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In 2019, Blue Talon, Inc. was Aquired By Miscrosoft For Data Access, Control, and Security


In 2019, Blue Talon, Inc. was Aquired By Miscrosoft For Data Access, Control, and Security

In 2019, Blue Talon, Inc. was Aquired By Miscrosoft For Data Access, Control, and Security

In the recent year, speedily changing data landscape. Data privacy and governance service Startup are growing. That permitting the chances for enterprises to digitally transform. Microsoft is one of the valuable company in the world. Microsoft has acquired Blue Talon. Which focused data access and security. Which is the fourth known company, to simplify the task for enterprise. By using the Azure cloud platform. Blue Talon has advanced a data platform. Which provide a centralized data management. Blue Talon provides data governance and compliance solutions. The software provides authority to employees. To control and access internal records. Rapid development has authorized data experts. Which including data scientists, and data engineers. At the same time, has a very increased size of data lands. To make data management and governance.

Data privacy is one of the important issues of our time. As shown by the introduction and evolution of privacy laws across the globe. As technology becomes more affordable in our lives and work. And simply understand and control what data is collected. Which is easily manageable, and has access to that data. Blue Talon is a provider of Unified Data Access Control solutions. The BlueTalon works with top Fortune 100 companies. To remove data safety blind spots. And increase visibility and control of data. BlueTalon offers a customer proven, data centric solution.

According to reports, the BlueTalon CEO Eric Tilenius explained. The IP and talent acquired through BlueTalon. Which brings unique skill at the top of big data, and security. This acquisition will enhance the ability to allow enterprises. By providing high quality data governance, and compliance results. To digitally transform while confirming the right use of data. Through Azure with central data governance at scale. Recently, Blue Talon raised up about US$27.4 million. The BlueTalon will become part of the Azure Data Governance group. According to reports, the deal value around $200 million. In addition, BlueTalon has partnered with big data. And cloud computing companies such as Hadoop and DataStax.

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