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HTC Launched Standalone VR Kit that Access PC’s Data Through WiFi


HTC Launched Standalone VR Kit that Access PC’s Data Through WiFi

HTC Launched Standalone VR Kit that Access PC’s Data Through WiFi

HTC will develop standalone 6DoF kits that will take advantage of a PC’s processing power. In fourth quarter of 2019, the Vive Focus Plus offers a new feature that is dubbed Viveport Streaming, which provides access to all the Viveport data on a PC over a 5GHz WiFi connection. It means with the available update, the Vive Focus Plus will efficiently double as a wireless headset for any VR-ready PC. User is need to be a part of Viveport Infinity to enjoy this kind of features.

For accessing such service user is need to getting log into same Viveport account on headset and the PC and after that connect both the devices to the same network (5GHz WiFi network). Then hit the PC stream button which is present on the headset’s main menu and then user can able to launch their required Viveport PC apps is as same as native apps. Currently, Viveport Infinity more than 2,000 VR titles for PC and mobile combined, which is ten times more than Vive Focus Plus’ Viveport M store offers. With Viveport Streaming, user doesn’t require to wait for a port to try a PC VR title on standalone headset.

HTC pushed the PC-to-headset wireless streaming functionality with the original Vive Focus through which the company helps to support a third-party’s paid app called as VRidge. Viveport Streaming offers better performance and more intuitive along with its seamless integration plus automatic connection. Viveport Streaming will showcase more Vive Wave-based full-6DoF headsets through Chinese VR hardware startup, Chinese video platform, Pico, and iQiyi. HTC VIVE showcase the premium VR standalone hardware for enterprise customers that is VIVE Focus Plus. VIVE improved the six degrees of freedom (6DoF) Focus headset with incorporate dual 6DoF controllers that offer access to users to interact with their virtual environment same as PC VR devices.

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