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Samsung and Huawei Lead The Global Smartphone Market Followed By Apple


Samsung and Huawei Lead The Global Smartphone Market Followed By Apple

Samsung and Huawei

Now a day’s smartphone market share is much higher than other phones. As compare to other smartphones Apple’s iPhone is not that much popular. This is due to the low market share in 2019. Apple’s iPhone reached only at 11% of total market share in 2019. Other smartphone brands such as Samsung reached at 22% of total market share in 2019. Apple company is expected to disclose the iPhone 11 in September. The company gives news on Tuesday, a key person said iPhone sales fallen by 12% to US$ 26 billion. While CEO of Apple Tim Cook spoke that there is major improvement in iPhone trends.

A market research company Canalys gives info about iPhone that the latest iPhone series XS, XR, and XS Max is not that much different from each other in category any functions. Huawei phones beat out the iPhone by 17% shares in global market. Huawei phones which is stamped with a scarlet. This is done by US government over national security fears. This is given by Strategy Analytics. China banned on Huawei shipments which have an impact on market. This statement is given by Tarun Pathak a key person of Counterpoint Research. He said that in the next coming years, Huawei market is at high level in its home market.

Huawei can register highest growth over there. The impact of the ban did not covert into falling shipments of market products. Pathak’s firm’s research given that smartphone deliveries have dropped collectively by 4.3 million units’. The collective global smartphone market shares of Chinese smartphone, which are ranging from Huawei smartphone to Xiaomi. These brand has reached its market share of 42% in 2019. When global smartphone shipments have declined phones are lapsed in US-China trade war. Japan is the country where largest falloffs in smartphone sales is expected for 2019. Other than Europe and North America are on the line.

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