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Facebook Recommends Bisexual Men for Blood Donation, Which Might Hurt Them


Facebook Recommends Bisexual Men for Blood Donation, Which Might Hurt Them

Facebook Recommends Bisexual Men for Blood Donation, Which Might Hurt Them

Aaron Endre, a 33-years-old man from San Francisco, has a Facebook account. While registering on the social network, he had mentioned as a man interested in another man in his account profile. He regularly follows the news regarding odd issues. But every other day, ads are targeting Aaron in both news feeds, Instagram, and Facebook. Aaron surmises they are targetting him as both are aware of his sexual orientation. Besides, he has been receiving reminders on FB’s news feed for blood donation after every few days, despite his attempts to stop them. For Aaron, the advertise work as a hurting nudge as he does not have permission to donate blood, despite his wish to do so. In almost twenty countries around the world, guys who have physical relation with another man do not have an authority to donate blood altogether.

In 2017, Facebook had launched a new feature regarding blood donation as part of its Social Good team. It was accessible for the users in India, Bangladesh, and Brazil. The social media giant has launched functionality in the US in the previous month. Now people can use this feature; they have to sign up for receiving notifications. The app will inform the user whenever neighboring blood donation centers immediately need blood donors. An Atlantic author urges the government to place the same regulations on men who have unprotected sex with several partners. The writer also demands to impose the act on drug users.

Whereas, more than 12 bisexual pairs and gay have shared their thoughts about the FB blood donation tool. They call it an offensive as well as insulting one. Even more, many of them have requested for Facebook not to target them with such reminders or notifications. According to a public health expert, Facebook blood donation tool is an entirely positive feature, particularly in severe demand of blood in various areas. But the function has a dark side. The functionality contains some consequences in aiming everyone that Facebook might not have taken into account. A Facebook spokesperson said they don’t target users depending on their sexual choices or their capacity to donate blood. As per the executive, the company has created this feature to increase awareness regarding blood donation.

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