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Air France Airline Has Announced to Retire All A380’s Airbus by End of 2022


Air France Airline Has Announced to Retire All A380’s Airbus by End of 2022

Air France Airline

Air France which is a French flag carrier declared yesterday that airline is planned to withdraw Airbus A380 by the end of 2022. Airbus A380 is the world’s largest passenger airliner with a wide-body aircraft. The airline has been flying the A380 airbus since 2009. Air France offers a 4 class cabin seating nearly 516 passengers on its A380 airbus. These include 9 seats in La Premiere, 38 seats in premium economy, 389 seats in the economy cabin, and 80 seats in business class. Over the years the A380 has flown into many countries. These include Mexico City, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Miami, Abidjan, San Francisco, Atlanta, Johannesburg, New York, Washington DC, and Shanghai.

Previously the Air France had planned to phase out three of the planes in the next few years. Now they are planning to phase out all of them in the next forthcoming years. Out of the seven planes being retired five are owned by the company and two are leased. Air France’s declared to flurry announcements concerning A380 retirement from several airlines. This including Qantas, Qatar, Emirates, and others. while some airlines services decided to keep plane A380 flying for some decade. This time could be another ten or fifteen years.

In 2018 Air France announced that would withdraw its A380 fleet by 2021. In recent times, there were no fixed plans to retire the remaining A380s. Rumors have continued about the fate of the remaining A380s airbus. Yesterday’s the company announcement to discontinued a line in the sand for the A380 at Air France. In February 2019 France airline revealed a decision to stop the A380 airbus program after the last planned delivery in 2021. Finally, on July 30, 2019, the retirement decision was made at an Air France board. However, the company has signed an agreement of ordering 60 of Airbus’s new A220 jets to replace aging aircraft.

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