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Doctors Suggest Preventive Medicine to Fight Gun Violence


Doctors Suggest Preventive Medicine to Fight Gun Violence


A panel of doctors was asked whether they had treated a gunshot victim in the past few days. Almost half of them responded positively. People think that if anyone goes to the hospital, they should get a cure regardless of the condition of the patient. Therefore, some doctors are suggesting to opt for preventive medicine. Public shootings are rising in the USA. Recently, more than 40 medical organizations have joined hands to address a significant number of deaths that occur every year in the country. These doctors are confident that they can address this epidemic issue. After the tweet by the National Rifle Association, there was a conflict between doctors and the NRA.

Affirm is an organization which is trying to address the issue of gun violence. These doctors use the same tools they use fight problems of obesity, heart diseases, etc. This approach for addressing public health issue is not new. In the 1950s, several doctors worked with automotive industry professionals to help make vehicles and roads safer. In the next couple of decade, they worked upon creating awareness about the dangers of tobacco. In the 1980s and 90s, doctors worked towards combatting HIV and AIDS. They also promoted safe sex.

Currently, the emphasis is given to gun violence. One may be surprised to know that mass shooting account for less than a percent of deaths due to firearms. As per the statistics, most of the deaths are due to suicide, followed by homicide and then accidents. Preventing these deaths is not easy due to the 1996 legislation that defunds any research at Disease Control and Prevention centers for promoting gun control. One of the representatives in the US told in the house that it is a federally funded political advocacy issue. Because of this, thousands of people are dead till now as research was defunded. As the intensity of the problem is rising, many institutions’ are receiving private funding. A doctor working at a university in California has spent almost 2 million dollars out of his pocket to fund research on promoting gun control.

Rebecca Sandoval

Rebecca always wanted to be a scientist, but she settled down for scientific communication when she found the expertise in the command of language. Right now, Rebecca contributes regularly to the science sector of the Janmorgan Media, offering insightful perspectives very often.

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