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Changing Climate Panic and Hope for Better Climatic Conditions


Changing Climate Panic and Hope for Better Climatic Conditions

Changing Climate Panic and Hope for Better Climatic Conditions

Some people are opting to become birth striker, which means a person who refuses to have children. People opt for this because the world is in a crisis, several problems need to be solved, but the world population has grown tremendously, and therefore, it puts stress on the environment. Also, many factors like quality of air, water has substantially reduced over the period. People these days suffer from climate change anxiety. The number of people who believe, “the world is coming to an end soon” is increasing.

Some people believe that living under these circumstances is difficult and puts a strain on the environment and its resources. Also, the chances of making an impact of our existence are low. These people think their next generation would also contribute towards polluting the environment and harm nature in the long run. Over the years’ average life expectancy of humans have increased due to better healthcare facilities, but the quality of life due to climate has dropped. Some estimate that humans have less than a decade to save the earth. But on the other hand, one should not forget that we reduced extreme poverty, tremendously in the last couple of decades.

Many scientists believe that our planet has entered a geological era where there is a need to worry as well as hope for the betterment of our climate. We are in far better time as compared to the time during world wars where people were living under the threat of nuclear war. Many governments are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprints. Some thinkers suggest having more children so that they could help in solving the problem of climate change. Few environmentalists, contradict views of birth strikers and people who support their views. In the past few decades, nuclear plants in the United States have avoided many gig tons of carbons emission. Collective efforts of all the population are necessary to bring reform.

Rebecca Sandoval

Rebecca always wanted to be a scientist, but she settled down for scientific communication when she found the expertise in the command of language. Right now, Rebecca contributes regularly to the science sector of the Janmorgan Media, offering insightful perspectives very often.

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