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iPad’s Home Screen With ‘Bigger’ Or ‘More’ Applications Icons


iPad’s Home Screen With ‘Bigger’ Or ‘More’ Applications Icons

iPad’s Home Screen

Apple launches iOS 13 beta version with some new and amazing surprises. Apple Inc. which is an American multinational technology company. The company was founded by Mr. Steve Jobs, Mr. Steve Wozniak, and Mr. Ronald Wayne in April 1976. The supreme considerable is that Apple is scheduling a formerly unannounced tool or feature that will let customers, for the initial time, bigger app icons which can appear on the home screen. This feature is very handy for customers who want some correspondence of home-screen modification on the advanced tablets. iPadOS now arrives with a feature marked ‘App Icon Size’ which lets customers minimize the dimension of app icons on the tablets home screen to adjust maximum applications on one page, or maximize the size of applications icons and adjust fewer apps on an individual page.

Technically this is not an application icon resizing, it is setting the grid dimensions and a number of columns for the home screen design in between 6*5 and 4*5 depending on the customer’s preference. Selecting either of this will result in the icons getting bigger or smaller. Currently, this feature is available in the 5th beta of iPadOS. Therefore, it is not clear if it will be an authorized tool of iOS 13 for the Apple iPhone. (That seems improbable for now). That said, this is the first time the company has allowed customers to do this type of modification on app icons size.

Handlers can select application icon sizes by clicking on “Settings,” then selecting “App Icon Size.” Because of this feature iPad becomes handier and user-friendly. Some other exciting improvements in the latest iOS beta consist of some latest new wallpapers, new screen savers, more granular sound regulator options that increase the number of volume stages to a total of 34, and the addition of some Shortcuts to the iOS Share Sheet for quicker access.

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