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Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Crashed for More Than 2 Hours


Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Crashed for More Than 2 Hours

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Crashed for More Than 2 Hours

Instagram is an online photo and video sharing apps. Where user can take pictures, put a filter to them and share those pictures in several ways. Along with Instagram, other social media apps, including Facebook, and Twitter, had gone down for the 4th time this year. The happening has resulted in a major outrage of social media users. According to reports, the users’ were not able to load the latest posts in their feeds. Besides, they were unable to view their friend’s stories on the app. Most of the people are saying that Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, is down as well. Some affected people have experienced news feed issues and while others had problems in posting.

It seems like people are familiar with the regular problem that arises from the social media giant. As Facebook is running trio apps, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Messenger, so all three services can have the same problem. The reason would be Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg aims to combine WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. As per the executive, the merger will provide a simpler and easier messaging experience to users. It also means users will not have to open and close the various application for texting. But reportedly, the social network is down at a global extent. Many people had problems accessing WhatsApp and Facebook. Besides, Instagram outages ranged from New Jersey, California, and New York to Brazil, Portugal, France, UK, India, China, and Malaysia. These days the frequency with which Instagram is going down.

According to professionals, the failure may be due to the DDoS occurrence, which is blocking the network. In recent months, the services have encountered a broad array of problems ranging from “server configurations” to the earlier mentioned media services. It is not clear why they have picked up after a long period of relative constancy. Though Facebook has sustained to grow rapidly in recent months, it has 2.4 billion monthly active users.

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