual banquet.
72672_4278258645806_2109126617_nJan has aligned with Patriot Close Combat Consultants to provide a special class called “Armed American Woman”, a firearms/hand to hand combat self defense class for women. Thousands of women across the country have benefited from taking this class, which to date, has a 100% accident free safety record. Jan’s classes have been taught in most states in conjunction with Jan’s speaking engagements.


During her 27 years as a television anchor and reporter, Jan’s work won Associated Press awards in spot news, documentary, and best continuing coverage. Jan’s most recent work that is gaining national exposure is her investigative documentary, “Rampant InJustice.” Her article “My AR 15 is NOT an Assault Rifle” generated a firestorm in responses when featured on “The Daily Caller,” “Patriot Update” and JANMORGANMEDIA.COM

527622_3648246415894_275801047_nJan has co-hosted American Akbar, an international radio blog program with Counter-Terrorism expert Gadi Adelman, is a frequent guest commentator on The Armstrong Williams Show in Washington DC, and has appeared as a guest on Fox radio in Atlanta Georgia, and Conservative Talk radio in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Arkansas, California, Nevada, Illinois, and Arizona, as well as the America Family Radio in Mississippi. She is the first female to be keynote speaker for the Citizens Defense League Annual Rally in Arizona . Jan has been a keynote speaker at Tea Party/ Republican/ and 2nd Amendent rallies in Michigan, Alabama, North Carolina, Missourri, Texas, Arkansas, New York, Illinois, and Florida.