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Approximately 65% of Online Gamers Faces Stalking, Threats, Other Severe Harassment


Approximately 65% of Online Gamers Faces Stalking, Threats, Other Severe Harassment

Approximately 65% of Online Gamers Faces Stalking, Threats, Other Severe Harassment

Anti-Defamation League said that 65% of players have gone through severe harassment while playing games online, it includes stalking, physical threats, and sustained harassment, whereas 74% of online multiplayer gamers experienced some or the other form of harassment. The ADL said that among various online game players those who have experienced harassment or torture, 53% reported being harassed based on their religion, ability, race, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. In addition, 29% of online game players been doxed in online games, which means that their private or personal information was exposed publicly against their wishes.

However, ADL is not working with very large sample size, but results of these surveys are still quite damning. 38% of women surveyed were harassed on the basis of gender. 35% of surveyed people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, or trans, said they were harassed based on their sexual orientation and 31% of surveyed people identify as African or black American. 29% of people surveyed were doxed while playing games online. 24% of people identify as Latin/Hispanic were harassed because of their race. 23% of people who identified as Asian American or Asian experienced harassment based of their race. 19% of people who identified as Muslim or Jewish were harassed based on their religion. 23% of people were exposed to extremist hateful and ideologies propaganda. 9% of people said they were “exposed to deliberations about Holocaust denial.”

It’s not all bad news, as 88% of respondents said they’ve had positive experiences in online gaming, whereas 51% saying that they made new friends while playing games online, and 13% said they found partner through online games. ADL, CEO Jonathan Greenblatt stated that around two-thirds of the US adults play online games, yet there are major problems with hate, discrimination and harassment. In addition, this survey offered detailed analysis on most popular games in the US. For every one of the 15 online games involved in the survey, at least 50% of players reported that they had experienced harassment. The games where players stated experiencing most harassment includes, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (75%), Dota 2 (79%), PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (75%), League of Legends (75%), and Overwatch (75%).

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