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HTC Launched Standalone VR Kit that Accesses PC’s Data Through WiFi


HTC Launched Standalone VR Kit that Accesses PC’s Data Through WiFi

HTC Launched Standalone VR Kit that Accesses PC’s Data Through WiFi

HTC intends to develop standalone 6DoF kits that will use the processing power of a computer. In the fourth quarter of 2019, the Vive Focus Plus will receive a new function – Viveport Streaming. The feature enables users to access all the Viveport data present on a computer on a high-speed WiFi connection. It means with the freely available update; the Vive Focus Plus will efficiently double as a wireless headset for any virtual reality-ready desktop. But the users will require to subscribe Viveport Infinity to enjoy the perks.

For accessing the functionality, users need to sign-in into a single Viveport account on both, the PC and headset. After that, they have to connect both gadgets to an identical 5GHz Wifi network. Once users press the PC Stream button on headset’s main menu, they will be able to start Viveport PC apps like local apps. As per HTC, for now, Viveport Infinity provides more than 2,000 VR titles for both mobile and computer. The number is around ten times bigger than the Viveport M store of Vive Focus Plus. With Viveport Streaming, users don’t require to look for a port to try a PC VR title on their autonomous headset.

Although it is not the first-ever try of the company to push the approach of PC-to-headset wireless streaming. Besides, the company has attempted to launch an outsider paid app, VRidge, along with the basic Vive Focus. Whereas, reports reveal Viveport Streaming offers better performance. Even more, it must be more insightful with its smooth integration along with the self-activating connection. Viveport Streaming will showcase more Vive Wave-based full-6DoF headsets. The new arrivals may be from Pico, Chinese VR hardware startup, and iQiyi, Chinese video platform. For now, it seems amazing to see the success of streaming feature with the local VR experience.

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